A five year old boy has died in Chankungubala village in chief Chipalo in Luwingu district while two others are battling for their lives at district hospital after consuming suspected poisonous food staff.

ZANIS reports that Luwingu District Medical Officer Dr. Salome Chintondo who confirmed the development in an interview in Luwingu today said the Lenard Kabwe and eight others of the same family were yesterday rushed to the district hospital after they complained of severe stomach upset.

She said however Lenard died a few hours later after admission.

It is alleged that the family consumed poisonous relish commonly known as katapa ( green cassava leaves ) with nshima for their supper but only to experience severe stomach aches.

Dr. Chintondo said the rest of the patients are out of danger.

Health authorities have taken samples to Lusaka university teaching hospital for laboratory exanimation.

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    • Hnñnnnm, most us grew up on katapa and never attended a funeral caused by katapa. There might have something else mixed up, an insect or other leaves. Cooking in dark, us the poor bwafya.


  1. LT improve your English. Do some research. It’s true that a 5year-old is not an infant. An infant is one who is still being breast-fed.Katapa is a very nice vegetable, I actually like it.Maybe it was not properly or adequately cooked. Condolences to the bereaved family



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