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UPND wants the Judicial Complaint Commission to release report on 2016 general elections

General News UPND wants the Judicial Complaint Commission to release report on 2016...

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma

United Party for National Development (UPND) spokesperson Charles Kakoma has implored the Judicial Complaint Commission (JCC) to release a report on 2016 general elections for the public to know what transpired.

Mr. Kakoma wonders why the Judicial Complaint Commission is still holding the report even after members of the public made a petition.

Mr. Kakoma says the general public is already aware that the report is ready and the Judicial Complaint Commission only need to make it available for interested stakeholders to what really happened in the 2016 general elections.

“The Judicial Complaint Commission (JCC) to release a report on 2016 general elections for the public to know what transpired” Kakoma said

Meanwhile Young African Leaders Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza says United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hichilema Hakainde’s allegations on the judges of the constitution court was regrettable.

Mr. Mwanza has since advised Mr. Hichilema to only demand for a report from Judicial Complaint Commission (JCC) to prove the judges incompetence as opposed to be making unsubstantiated claims on judges.

“Hichilema Hakainde’s allegations on the judges of the constitution court was regrettable” Mwanza said


  1. It seems these guys had a meeting again and have been bruised by HH that you guys have gone to sleep. Nevers has woken up, Kakoma has woken up today most likely we shall hear GBM saying this and that. Can these people heal and move on? Nooo!

  2. The JCC’s hands just like those of Concourt are tied.JCC Report cannot publish an adverse report towards the Concourt Judges who were appointed by Lungu and were acting on his behalf in handling the Petition the way the did. JCC needs permission to publish this Report from President Lungu. The buck stops with ECL.

  3. It’s all about nidyesemo ma judges banadyamo and are scared to lose their jobs. But with this rampant corruption EL is enjoying because he is in control. Once all the strings he using break up goes the balloon. The same and demeanor he had during Sata`s demise he wear that forever until the end of time.

  4. Your supreme god HH agreed to the conditions of his release and one of those conditions is to “Put the 2016 elections behind “. So what’s this half brain braying about? Are you worried that by 2021 Lungu will have met all his campaign pledges and therefore make it impossible for you to win outside Southern Province?

  5. They say, the truth hurts. When Dr. Canicius Banda called for a convention within the upnd, he noted that the party leadership needed a fresh dose of ideas as the current one, after 11 years and 5 elections, had failed to take the party to the next level. This can’t be emphasised further by Charles Kakoma’s above remarks which lack tact and stratagem as it is still centered on the 2016 elections. The truth is this leadership has no plan beyond last year’s event which even they know they lost-just take a peek at the figures that are making up our parliament! The PF lost its visionary leader who took it from a small party to state house but it evolved and ushered in a new set of players whose credit is keeping it in power after 2 election amid great resistance and defiance within,…

    • …outside, left, right and centre. Dr. Banda lost his job for speaking the truth; Like Kampamba Mulenga noted the other day: THIS LEADERSHIP HAS NOTHING TO OFFER THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE!!!

  6. Just try the local court at Nchanga North. I am told the presiding magistrate there an old bankrupt old man is very corrupt. He’s ready to rule in favor of who buys the best kaponda.

  7. Wasting your time on dead issues. I suggest you go and visit the construction site for the GREAT NORTH road if you have time to spare. When you continue with your gymnastics of trying to bring back to life a dead story we shall simply plug our ears and never listen to you guys anymore.

  8. This is not time for elections please its time for checks and balances. Fire trucks and roads and other issues which will build Zambia

  9. The Judicial Review Commission was appointed by Edgar so what makes you think it’ll be impartial? Just appeal to Jesus on his second coming, it may cool your hearts.

  10. Ka mwanza iwe, who told you that those claims are unsubstantiated? Baice mulebako serious. Do you not know that just your conduct can show how corrupt your mind is?

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