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President Lungu warns Chishimba Kambwili

Headlines President Lungu warns Chishimba Kambwili

President Lungu arrives in Ndola for a copperbelt tour
President Lungu arrives in Ndola for a copperbelt tour

PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu has indirectly asked Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili not to dare him into a boxing ring noting that his punch will knock him out cold.

Speaking upon arrival in Ndola at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe airport in Ndola, and without mentioning Kambwili’s name directly, President Lungu said that his silence on things being thrown by Chishimba Kambwili, who he referred to as an individual’ does not mean he can not hit back.

President Lungu said that if he decided to draw a punch and hit, he would not only strike but he would knock out the individual to a point were he will never stand up.

President Lungu observed that he was a calm and composed man but the continuous antagonistic position being pursued by the individual would cause him to react.

“Naka nyelele nga mwakatinta tinta kala suma, [even an ant can bite if you continue poking it]… it doesn’t mean nga ndesola ama koffi teti pose [ Because I duck punches doesn’t mean I cannot throw},” President Lungu said, before adding that if he declared war on one indvidual, that individual shall not rise.

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    • Munokole? When did Lungu do any boxing? He is actually saying to Kambwili what happened to HH will happen to you
      He is a bully this man.


    • Where is Don King to sponsor this all-time historical boxing match ECL VS Kambwili?
      This is one way to silence kambwili who today scheduled a press conference.

      Kambwili, don’t be intimidated…..Go Kambwili Go….

      From ECL we expect answers and not threats!!!!

    • Very childish and stup!d response from a kateka wa chalo. Kambwili says the president is a thief. Instead of taking this allegation seriously and institute investigations, he goes ballistic, which tells us that Kambwili is right on the ball!! You have got not only a thief for president but a very dumb one for that. Chama Cha Komboka would have made a better president than this drinking playboy.

    • What Lazy Lungu been doing all of this week apart from lazying about…3 days in Lundazi, 1 day following Zuma around …this bum has no work ethic.

    • Threatening President. Kambwili should ask HH. Now HH has been dimmed. Ba Nevers nabo he is the one crying to be sent to prison also.

  1. Mr President what foul language! Such violent language when two pupils have just been expelled from a school in your backyard for throwing punches! Are you really a leader? What are you teaching the nation? The Christian nation! That an eye for an eye is alright and that what’s happening in violent countries like the DRC is alright? Koma aba ba pulezidenti! Please apologize to Zambia

  2. If paddlers start fighting inside a boat it will easly capsize.Munokoleni tumone.Kaili the party symbol signifies ikofi.. (a fist)

  3. I am still waiting for Kambwili to spill the beans today as he promised. Maybe he will do so this evening after returning from his afternoon tea in London?

    If he does not, he should shut up and stop barking coz it is pointless, and undermining any fight we citizens have against corruption and mismanagement of resources.

    God bless Zambia.

  4. Ba Kambwili, Remember lelo bushiku bwakwitila chilemba.We are waiting and waiting and waiting and ………………. Itileni bane, hummm epo buchelele. Nangu mukokole tolelolela.

  5. Childish comments from the president. Just keep quiet because you have no justification for your Rich status accumulated in a short time. Real leaders don abuse Power. I would advice you to keep quiet and do not respond. A leader doesn’t respond to every Jim and jack.

  6. Bauzena your excellency. Aliponokwa kuli Bowman, what more imwe. Nadelela sana. Every leader has his own style. We love and pray for you!

  7. Ulese lwalile nkwale. Na Haivotela Humwine ayamba kupusa yet he was pleading with men of the cloth and international community for his release. Nkasi was fooling them. Let him go back to his hotel in Kabwe or Chimbokaila. Kambwili you took care of him now he things he is smart. Zambians know him better! Thanks for the warning shoots great leader.

  8. Kambwili has no beans to spill. How can he you say you spill it at a later time when it is in your mouth causing problem. He just waiting for rotten beans to be placed in his mouth and later spill it.

  9. No coordination at all. His spokesperson was telling us the other day that they will ignore any “rubbish” coming out of the mouth of this “individual”. Ba boss, just answer to the allegations leveled against you and your people. Threats will not take away those serious allegations. Thank you

  10. Lungu should answer the allegations. CK alleged that Lungu is Mr Corruption Number One. He is right becoz Lungu is now filthy rich. Within less than 3 Lungu is now a multimillionaire. Where and how did he get the money from? Lungu and his criminal Advisers stole the 2016 Election and are now busy stealing money from Treasury Coffers. Lungu should account for his sudden Wealth. Why didn’t Lungu declare his stolen wealth? What is Dictator and Sadist Lungu’s Policy towards Corruption? Why didnt Lungu state his and PF’s Policy towards Corruption? The Chinese govt has zero tolerance towards Corruption and hence some Prominent Chinese Businessmen are in Jail for committing Corruption. Lungu has not investigated Maizegate, Roadgate,Firegate,Mukulagate etc scandals becoz he is a beneficiary…

  11. Upnd guys are dull, the president is not talking about physical punches. Work up and think like civilised human beings.

    • And when CK saido he will go for Lungu’s throat. John Mulele you are the one in slumberland. ..wake up answer stop being an *****.

  12. Lungu’s metaphor is very 1d10tic. And think that he has supporters is very sad. The question is simple, how has Lungu become so rich in a short time? Address that fact and prove Kambwili wrong!

  13. No the president means that he is capable of organizing supporters to murder Mr. Chishimba Kambwili secretly. Either through car accident or through a mysterieus murder. This is the dirty side of dictatorship or african politics.

  14. Disappointing from a head of state but not unexpected behaviour. How can you threaten citizens? Shame on you!

  15. Kambwili raised issues that you are corrupt. So zambians want to hear from you on these issues Mr president, not punching on each other

  16. Well THE president need be CAREFUL ON utterances like this , Cos. if CK is killed today by unknown people ALL ROADS WILL LEAD TO STATEHOUSE that ECL HAS KNOCKED HIM DOWN HENCE he is NOT STANDING NOW. KWENA ADVISORS ADVISE THE MAN TO RETRACT HIS WORDS.

  17. Of cause under5s can’t comprehend the meaning of what ecl is talking about. You 1diots that’s beyond your level. For your info whatever ecl says comes to pass. Ask mmembe and his curtail. Ask hh and his goons. People who understands ecl will tell you that ck is now seeing his end very near. I pity ck for pushing ecl too far like what hh was doing. Bye bye ba ck.

    • Just tell lungu to respond to allegations that he is a theif , let him respond through the courts if he can not speak not through threats of violence…..

      WHY ARE YOU SO WORRIED ABOUT WHAT KAMBWILI SAYS RATHER THAN WHAT OTHER SAY? IF Kambwili is lying, why not take him to court?? Recent happenings are a major turning point for PF and Lungu as even Chikwanda is now speaking against the person he had sponsored!! Just WAIT and SEE where the remaining 4 years are headed to for PF and Lungu!!

    • Kambwili has become a household name overnight.

      My advice is simply to prove him wrong or ignore him. Statements like this one attributed to H.E the President are very damaging politically; if kambwili survives the ‘killer punches’ before 2021 and successfully files his nomination papers then, PF & UPND may have a shock of their life time. Recall Sata 2001, 2006, 2008 and 2011? Zambians are very sophisticated voters especially under economic pressures.
      Watch the space

    • Bye bye what naimwe makawalala…?

      Just tell lungu to respond if he is a theif or not ?

      If anything happenes to CK our petitions will go into overdrive…..and belive me lungu will have sanctions slapped on his theving monk.y a.ss

  18. This allegded corrupt theif was arresting and charging others for saying they will go for his throat , now he is failing to deny the allegations that he is a corrupt theif and he starts threats of violence….


  20. Where are the tribal ceremonies being held today? Zambians don’t worry about those who want to be clever today, don’t even waste time on them, posterity judges such people and their communities very badly.

    • Lungu has been asked to account for his wealth , he has been accused of being a theif…..can we pleas have a response lungu ?

  21. Lungu can not do anything to kambwili, if anything happens to kambwili everyone knows it is because lungu has failed to account for his ill gotten wealth …….lungu will just be highlighting the issue should he touch kambwili …

    • Mwaiche ka Spaka like I.tole
      Paid by his tonga god hh to blog tribal shi.t daily..repeating same nonsense..go look after cows kolwe.yaba

    • These allegations of corruption empty or real have a tailing effect on political players. The Western world [the so called DONOR COMMUNITY] are very interested in this -especially that it justifies their indirect pushing of their re-colonization of such countries like ours.
      The onus is thus to provide leadership in addressing these allegations squarely with levelheadedness and not emotions. On the other hand recall what happened to KK+UNIP; then RB + MMD – to date these political groupings cannot walk tall as the perception tag has stuck very badly.
      PF must realise that the CORRUPTION tag is very damaging if not strategically repelled with FACTS and FIGURES.

  22. Ba Plesidenti should defend himself against the allegations and the nation will listen instead of intimidating threats against King Cobra jnr. Zambia belongs to its citizens not politicians therefore we want answers to the alleged looting. We are tired of threats mwe.

  23. Kumbali kutukwe mfumu meaning you cannot be following everyone who opens his or her mouth as a good leader in the meantime what right do your so party cardres in the name of mps do have to be causing havoc in paliament
    Ba Jean kapata senior woman party cadre with just nursing certification

  24. This is the reason why Zambian presidents should never have immunity! They become puffed up to the extent of wanting to use state machinery to settle personal scores. Level the playing field first! Instead of giving an account of the glaring corruption CK has brought out, you start threatening violence. So it means what CK is saying is true! Chagwa’s government is corrupt as charged! That is what Chagwa’s reaction means. He seems to have a lot to hide. A responsible leader takes allegations of wrong doing seriously. We have not seen any concern from Ba Chagwa regarding misuse of our tax money! We need answers Bwana! Leave CK alone!

    • Bonse imwe mukabutuka KK, RB bashala fye beka. Some of you will even jump out for your safety into UPND and/or CK’s Party as if you where never a member of PF – JUDAS ISCARIOTS!

  25. South Africa’s Finance Minister admits the country’s economy is “in trouble”, as corruption scandals persist…meanwhile in the country of docility Zambia its business as usual..

  26. The president is expressing using figure if speech. He is not talking above boxing at all. I think I agree that people must have respect for the head of state. The impression is that if Kambwili was still ‘eating’ he would not have been threatening to spill the beans. Why now??? I don’t like such character coming any close to leadership. Kambwili must be level headed once and all the times to gain any meaningful reputation.

  27. SLL is very irritating just like HH!!the nigga is on LT 24/7,one wonders what he does in life.
    Currently all upnd cadres depend on Kambwili little do they know that even GBM or Miles Sampa started like this in 2015 but now nobody pays attention to whatever nonsense GBM says.as for Miles Sampa,he is even back in PF.if i remember well,even Wynter Kabimba made similar noise like CK when he formed Rainbow party.today few Zambians listen to Kabimba,etc.LOOK,ECL IS IN STATE HOUSE BECAUSE OF PF.MINUS PF ECL CANT WIN!!KAMBWILI WAS POPULAR BECAUSE OF PF,MINUS PF HE CANT EVEN RETAIN HIS ROAN SEAT!!
    calling ECL corrupt or whatever, cant make his PF lose elections in 2021-mark my words!!

  28. Continue…
    So as long as HH’s upnd cannot win in 6.5 provinces,expect a 6th loss for HH in 2021.
    I clearly heard voters on queues in 2008,2011,2015 and 2016 openly saying “NI PABWATO FYE” in PF strongholds.voters dont even hide it.they openly say it.a lot of upnd friends from 3.5 provinces confirmed to me having heard majotity voters on queues saying “NI PAMAKA FYE”.while those in 3.5 provinces also openly say “NI FORWARD”,when voting.SO THIS IS A MAJOR REASON(REGIONAL VOTING) WHY HH LOSES ELECTIONS BECAUSE A CANDIDATE ON A PARTY WHICH WINS IN MORE THAN 5 OR 6 PROVINCES WOULD ALWAYS WIN!!in 2021 if HH won be number one in Lusaka and copperbelt,UPND WILL 100% LOSE AGAIN!!!so hh’s upnd must take up Lsk and CB the way Sata did if they are to win in 2021.BUT IS THAT POSSIBLE?I…

  29. Continue…
    so this is the reason why HH must by all means avoid practicing tribal politics.attending every tonga ceremony and the involvment of tonga chiefs in our local politics is agreat damage to HH’s image as many people talk about those things in their homes whenever that is done-further reducing HH’s chances of winning in PF strongholds.the recently held 10 by election,8 of which were won by PF CONFIRMED THAT REGIONAL VOTING FOR PARTIES COULD CONTINUE IN 2021!!!THIS WILL SURELY FAVOUR PF!!

  30. Does that mean President Lungu will knock out all Zambians asking him to explain his wealth and the purchasing of fake fire engines? You can fight today but we shall show you the front door on poling booth. You can use police but our power is simply a one minute job to vote you out. Ask RB, he wept like a baby.

  31. But the difference is the people he wants to fight back they have their own resources, but for him at his command, he has the military the police and the taxpayer money.

    Not Fairground.

  32. Lungu is feeling the pressures. It means CK’s Corruption allegations against Lungu are true. Now Lungu is trying to silence CK by luring him back to PF. Lungu has no answer to rampant Corruption in his govt. CK will be foolish to return to PF with the promise that he will be given the Vice Presidency. Lungu wants to damage control and later throw CK away like a condom after use.Lungu is not committed to the eradication of Corruption in his govt. Lungu is Mr Corruption Number One and hence he is failing to discipline his Ministers and Officials. Lungu should account for his sudden Wealth Accumulation to the Nation. What is Lungu’s govt Policy towards Corruption? The Chinese believes in zero tolerance towards Corruption and prominent Chinese Businessmen are in Jail today on Corruption…

  33. Zambia is a christian nation as re declared by the president. The bible has a lot of examples from which the president can learn good governance. The country has plenty of church leaders from catholics, Jehovah ‘s Witnesses, SDA etc who are strong enough to advise the president not the hypocrites the pentecosts. Secondly the president should not threaten Kambwili. alone over allegations of corruption, many civil society groups have said more about it. Does it mean ECL is not seeing or hearing corruption? What sort of the leader is he? Mind sir u are not a president of PF or your ministers alone but for all Zambians. Listen now and take action against all the wrong doers in your government and your party then u will qualify as the Bible book of Romans 13:1 says. Dont be another Rehoboam.

  34. When a thief caught he becomes weak and powerless. Even a cheater when caught they become powerless.

    ECL is powerless he can’t do anything CK otherwise he would have done it already. His best shot ws to fire CK.

    If you innocent you sue CK.

  35. upnd u make rough coz of you ignorance ,what answeer do you want kateka to tell you ,let ck tell has today is sunday he said saturday

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