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Amnesty chief leads high level mission to Zambia, to meet with President Lungu

General News Amnesty chief leads high level mission to Zambia, to meet with...

Amnesty  International
Amnesty International

Amnesty International’s Secretary General Salil Shetty will visit Zambia between 15 and 18 October 2017.

During his visit, he will hold discussions with President Edgar Lungu on human rights, as well as meeting lawyers, civil society leaders and communities affected by human rights violations.

Zambia is still recovering from last year’s August election, which left the country polarised.

“Historically, Zambia has been known for its political tolerance and respect for human rights. It was home to former liberation fighters, including South Africa’s under apartheid” said Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General.

“Just like with any country facing human rights challenges, during my visit I will remind authorities, including President Edgar Lungu, of their human rights obligations,” said Salil Shetty.

Salil Shetty will conclude his visit with a press conference.

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  1. They should also interview the Namwala electoral violence victims and many others who live in Southern province and are victims because they are not tonga!!

    • These organisations usually go to failed states like DR Congo, Central African Republic…are we joining those ranks? Edgar is a lawyer ( albeit a failed one), but I hope intelligent enough to read in between the lines.

    • Why PF minions scared? Dont they know that we leave in global village where any thing bad happening is easily known by those concerned.

      The US is actually in the forefront of condemning Lungu s PF. Its not surprising that Amnesty International is also deeply involved.

      If lungu is not taken out more people will die in 2021 elections.

    • Zambia under Lungu is a failed state and Lungu knows it, thats why he is always going places to see where he will run to should he removed.

    • Zambia is not a failed state but only only has one FAILED TRIBE (Tonga). He might as well be coming to meet people from this failed grouping.

  2. Just like shoe REPAIRERS there are failed lawyers and good ones.
    It’s very clear that our failed president is as good as a failed shoemaker.

  3. Very intersting indeed, better they visit where ever people have suffered for political reasons including the killing of handsome boy chanda in mazabuka .
    And the victims of political violence in southern province who suffered because of belonging to another political party ,and because of being from different tribes they should do more than just ending up in lusaka and go back .

  4. This visit is telling of Zambia’s standing as a democracy and ranking on the international community. Its a reflection of the failure of leadership to uphold the basic tenets of human rights to attract a visit by Amnesty International. This is a first for Zambia and therefore telling of Lungu’s corrupt leadership.


  6. They should also talk to “cuundu chaitwa” leader HH about his evil ways of doing politics.from 2006 Zambia has been experiencing the worste tribal politics due to HH.today my relatives in Monze and other areas of tongalans live in fear because they are not tonga.this must be stopped by all means.
    President Edgar Lungu preaches peace where he goes.sadly,HH is only on tribal crusade as all he wants is a tonga to be in state house.whether will turn Zambia into America-only devil knows!!!

  7. Why are these people trooping into Zambia, is there a crisis am not aware of? Guess we have to act as guides, direct all these lost people to African countries with problem!

  8. Lungu is on notice…..that IMF aid he seeks comes with conditions….this visit comes just before the planned UPND rally in kenyama…

  9. Are those comments really from Mr Salil Shetty, ..before he has held talks with President Lungu? Diplomacy these days is open to personal interpretation.

    I believe he is more interested in the activities of Vedanta Mining firm which has been swindling poor Zambians of their mineral wealth. Furthermore, their damage to human lives by poor environmental practices in their mining operations.

    Spare us the nonsense Salil Shetty, and tell UK to use it’s common wealth connections with greater respect for the countries democratic rights.

    • We have a right to put down non conformist political parties that act out their perceived entitlement to rule the country. The focus should be on UPND’s aggressive and violent political strategy.

  10. I urge the UNSC and the International Community to tell President ECL and his Opposition President HH to take this opportunity and include eradicating the obstacles that have clearly shown how Zambia is still lacking behind in as far as gender parity and eradicating gender violence by 2030, is concerned. They must accept to convene an international justice mechanism to probe those that violated International law, international Human Rights And Humanitarian Law; and account for breaching the 1969 Vienna Conventions; failing to which, Zambia must face the repercussions of breaching such convention and other treaties; from the International Community. I didn’t go to sleep work for the UN for those who cannot join the UN. Just because I am female, it does not mean that every Zambian must…

  11. what about the people being killed in the USA because of race…Its a worthless organisation with a biased approach…President Lungu should ignore this worthless organisation…

  12. Wrong, they can’t go to DRC because Kabila cannot allow them. Have you seen or heard any European organization or government condemning Kabila. Killing people whether by opposition or government is evil and I wonder why fulls like Wenzulu don’t want to acknowledge this.

  13. What’s corruption? I’ve two friends whose children finished nursing course at Ndola. The Tonga one has been taken on by GRZ while the Ngoni one has failed to find employment. My investigation has revealed that the person in charge of recruitment is Lozi. The Ngoni has better results. I end there.

  14. @#16, Ndanje khakis, that is what they want to turn Zambia into! We know them and their empty cry is nothing but their tribalism!

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