Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) has erected three temporally water tank stands that will dispense free water to the residents of Chipata and Mazyopa compounds for the next one month.

LWSC Marketing and public relations Manager Patson Phiri says the erection of water tanks in the areas is to prevent possible consumption of untreated water from unsafe boreholes which could be responsible for the spread of cholera.

In a statement to ZANIS today, Mr. Phiri said the three tank stands started dispensing free water this morning in Mazyopa and Chipata while 12 others are being erected in Kanyama Township.

He added that in the long-run, the company intends to create a network and construct six permanent water kiosks in Mazyopa and Chipata so that the provision of clean water to the area becomes a permanent feature.

“A network of piped water will also be created at the expiry of one month so that piped water in Mazyopa and Chipata townships becomes a way of life,” he stated.

Mr. Phiri explained that LWSC is concerned that Cholera could spread to other densely populated areas of the city.

He further said the Company decided that water kiosks Kabanana, Misisi and Chawama townships should dispense water free of charge until towards the end of November, subject to review.

“To conduct this exercise, the company has set aside slightly above K1 million to meet all these interventions in operational and other related costs,” he explained.

The Public Relations Manager has since urged residents in Mazyopa, Chipata, Misisi, Chawama, Kabanana, Kuku and Kanyama to avoid relying on private boreholes for water but make efforts to source water from the delivery spots that LWSC has provided.

Mr. Phiri that these measures will be subject to review depending on how they perform going forward.

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  1. Good work, LWSCoy. But please proceed to provide piped water and reliable sewerage services to all residents as a long-term solution to the problem. Otherwise, a good and commendable initiative.


  2. The outbreak of cholera is indeed a sad development. There is need for increased investment in water and sewerage services including solid waste management. Good initiative LWSC as immediate measure.



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