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PF wont accept KCM’s plans to outsource labour

General News PF wont accept KCM's plans to outsource labour

Minister of Home Affairs Davis Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
The ruling Patriotic Front says it will not accept Konkola Copper Mine’s plan to outsource labour because it is tantamount to modern day slavery.

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila says Minister of Labour Joyce Nonde and Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma should ensure that the mining giant adheres to government’s stance in the matter.

Mr Mwila says the move by the mining giant is against the country’s labour laws because it was not part of the conditions when the company was buying the mine.

He said this in an interview with journalists in Lusaka.

Mr Mwila said government will intervene in the issue so that the mine does not proceed to outsource labour.

He said the PF will always ensure vulnerable people in Zambia are protected.


  1. PF should stop interfering in businesses. KCM is not a political party let alone an NGO. Business is about making money and when takes the route of outsourcing it means it’s in the best interest of business. PF ITSELF HAS OUTSOURCED THE MINISTER OF FINANCE YET TRYING TO STOP OTHERS!

    • While the call on KCM makes sense to a certain level, however, it is coming from a wrong person and this politicises the whole issue. Normally a company outsources resources whose skills are not available in the current labor market. The question is what type of resources does KCM what and is the current market not offering them? Are the Zambian not willing to take up those jobs?If yes, then KCM should utilize on locals and if not, KCM should ask Mwila to find those resources or shut up.

  2. Ba Brown am not PF but lets support good causes. It doesn’t help be negative all the time. Why would a mine want to out source? If KCM wants to out source it simply means they want to run away from responsibilities.
    In Zambia when you hear out sourcing a company simply wants cheap labour. Examples in Zambia show out sourced employees are usually given lame conditions i.e Airtel Call Centre.
    KCM simply wants to syphon money cause you find the contracting company being paid huge money but employees getting peanuts, where do you think the extra money is going.
    Think Boss a brain is a organ my only worry is KCM will soon mail brown envelopes through people like bowman or nonde to state house and this issue will die a natural death and KCM will go ahead and out source.

    • CITIZEN, in what capacity is Davis commenting on this issue? PF as a party have no control over the operation of an investor. It is the government through the ministry of labor that has the mandate to dictate such issues, not a party cadre

  3. Are these people sick? How can you say PF wont allow this to happen, when it has already happened and in full gear. Nothing is going to stop KCM

  4. They have already outsourced you moron. What is this man smocking? You have lost direction and now you are busy hallucinating. The IMF has denied you the money, now the mines have brought the Chinese that will mistreat miners with impunity. These turn of events are giving you sleepless nights and you are in for a rude shock.

  5. [email protected] have nailed it well yourself. The idea behind outsourcing is cheap Labour and I can add services. It’s a cost serving measure that any company considers at some point. Outsourcing also enables a company to concentrate on its core business e.g Airtel,MTN & ZAMTEL are no longer running Towers. They are outsourcing aspect of business and therefore have cut all costs associated with them such as labour, maintenance etc.

  6. Even union leaders are aware of this out sourcing thing. Am told that even kwi shinte they know what kcm is doing. So where was this mwila all along not to know about this. Jhxn have taken kcm.

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