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Wynter Kabimba details corruption activities of Chishimba Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge

General News Wynter Kabimba details corruption activities of Chishimba Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge

Copperbelt Minister Menye Musenga , Chishimba Kambwili watching a football match over the weekend
FILE: Copperbelt Minister Menye Musenga , Chishimba Kambwili watching a football match over the weekend

Last week Rainbow Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba charged that Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili is too, too corrupt, to start championing corruption stating that he used to go round mines on the Copperbelt to ask for money when he served as Youth Minister and Labour.

“The late President removed him from Ministry of Labour because of corruption and extortion that he was involved in with the Chinese investors, he is a wrong chap,” stated the Rainbow boss.

And Mr Kabimba has described allegations by Mr Kambwili that President Lungu has amassed questionable wealth within a short period of time as myopic reasoning.

“Who was Kambwili before 2011, GBM was our financial Muscle, I was Secretary General of PF remember, CK was just among our other Members of Parliament, he was no where near me in terms of political stamina, he was among those clique members after winning 2011 elections that started pointing figures at me. But thank God they all failed to become President of Zambia, they accused me that I was strategizing to takeover PF.

“The records clearly shows just like me he just joined PF from MMD, he even applied on an MMD ticket during the adoption process in 2001, he is not a founder member of PF he just joined,” disclosed Mr Kabimba.

“So on corruption, Chishimba Kambwili is a wrong character to champion corruption. He is too corrupt to talk about it. Let him bring forth facts and details not just hearsay. If he did just that, I tell you, I will be the first one to join him,” he emphasized.

“He has no evidence, if he had evidence like I do on him, then I am perfectly sure, in that evidence he will also be mentioned as a key player!”

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme on Friday, Mr Kabimba said when he was Patriotic Front Secretary-General, he wrote a letter to Mr Kambwili warning him of his corrupt activities.

“He is on record together with Musenge to be among those people who were proposing that our late President gives us or sells us the Motor vehicles immediately we took over power in 2011 . Go to the bus stations on the Copperbelt, ask for Mwenya Musenge and his fleet of Rosa buses that he sold himself when he was Deputy Minister of Transport, these are wrong characters to talk about corruption. They are were they are because of corruption. They engineered it and benefited from it.

“I am [worked] from the Council, I do not have such prime land as the duo do, look at the prime land in Luanshya that they gave themselves in the first three years after we won the elections in 2011.

“He is too corrupt to become our saint to champion corruption. I was fired on my position but on my nomination, despite our late President saying I could continue, I said no thank you, I am resigning and I resigned from PF. He is still clinging to PF because he is too corrupt to let it go,” said the former PF Secretary General.

“The Man has no credentials, his qualifications are highly questionable. Copper stone University does that University really exist. He is fighting punch for punch, teeth and Nail because he has not worked anywhere as a professional. To him politics is a small god.

“Kambwili is a corrupt man with a corrupt agenda for this Country.”


    • Wynter let it go… Us here at LT and PF matching with coffins in streets of Lusaka forced you out of government, not only Kambwili & cliques.
      I remember when Kabimba reconciled with GBM at Sakeni funeral, it was Kambwili standing between them.

      AT RDA
      etc etc

    • Doesn’t Kabimba know that it takes a thief to a catch a thief? Let CK disclose all he knows and how lungu’s corrupt network works.

    • You are all corrupt ba PF people. Who benefited from Ilunda Chalo? Is it not Wynter Kabimba? Anyway, keep on washing dirty lining in public so that by 2021 or earlier, when UPND takes over government, we should have huge encyclopaedias of all your corrupt activities and prison should be your next station for so many years.

    • PF desperation is deep, really deep. Hiring Mr Wynther Kabimba to defend corruption. lol joke of the year.
      The man can’t/doesn’t even command a crowd of 5 people, not even his own family entertain his political activities. shame PF fwaka yakola zoona

  1. All very well, we hear you on the Kambwili/Musenge corruption. If you have that solid evidence, like a good citizen present it to the authorities so he can investigated and face the music. As you are in such a privileged position to have such information, you will do the motherland a great favour if you did the same for the current leadership who evidently are reeking in the proceeds of corrupt activities. Kambwili’s corruption does not justify the corruption perpetrated by Lungu and others mentioned in his government.

    • The problem with anti-corruption in Zambia is that it is personalised. Because you hate ECL, you want the corruption allegations to stick even when a former insider and well informed person like Wynter tells you Kambwili’s rantings are just full of hot air and are malicious. Same happened to RB and FTJ, even when that hyena Mutembo went to Nigeria and was told that he is chasing shadows, those that hated them still insisted they were corrupt even when evidence in the courts showed otherwise. ANTI-CORRUPTION IN ZAMBIA NEEDS TO BE INSTITUTIONALISED, how many disgruntled, bitter and malicious twits like Kambwili are going to pop up and waste our time????

    • This picture depicts Lungu planning to fire Menye Musenga & Chishimba Kambwili. And the two fools could’t see anything…

    • and infact the acc have failed to proecute CK and who are you to start saying thing which are not there,shame on you WINTER the mamabala

  2. Ba Winter, whose cause are you fighting? Is it the case of the pot calling the kettle black?? No one can forget that for the whole period you were legal affairs minister, you sat on the constitution, which Mr. Chagwa (with all his shortcomings) delivered to us. I can therefore, never listen to whatever you say. As for Chishimba, with all his imperfections, he is the only voice of dissent that is making those in govt sit up and listen. The opposition (including yourself-or are you still PF) have literally gone to sleep.

    • Why is it easier for you to accept Kambwili’s allegations than Wynter’s ? Simple! Anything to demonize the PF is welcome.

    • I agree with you Babulima, this isn’t a fight against CK but corruption. If all the opposition could focus their energies on this, we could achieve much. But people are too self centred. Everyone is scared of how popular CK is getting so they are all trying to pull him down. The bigger picture is corruption.

  3. Sontapo apaba corruption !!!
    After 7years, Mr Kabimba is telling Zambians how CK was corrupt and amassed land in Luanshya. I wonder how long it will take before, someone similar comes up to tell us about what ECL has accumulated. Should the Zambians wait another 7 years? Is this guy acknowledging that the current leadership is corrupt, except he doesn’t want CK to talk about it? What is his point in attacking CK and how is that going to benefit the Zambian people? Zero!!! If there is no benefit, then the whole point of attacking CK is baseless, if CK is corrupt, LOCK HIM UP !!! But do not trash off what he is talking about. IMHO, CK is more credible than Kabimba, if he managed to be silent for so long, it means he is useless.

  4. hahaha…. its getting hot in the kitchen.

    We need to start digging the past lives of these characters

    1. Lungu
    2. CK
    3. Mwila
    4. ………….. etc etc

    To jail before 2021.

    Am waiting for the mother of all press conferences from Comrade Chisimba.

  5. Just over a year ago people were shouting for Mwenya Musenge’s blood over his involvement in smuggling mealie meal into the DRC but today since he’s out of PF he’s become a hero. So how sure can one be that the opposition can form a cleaner government if they can accept such corrupt people in their ranks. “Lord I am not worthy for you to come under my roof….” should be the prayer by musenge and Kambwili. Unfortunately for political expediency everyone is falling over themselves just to have these gentlemen in their parties.

    • But no one is calling Musenge a hero, don’t use that to excuse the current government.
      We will never make progress on fighting corruption, for as long as we Zambians remain divided on who is corrupt and from which party. There is nothing like, that one is “more corrupt” than the other, its all corruption. As long as WE Zambians do not come to realize that its the current political elite that is corrupt, regardless whether they are UPND or PF or MMD, we will remain confused and nothing will ever happen to root out this disease.
      So Kabimba`s ranting is all noise to distract, but YOU and ME ought to be saying “LOCK THEM UP” regardless whether its Lusambo(MMD) or Musenge(??) or ECL(PF) or GBM(UPND)

    • Naimwe ba fake General, nobody is shielding the government. The problem with you Upnd (you’ll deny that you’re not Upnd ) is that where insatiable desire for State House is concerned, you’ll accept anything even it’s rantings from a madman. If Kabimba had said the opposite, you were going to call him a hero. What evidence have you got that what the oaf is farting has got any substance.

    • Here we go……
      I am talking about non-partisanship here, but you`re all out with your party affiliation hat. You will never debate in a normal way than to paint others who hold a different view to be UPND.
      To me, anyone will be a hero if one realizes and accepts that there is corruption and we need to get together as Zambians to fight the rot, without calling out party affiliations.You are shielding your government by your ineptness and docility. For you even if CK was to have evidence you will never believe as long as it is against your PF, you will only believe if it was against GBM or someone from the opposition. FYI, surprisingly enough, I am not UPND. I only support the good cause for the Zambians unlike you.

    • What good cause? You’ve been against Edgar from the time Sata left him the instruments of power. Don’t think people don’t follow our postings.

  6. These divisions in the Political arena have some positives, because Kambwili is revealing issues on Edgar, Kabimba is revealing issues on Kambwili and Saviour Chishimba is coming in to reveal all. And there must be some institution in the country which must take interest in these Free for all revelations and take appropriate action through thorough investigations, remove the chaff and pick on salient issues which can assist with investigations. These revelations are helpful regardless of where there are coming from

    • Hahahahaha! Do you seriously think Lungu will allow the ACC or any other body to investigate high level corruption like this?

      He KNOWS that once this rotten fish is open to the public the SMELL will attach itself to HIM and he will never get rid of it.

      If he can CORRUPT the ConCourt and the ECZ into stealing an Election, do you think he will ever allow this EVIDENCE to come to light in Court?

      Why do you think he has the State of Emergency in his back pocket ???????????????????

  7. Winter Kabimba is a f00l whose words should not be taken serious by all well meaning Zambians and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve (as they say in Zambian politics). This man is dull. Kambwili was fired by the president on allegations of corruption which we were promised will be investigated by the ACC and up to now we’ve not heard anything from the ACC. Kambwili has on several occasions challenged those in government and the ACC to arrest him if they have any evidence of his corruption and they’ve failed. Kambwili is not hiding in a ministerial position to be protected by the president so if Winter has evidence of Kambwili’s corruption, let him take it the president and I am sure he’ll become the president’s best friend.

  8. True data from Wynter Kabimba.i like this lawyer because he calls a spade,a spade.Musenge,Kambwili and GBM are too corrupt to champion the fight for corruption.Levy Mwanawasa managed to fight corruption because he had a clean record and that is why many Zambians supported him on this one.
    Now which normal Zambian can believe that corrupt suspects such as Kambwili,HH,GBM,Musenge,Mulongoti,etc can fight corruption if they form Govnt?NOBODY.Whatever HH has is via corruption (PRIVATIZATION WITH FTJ CHILUBA),GBM gave himself contract when he was a minister.Mulongoti was fired as works&supply minister due to corruption!!SO WYNTER IS 100% RIGHT!!!

    • So what is your suggestion, what should the Zambians do, keep quiet?
      Already from your list of suspects, it’s clear you are not being objective, are you suggesting in current government all are clean?
      Zambians ought to unite when we talk about corruption, let’s remove the political animosity, corruption is a disease which shouldn’t be looked at via optical of political affiliation.

  9. Kabimba a nobody but a jealous man. We know you bwana even when you used to differ with the late president that time you were Lusaka town clerk. People celebrated when you were fired because you’re useless. Leave CK alone he is the voice of the voiceless

  10. Ululanani ba f!colour. CK, you see what lack of wisdom breeds? If you live in a glass house house don’t be the first one to throw stones!

  11. Where are those ba Chawa who made an aeroplane at Kasompe in 1993. They can help us sort out this kabwalala issue. They have a special pump and tube which they use to inflate tummies of kabwalala. I am very certain that few politicians can survive. Ba Chawa swaaaah! Enapompa lo kafumo lo kabwalala bululu kayena! Even those who sold mines pompa!

  12. the problem we Zambians are facing is that the whole system is rotten to the core. the rot started the day Chiluba became president! Since that day, this country has experienced corrupt governments without exception! All these people are nothing but corrupt! If we do not change our mind set Zambia will collapse! Forget these foolish names they call themselves; UPND, PF, UNIP, MMD etc….these are the same thieves that came with Chiluba (MHSRIP)! remember that there is no honour among thieves!
    its time we stood up and change our whole system in Zambian politics!

  13. Kwena uyu Wnter Kabimba chipuba… Just go back to PF you shallow minded dark *****… You were summoned by ACC and you chose to shield yourself behind party senseless supporters…

  14. Its amazing how us Zambians do not deal with facts but rather characters… Here is data to chew but we chose character.. I must start a media campaign to teach us to differentiating issues, persons, tribe and parties.. useless discussions…

  15. This sounds more like a voice of reason from Kabimba. CK for lack of wisdom thinks that he can hoodwink everyone to believe that he has any muscle he(Kambwili) is just a loud man with little or ingenuity at all.
    The corrucption is there yes but we need level head thinking and not just mixing words which do not take us any where. If Kambwili had any real spirit to fight corruption he should have done this when he was in Govt. For now he is just a noise maker.

  16. The two BIG questions are: Why hasn’t Kambwili been arrested for corruption?? and the other one is: Why hasn’t the people he’s accusing of being corrupt sued him??

  17. When they say “it takes a thief to catch a thief” is figurative way of saying that you ought to know what are the likes and dislikes of a thief for one to corner a thief. It is not that you have to be a thief.
    Do not just mud sling all who are not for you for there is maybe a very good reason not to be on your side. As for Mumba we know him because we tried him twice -vice president and diplomacy and was not impressive.

  18. You can all point your dirty soiled fingers at each other but the fact of the matter is we have massive concerns in the public arena regrading corruption allegations and weather you like it or not the buck stops at lungus office. He is president, he should come out and state where we are with the fight against corruption, lungu as president needs to come out and reassure the nation, but looks like lungu is so corrupt with zero integrity to speak of that he does not mind being called thief all day long.

    There is no leader in this world who does not mind being called a corrupt thief like lungu, I can tell you that……..the man must be the most corrupt president currently serving in the world…

  19. When Wynter opens his mouth, he puts both his feet in it. I am still wondering what point he is trying to make. Is Wynter afraid of his own skeletons each time he hears about the Skeletins CK is bringing out? Brace for Impact Zambians. Your country is led by Kleptomaniacs!


  21. This man will never agree to anything CK will say whether correct or wrong. Remember how he mocked CK when he was fired by ECL. He called him a coward who was using his brother to get sympathy. He even congratulated ECL for firing Kambwili. He even went on to say that when he was fired from PF he never cried but moved on. So this is just personal hatred between the two. Kabimba believes CK was among the people who championed his removal from PF.

  22. I opened this feed quickly to hear the outline of corruption as per the screaming headline, alas, more hearsay from Winter! Bwana Winter, what you have said is no different to what CK has been ranting about. Provide that evidence and i m sure the powers that be will make you their darling!!

  23. Just for you who were celebrating the Kenyan court ruling on the election. What can you say on the withdraw from the rerun by the moron called Raila Odinga. He’s wasted time for everyone. Opposition in Africa kuwayawa fye.

  24. Ba kabimba what happened to u wen? Why u were chased in pf? Anyway in Zambia wen u hurt someone its corruption. But there a number of issues attached to leadership especially in politics.

  25. All of you bozos are there to eat, Lungu, Chimbwili etc. Convince me that GBM is there to serve the people and I will sell you the toe of an ant. Even the rank and file of the opposition is swallowing saliva for the markets and bus stations… it is a horrible culture. You are all the same bamambala.

  26. I was in Luanshya when Chishimba Kambwili came to stand after honorable Pwele passesd on . Kambwili had nothing no company in his name . we know how he was helped by some people he even ditched people who fought for him nobody knew Kambwili in luanshya .The very people who helped him he denounced them because of being selfish.HE KNOWS THE GOSPEL TRUTH about himself now i dont know why he lies Kambwili came to luanshya with nothing he was just like any ordinary.H e got the first conrtact of supplying amayeyu and buns in mines immediately after he become Roan MP that was what he was dealing in .Later formed Mwamona with his friends and because of untrustworthy his friend left him a lot of dubious things happened at mwamona.He was even failing to pay workers up to now some workers have…

  27. Ba Kabimba refrain from attacking people that are speaking for masses. One wonders who you represent. Is it the PF? It’s like you are fighting there battles. We only need answers as Zambians
    1. Why has Hon. Kampyongo not produced evidence to discredit CK’s accusations.
    2. Why have there not been an instant valuation of those fire tenders by an independent professional body.
    3. What about the $1.2bn dollar road mwebantu?
    These are issues that are begging for Answers. So do not become an enemy of the Zambian people by shutting up or discrediting whistle blowers.
    Speak for us the masses and lets join hands to demand for accountability from those we have entrusted with our Taxes.

  28. Winter was wronglying misquoted that was not what he said on phoenix let the people talk. The reporter has no ethics.

  29. Winter was wronglying misquoted that was not what he said on phoenix let the people talk. The reporter has no ethics.

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