Fisheries and livestock minister Micheal Katambo (right) with ZAMBEEF National Sales and Marketing Manager Mathews Ngosa (left) sampling eggs during a tour of the ZAMBEEF hatchery project in Mpongwe
Livestock and Fisheries Minister Michael Katambo says Zambia still remains at high risk of the resurgent avian influenza also known as bird flu which has affected some African countries.

In a ministerial statement, Mr Katambo says while Zambia has not recorded any cases of bird flu, some neighboring countries have continued to see cases and in some instances the disease has spread, citing South Africa as one such country where the disease has spread.

He says while Zimbabwe last reported of cases on 13th September, 2017, the country has not resolved the outbreak.

Mr Katambo says it’s therefore important that any high mortality of chickens, ducks, guinea fowls or any other bird is reported to the nearest department of veterinary services office.

He has further advised bird owners to house their poultry in order to avoid interaction between domestic and wild birds and animals.

Mr Katambo adds that currently there are no drugs or vaccines available to cure infected birds, and that the only solution is to cull all birds in the affected catchment.

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  1. Stop shoperite, Spa and Game from importing chickens from South Africa if you want remain flu free. The entire south Africa is besieged by this bird flu. But if you think otherwise, just be read it is coming that side too. Just advising am a vegetarian.


  2. As much as that would help ba Spy mashra unfortunately birds fly past borders without passports so we will need to be more alert in checking these migratory birds otherwise its a matter of time before South Africa exports avian flu to the neighbours



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