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61 year old Lusanshya man fined K 12,000 for adultery

General News 61 year old Lusanshya man fined K 12,000 for adultery

A 61 year old man of Fisenge in Luanshya district on the Copperbelt province has been fined K12,000 thousand for committing adultery with
a 30 year old woman of the same area.

This was after his victim’s husband sued for compensation in the Luanshya local court.

This is in a case in which Peter Mulenga, 34 of Fisenge sued Gilbert Mulesu, 61, of the same area demanding compensation for having had canal knowledge of his wife Petronella Musonda, 30.

Facts before court were that on 25th September 2017 around 20:00 hours, three witnesses found Mulesu and Musonda, 30, pants down
in a sexual act by the roadside.

An eyewitness, Kelvin Mwape, 19 told the court that as he was walking home with two friends around 20:00 hours on the material date, before they were
disturbed by the heavy movement of grass by the roadside.

He narrated that he lit his phone to check what was causing the movement only to discover Mulesu laying on top of Musonda who suddenly pushed him off her and picked up her skirt.

Another witness Friday Simata, 18 of Fisenge told court that the couple attempted to run away but when they were confronted, Mulesu surrendered his phone to the witness, asking him to keep the matter a secret and promised to give the three of them some money the following day.

Simata narrated that to his shock the next day, he and his friends were summoned by police that he had attacked and robbed Mulesu of his

The witness said it was then that they decided to inform Musonda’s husband who was on duty in Mungu that his wife was caught committing adultery.

Appearing before Magistrate Luanshya local court one, both Musonda and Mulesu denied having had sexual relations adding that they were shocked
with the allegations.

Mulesu maintained that the three had robbed him of his phone and called his wife as his witness who however refused saying she had nothing to
do with the matter.

However, the witnesses further presented Mulesu’s phone and recorded phone conversations were Mulesu and Musonda were urging the witnesses
not to tell any person about what had transpired.

In delivering judgment Magistrate Hamayangwa fined Mulesu K12, 000 as compensation to be paid to Mulenga in installments of K1,000.

Mulesu however said he would appeal the case to a higher court.

And Mulenga has since sued his wife Musonda for divorce, the matter was further adjourned to 30th November, 2017.

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  1. It is about time marriage was taken seriously. There is too much ubuchende these days, and the institution of marriage is being undermined.

    The fine should have been a lot heavier.

    God bless this Judge.

  2. with evidence of a recording provided how could he still continue denying the matter, wanting to appeal. Very interesting

  3. Sometimes before engaging in such nefarious activities, research thoroughly. Husbands and wives connive to entice unsuspecting men to sleep with their wives, trap them and collect money either by blackmail or through courts of law.

  4. Hangon… “victims husband” ???
    Who’s the victim?
    Wouldn’t the victim be the wronged husband? Is he married to another man ? I didn’t think same sex marriages were legal in Zambia?
    Very confusing article this..

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