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Zambia Police allows UPND to hold a rally in Kanyama Township in Lusaka.

Headlines Zambia Police allows UPND to hold a rally in Kanyama Township in...

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
The Zambia Police has cleared the UPND to go ahead and hold a rally scheduled for Sunday October 22nd 2017 at Twashuka grounds in Kanyama Township in Lusaka.

According to the statement by the party spokesperson Charles Kakoma, the rally to be addressed by party president Hakainde Hichilema, vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and other senior party leaders will address many national issues including thanking the many Zambians that voted for the UPND during the 2016 General Elections.

Mr Kakoma also noted that this was the first time that the Police did not object to the party’s notification to hold the rally.

“This is the first time since the general elections that the police have not objected to a UPND notification to hold a rally. We appeal to all Zambians and Lusaka residents in particular to turn up in large numbers at Twashuka grounds on Sunday without any fear.”

Mr Kakoma pledged that the party would remain peaceful during the rally.

“We would like to appeal the Police to deal firmly with any Patriotic Front cadres that might want to interfere with the rally. As a party we pledge to remain peaceful during and after the rally and we hope the police will co-operate with our marshals in maintaining order,” read the statement.

Meanwhile, UNPD President Hakainde Hichilema has disclosed that while featuring on Sun FM Radio in Ndola yesterday, hundreds of police were sent to the station and attempted to surround the radio station and intimidate the media.

In a statement made available to media, Mr. Hichilema said that when he featured on Radio Macha in Southern province, police were again deployed and attempted to surround the radio station and now that he has been informed that the station’s transmitter has been forcefully gotten by the State, basically closing the radio station and depriving the public of information.

He said that he understood that Prime Television was still being intimidated by the State.

The UPND Leader said that he will stand and defend the media and independent voices; therefore, anyone who does not believe in press freedom must be forewarned.

Mr Hichilema stated that that when he forms government, he will not close the Media because of the challenges they could be facing, instead, he will empower the media by opening up airwaves, creating a conducive business environment in order for them to raise revenue for both their employees and tax obligations.

Mr. Hichilema said that he he will not close any media house because doing so will mean closing a source of employment and the country’s much needed revenue in form of taxes.


    • What? it can’t be! wait until Kennedy Kamba hears this.
      Those overzealous good for nothing bootlickers are falling over each other to impress lungu!

    • PF is not sleeping peacefully considering they can’t handle free thinkers. We need freedom in this country—freedom of association, assembly, movement, expression and media. These are God given tenets which no human being should temper with as long as these kinds of freedom don’t interfere with other people’s right to their freedom. Let’s UPND show what they have so that we can judge them at a qualitative level. If they don’t show their ability, it’s up me to object and reject them, no police and PF.

    • I hope HH can use this opportunity to articulate reasonably what his next steps and strategy will be.
      Don’t go to Kanyama and end up making noise pointing figures at PF and blaming them for everything, instead articulate solutions.Make no mistake, just as we pressurize ECL to be democratic and stop the dictatorial tendencies that he has instituted in Zambia, we are watching you HH, what type of opposition you plan to be, you ought to be effective, otherwise, you are already losing many people who were giving you moral support. Do you plan to be crybabies or you plan to be the real opposition in parliament? Learn from Malema, how he opposes Zuma. BTW, to date, we have never head an official UPND statement to the Budget presented in Paley 3 weeks ago

    • Don’t count your chicks before they hatch. And you trust these $42M thieves? They will send loads of armed forces to make sure the rally doesn’t happen. Shaaa

    • I am not for these rallies because of the problems we have been having in the past. Today in Zambia we have radio stations, Tv stations, facebook, whatsapp platforms any political leader can use to speak to would be voters instead of making people more lazy. The problems is the fights which occur when ever a rally takes place and I can guarantee there will be fights during this rally. As for me, I will never and can never attend a rally to hear from a politician. This politics of cadres should come to an end unfortunately unless we fight unemployment.

    • That’s progress on our young democracy. People will not know the caliber of their leaders until they are exposed. People can tell and make decisions based on what they hear whether someone is fit or not. The Bible says “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.

  1. In the midst of the people at the rally expect PF CADRES ready to cause confusion at any given opportunity. This will label the UPND as the most violent party as the cadres will dress in UPND regalia. Don’t say I didnt warn you.

    PF = 36,118
    UPND= 30,892

    • @Chisenga: Kanyama has the highest concentration of Southern, Western tribal groupings in Lusaka. They would get a big welcome there because of that. Why do you think they never target Matero or Chawama????

    • After the Kalulushi vote theft, there is a likelihood that HH’s 1200 could haven missing. The whole 2016 election was the biggest CONE in Zambia’s history, now days when I hear PF I rush for my wallet.

  3. But elections are over or a long way ahead, so these rallies are for what? Police are becoming soft. This is the time to work. These people addressing ralies should find other productive things to do that will creat employment. Ralies wont put food on peoples tables. This must come to an end. We should have a clear time for rallies – like 8 months before elections. After elections no more.


  5. Hats off to Amnesty International for weighing in and telling Lungu what to do w.r.t. human rights and civil liberties.
    Any observer can see by now, it is as clear as daylight Lungu is in over his head as Head of State in a democracy. Its beyond him, pure and simple. He constantly needs someone to tell him the right thing to do, and when to do. Not long ago, it took Lady Scotland from Commonwealth to tell him what to do. This is vintage Lungu.
    But then again what do you expect from someone mentored by uncle Bob across the Zambezi River.

    • In the Daily Nation today (Zambia’s highest selling newspaper!!!) : AU tells Zambians to ignore AI, it is irrelevant to Africa’s agenda. The AU questioned why AI which is based in USA has chosen to come to Zambia while ignoring the racism happening in their own backyard.

    • @Zambian Citizen, @Bemba man,
      LOL- Tell me, what’s your IQ?. By your own admission you agree Lungu needs to be hand-held and told as a modulus operando. So, what’s you beef? You have put a self-defeating argument by siting yet another organisation TELLING Lungu what to do. Very funny.
      Ignore Amnesty International’s call for Human Rights and civil liberties because it’s based in USA? This confirms your IQ must be in single digits. At least Lungu is a shade better than you because it’s now slowly dawning on him that, as a recipient of aid from America i.e. USAID / IMF / World Bank etc…, it is bad advice to ignore AI’s call for Human Rights and civil liberties. Need I say more?

  6. Elections are long gone ..they want to still want to stand on podiums; meanwhile in Parliament all these UPND MPs do is sit and earn allowances totalling to K100,000

    • Thought your brain is a bit finer than njimbu, in democracy campaigns are never over, because bye elections are ever around the corner,

      latest news Obama Returns to Campaign Trail to Rally Black Voters.

    • To you my brain is not alright only when I criticise your party of disorganized numpties….there you are thinking Obama can rally Black voters when he was power he tiptoed around the subject!!

    • @ jay Jay

      Sorry, but this time you sound like Njimbu. Try to remember subject matter before embarking in unrelated rant.

  7. OK, no doubt the police are clearly intimidated by the presence of Amnesty International.

    Not that I am against the right of assembly in a democracy but every country has it’s different laws of regulating such gatherings. Why doesn’t Amnesty International go and tell Putin how to do it in Russia where oppositionist Alexey Navalny faces detention for holding political rallies? Why wont they go and talk to the Spanish government, which is currently threatening to apprehend officials calling for Catalan independence from Spain?

  8. The problem we have in zed is this politicians especially upnd this there right are more important than peace ,wait and see what will come out of this ,i know buses,trucks will come us far as livingstone,choma ,mazambuka ,mongu just to come and cause confusion later start complaining

  9. The most childish and outrageous party to make it to politics in Zambia. Its leaders are Under Fives. A party that sets fires and its online supporters are Under Fives too!

  10. They think (truthfully most cadres do) that there will be presidential elections in the coming few months! You think Under Fives tag is a joke? Think Hagain!


  12. There we go again!!there will be chaos in kanyama on sunday.
    But well done ZP for allowing dreamers in upnd to go ahead with their useless rallies.it will be same old stories from HH at a rally.it will be “LUNGU THIS,LUNGU THAT,PF THIS,PF THAT,JUDGES ARE CORRUPT,2016 ELECTIONS WERE STOLEN,PETITION WAS NOT HEARD,BLA BLA BLA”!!!
    Next elections in Zambia will be in 2021 so whatever noise HH gonna make now will have no impact on 2021 elections!!IT IS PURELY A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY BY UPND!!yes tongas and other bantustans will attend the kanyama rally on sunday,BUT THEN WHAT?regional voting will continue in Zambia in 2021-SO PF ARE CLEAR FAVOURITES!!!

    • Thank you to whom? You seem not to understand the law – next you will be thanking the council for fixing a pot hole with your own money.
      Wake up from your docility!!

  13. They’re pausing a health risk. Put them in quarantine for going to a cholera infested area. It will be an indirect way of serving jail time until the rain season ends next year…

    • Ba chitulika there is no cholera in kanyama, cholera ili ku SOS, chaisa ku side kulya kuli chi ground ati heroes chilya mutamba pa TV.

  14. If I may ask,WHAT WILL HH SAY IN KANYAMA WHAT HE HAS NEVER SAID SINCE 2006?believe you me,it will be the same things he say day in,day out at his chalala house.HE WILL KEEP ON SAYING “FORWARD,FORWARD…..!!”but who in Zambia has never heard that “FORWARD NONSENSE?”forward to “WHERE?” Forward to Chimbokaila?kikikikikiki.UPND IS FULL OF DREAMERS!!2021 ELECTIONS WILL SURELY BE WON BY PF-MARK MY WORDS!!

    • @ njimbu

      It depend on his mood. If its affected by sarcasm, it may say that you are most intelligent Zambian. If is in a piss-off mood, it may say that you are certified arse licking 1mbecile.
      One thing is sure, at least he will have opportunity to address fellow Zambians and to exercise his Constitutional rights.

  15. u5 has no counsellor in lsk yet his rallies are pack jammed.

    this mean he just busses villagers from bweengwa to lusaka

    u5 has no mp in kalulushi.lundazi.yet he claims he got votes

    anso nga ukakana ama results mu 2021 ukamona.

  16. Let me tell something! Amnesty International should to the U.S.A they are wasting time in Zambia their is nothing in Zed. Go to America and challenge them for Human Right and brutality of certain people. Amnesty is nothing they put their energy in Africa instead of where real issues are Middle East, Europe and America friend.

    • 1mbecile, AI has crossed swords with US Presidents from the time of Vietnam War up to date.
      Do you think that AI has same standing as Lungu’s Human Rights (LOL) Commission?
      Inform yourself before crapping in public and sounding like uneducated moron.

    • @Born Free: When the ka tiny brain overheats, ni nsele sheka sheka. How sad. Why can’t you counter Mukuni’s point with your facts???

  17. The law requires UPND to Notify ZPS within 7 days. The law does not require UPND to seek approval of the meeting. ZPS has acknowledged receipt of the Notification. ZPS should Police the Rally and stop PF Cadres from interfering with the Rally and UPND Marshals and supporters should ensure that their Rally is peaceful. Thanks to the Commonwealth and Amnesty International and ZPS.

    • It’s you i dots who tarnish the image of this country, now the international media will zeal in on filth in your country.

  18. Don’t go there and start complaining about the 2016 elections go there and give the message of hope to the people.

    • Why are petty f ools so obsessed with cholera? U have turned nonsense into an annual event, mediocrity shall never end some brains.

  19. The only reason Police have allowed this is because they know the district health authorities will not allow a meeting of this nature in the midst of a cholera outbreak in the area…pathetic f00ls

  20. Kanyama is a very volatile area and expect anything especially if you dwell so much on insulting our beloved ECL. Don’t everyone loves UPND in Kanyama. Thieves would take advantage of the meeting and create confusion in order to engage in thuggery acts. Don’t blame PF because we know all your intentions as you want to prove or gauge your popularity.You

  21. Why put your voters at risk if you love them so much by holding a rally where there is an out break of deadly cholera. All of you if love yourselves keep away from this rally.

  22. Especially those who will be traveling from other towns, they the ones who will take cholera from here to there places. I wish the Govn. can send them away before they reach Lusaka.

  23. What? Under5 forming government, you mean a government of corruption for corrupt people and by corrupt people with GBM as vice president? Impossible but maybe a government where under5 is economic manager may be a viable idea.

  24. What is wrong with UPND conducting a rally unless if it was PF we need maturity in the way we conduct ourselves in terms of politics we need love not hatred after all we shall all be accountable

  25. There is CHOLERA in KANYAMA, Let the antedee not claim food poisoning once
    they contact CHOLERA.

    For goodness sake UPND please cancel the meeting. You have Medical Doctor and Enviromental specialist in your
    team. Its not HEALTHY to have public this time.

  26. kkkk managing a party with a calculator! You forgot there is cholera and the people you call cowards might be infected? Hakayivotela heka!!!!!!!! peep peep peep ba zebroni!

  27. @6.1-Zambian Citizen, @@6.2-Bemba man,
    LOL- Tell me, what’s your IQ?. By your own admission you agree Lungu needs to be hand-held and told as a modulus operando. So, what’s you beef? You have put a self-defeating argument by siting yet another organisation TELLING Lungu what to do. Very funny.
    Ignore Amnesty International’s call for Human Rights and civil liberties because it’s based in USA? This confirms your IQ must be in single digits. At least Lungu is a shade better than you because it’s now slowly dawning on him that, as a recipient of aid from America i.e. USAID / IMF / World Bank etc…, it is bad advice to ignore AI’s call for Human Rights and civil liberties. Need I say more?

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