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Chief Mukuni is still on Government payroll-Sichalwe

Headlines Chief Mukuni is still on Government payroll-Sichalwe

Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Lawrence Sichalwe
Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Lawrence Sichalwe
MINISTER of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Lawrence Sichalwe told Parliament yesterday that Government has not removed any traditional leader from payroll.

Mr Sichalwe said this in a ministerial statement after being asked by the Speaker to clarify the issue following a point of order raised by Katombola UPND Member of Parliament Derrick Livune who wanted know why Chiefs Mukuni,Hamusonde and Mwanachingwala had been excluded from the payroll.

Mr Sichalwe said that it was not true that three Chiefs from Southern Province have been removed from the government payroll without cause.

Mr. Sichalwe says all the Chiefs in Southern province including the three chiefs in question are still receiving government subsidies.

He has however, acknowledged that there are situations where administrative challenges may arise leading to a particular Chief or Chiefs not receiving subsidies in a particular month or months.


  1. Chiefs are supposed to be none partisan but governments themselves create confusion by entertaining hungry chiefs who turn themselves into cadres for the ruling party.
    In the same vein govt shouldn’t be offended when a chief decides to support a party of choice cause govt itself created the confusion.
    But in mukuni’s case it’s different and clear cut, where an individual is locked up on tramped up charges created in a board room then that person ought to be defended no matter what or against who.
    Common wealth has now proven mukuni’s to be morally right that pf wanted to get rid of HH for calling last year’s election as a sham and that’s what it was a sham.

    • This begs the question as to why numerous civil servants who apparently or allegedly supported HH have been retired in “national interest”.
      Meanwhile thugs like Amos Chanda, all the district commissioners and all individual appointed by Vodiga Rungu are performing like cadres and not civil servants and are NOT being fired in “national interest”.

      The country has been polarised by thieving, greedy, selfish people abusing the name of Zambia to further their personal and not national interests. Please let us remove presidential powers to appoint members of the executive in our constitution.

    • Dive & rule……………….Let your chief feed himself after all he doesn’t recognise the government. Would you feed your children or step children would don’t recognise you as the dad but recognise you neighbour as their father?

    • This is the guy who used to keep Janathan and his sugar mum Ester ku servant quarter, ku Chawama Shanty compound, when the guy was hard hit and among the Kachasu addicts!!

      Anyway that aside, as long as Chitimukulu and others are getting a salary for bootlicking Jameson Jonathan, then Chief Muukuni shall all be entitled to drawing a salary for being an independent thinker ! Try and chop off his salary ba PF and we shall drag you to court!

    • @HH Oval Head, the money that pays peoples salaries DOES NOT come from a private PF bank account or from Vodiga Rungu’s personal pocket, it comes from TAXPAYERS. The allegiance of anyone who draws a salary should therefore be to the PEOPLE who pay taxes. When weak and very insecure or dubious or suspect political party’s (such as PF) come into power, they want to convey the message that they generate tax, when in fact they just go around collecting it.

      The days of misleaders and politicians of the belly such as yourself are numbered.

    • Kumawa he is entitled to that by virtual of him been chief, there is nothing you will do about it, by the way mukuni loyal establishment is the only one in this country which is business oriented, and get paid in dollars everytime a tourist visits the mukuni park, you should find time to go and walk with the lions or take back ride on an elephant. These mentioned Chiefs are too independent and not yes bwana type of chiefs, that’s why pf can’t take it.

    • I never said anything like pf money but govt salary. Civil service excutes the programme of the govt of the day that’s why they are obliged to support it. No wonder there is a breakdown of services because most civil servants are busy frustrating govt efforts. If you can’t support the program of the govt you are advised to retire instead of frustrating the process. This is different from your choice of who you vote for. Voting is different from work badala.

    • HH small willy

      If the chiefs of SP do not support the corruption and looting by lungu , they should be commended.

      Lungu is being called a theif everyday…and he can not even dare say a word incase more reva?ations of stealing emerge….

    • “He has however, acknowledged that there are situations where administrative challenges may arise leading to a particular Chief or Chiefs not receiving subsidies in a particular month or months.”

      Why is it that these administrative challenges are unheard of when it comes to these greedy MPs K100,000 monthly salary…this govt does not seem to know what is GRZ money or PF …its no wonder there are hundreds of govt cars out there being driven by cadres with private plates.

  2. Does any one know for sure how much the chiefs are paid by the Government; and do they all get the same amount or depend on seniority?

    • It depends on seniority with the lowest getting net of 8,000 and the highest getting a meagre amount of about 15,000.

    • @1.3 The question of transfers and retirement has been politicized which has now lead to an inefficient civil service. During colonial days people were sent to work in far away places at short notice. In fact I only came to know that certain people in our village were from other tribes after many years. The system made people efficient and corruption free.

  3. Tell lungu to respond to kambwili……..

    Lungu respond to kambwili, your silence says you are a theif…..


    • And his response was that he was being lead by evil spirits and repented before your wiches you call chiefs. Your response is not different from ours. He will come back in 2020 begging to be returned like miles sampa did. These are belly politicians don’t hero worship them.

    • So that they can pull votes for the ruling party within their chiefdom, politics of the belly at it’s best. PF is not only paying and feeding chiefs, but all their dependents and anyone as far down the pecking order as the salary can stretch. When a chief (like Mukuni) does not support the ruling party, victimization and persecution ensue.
      Tell me why NONE of you are even bringing up Chief Chitimukulu who is a shameless, unrepentant, belly worshipping, spineless piece of kilepu? I will tell you why, because you are no better than him and are victims of your belly.

    • Why do these freeloading lazy shiftless PF thiefs get paid at all?

      Your are worried about 15,000 when LUNGU stole 23 Million in one year??????

    • Divide & Rule: Let your cows feed you as you don’t recognise the government. Why would you feed your children or step children who don’t recognise you as their dad but instead recognise your neighbour or worse your enemy? Akaso, no wonder your cows are dying of denkete, slaughter some basune and feed your chiefs, don’t expect anything from PF, TAMUVOTA BWINO.

    • Actually we feed you these animals on daily basis to make Mulla. That’s why mukuni is able to maintain a limousine lifestyle.

  4. Selfish & lazy southern chiefs no wonder there is no paramount chief there. They cant be entrusted with leadership. At least Western has one, Northern/ Muchinga one (Chitimukulu) and the wise Eastern two (Gawa Kalonga Undi and the Ingwenyama nkosi ya kosi, Mpenzeni 11)

    • Divide & Rule: No wonder Hakaivotela Humwime (hh) as he like you demean guards and other people in society who are the real voters. Besides I don’t beef its unhealthy food, tekulya bwino.

  5. Let all the UPEENDonkeys bloggers go to their site zambianobserver chakuti chakuti. There is no fellowship between the children of darkness and children of light. 2021 Nafuti nafuti HE ECL

    • What does it benefit you to simply shower insults on some people all the time? Are you a little Devil? Why live a life of hatred? Get a life and try to know God. He is LOVE.

    • Nkhata bay: You are the one insulting me. How do you your fellow human being made in the likeness and image of GOD, a little devil? Who hates who in our nation? Its people from one region hating the rest. Just look at the voting patterns. Is it normal? Look at the tribalism and nepotism that those people champion and exhibit in business, work places, churches, schools etc. Lets not play victim here and lets talk about this cancer called tribalism which is eating our country. Thereafter, we shall realise peace and love. GOD bless you!

    • @Kumawa
      You don’t want people to go read ZambianObserver. There’s a nauseating story there about lungu defecating in HH’s mansion. And lungu hasn’t denied it, as usual. Go read it!

    • @Isaac Kashama: That’s all UPND offers: No ideas, no respect, vulgar, no solutions, violent and so childish to say the least yet they except people to vote for them. Whoever has written that crap has the blessings of the satanic HH and you except his HE ECL to respond to such under 5 politics.

    • Go to Zambianobserver.com and see who is abusive and the nature of reporting. UPEEND cadres and leaders like playing victim when they are the ones who are abusive, provocative and violent.

    • Kumawa no one told you to be working for mussa or Ibrahim in kamwala, take your frustrations else and not my people.

    • Divide & Rule I don’t even know where that is? Already you are demeaning a certain ethnicity. I cant work for people. Money works for me, not even people can work for me now. As for you my advise is to consider investing on the stock market than in cows.

  6. How does an outside person know this one voted for such? When retired you look elsewhere instead of crying. Remember, success is failure turned upside down. God of the day is the same God of the night.

  7. I don’t care who supports who and which chiefs get government subsidies. Only thing chiefs as “our fathers ” must by all means avoid showing open hostilities against any political side. One can express their preferences in the voting booth. That we’re going to have peace.

  8. Which chief would urge his youth and subjects to support someone who is being openly called a theif and does not respond or defend himself ??

    Well done chiefs….even that portrait of lungu should be taken down from schools….what are we teaching our children ? That it is ok to be labbled a theif and corrupt ??

    • Lungu is corrupting the next generation if Zambians.. …all kids see lungus portrait in schools and think it is ok to be called a theif and corrupt because the man has been challenged to deny his stealing but is afraid and is ok with that reputation .. ..what a government.

    • Where is the evidence that HE ECL is corrupt? Void & baseless accusations. Your party is not relevant to the Zambian no wonder even CK will be second in 2021. Talk about real issues affecting an ordinary Zambian voter, not smear desperate campaigns. You don’t learn, no wonder your H.H has lost 6 elections.

    • Paying $1 million to lungus friend for a truck truck that costs $380k , 42 times , is corruption.

      Lungu has been challenged to deny he is a corrupt theif and he has chosen not to….who do the youth belive ?

  9. @12.1 Spaka, even when I am taking chibwantu, if that makes you happy ba cheembele.

    By the way, what is U5’s reaction to the statement by Linda Kasonde and LAZ condemning him for false allegations against innocent Judges? Effectively, what LAZ has said in defending the Judges is that the petition was handled correctly and it is now correctly buried. And Jack Mwiimbu is a member of LAZ. He was the lead lawyer for U5 but has never said anything to support U5 since he abandoned him at the 11th hour.

  10. By the way LAZ, I notice that Martha Mushipe has fully recovered from her illness. I saw her in Court last week representing a client. So when is she going to appear before the LAZ Disciplinary Committee for her long outstanding case?

    • ….And LAZ can also tell the nation on what grounds you gave lungu back his practicing licence after you had black listed him for fraud ?

  11. Ask them not me. And why didn’t you ask Linda then not now? You see the problem with UPN.Donkeys including you Spaka is that eveeything is politics. One time when your “vice president” was in PF you accused him of corruption and called him bemba monkey. Next thing the nation wakes up to the shock news that the same corrupt bemba monkey is not only vice president of UP.NDonkeys but also running mate. So Under5 and UP.NDonkeys sleep and mate with corruption? You accept corruption within UP.NDonkeys as long as it is sleeping in bed with Under5? Where are your morals and principles?

  12. Under masquerades as an Economist yet he is not. Even at Granthornton he used to masquerade as an accountant. He doesn’t have direction. He is farmer by design not politician. Let under 5 pave way for CK/Garry/GBM/Milupi/ Nevers. May the Bantustan party can have 25% in 2021.

    • Ohhh dear…..and we have a supposed lawyer who had his law licence taken away for stealing !…..even now the so called lawyer is being called a theif and corrupt but choses to remain silent incase more is revealed like he does not know anything about defermation of character…

  13. I think lungu and PF will payoff kambwili to keep quiet…….there is no government and its supporters who can survive being called theives day in day out.

    If kambwili accepts their offer he is a fo.ol because right now he stands a good chance of being President if he is constant on corruption.

    Even if CK is payed off to keep silent some one else will emerge, you can not bribe every one into silence.

  14. Now that under 5 is out of the gallows, the peaceful nation has witnessed a lot of accidents as he is working with this same chief who is crying to be on government payroll to stage these sacrifices. Take him back where he belongs before we lose many citizenry. Recently we have lost a productive young teacher in Luangwa in a suspicious road accident. He should stop this or maybe start sacrificing his own from his region. Lets cover our President in prayer also.

  15. Chiefs are parasites in modern times cos their subjects have their pocket allegiance to the minister of finance. You don’t have to obey a chief nowadays because you can easily flee his tyranny and emigrate to town

  16. Whoever asked this question is a pea brain who wants to embarrass the government. Mukuni has not been proscribed and as per our Constitution he’s entitled to this allowance. Unless of course he forsakes it for reasons best known to himself, the money will continue going into his account.


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