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PF must cancel Independence celebrations due to Cholera outbreak-UPND

Headlines PF must cancel Independence celebrations due to Cholera outbreak-UPND

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma

The opposition UPND has demanded that Government cancels all public activities including next week’s Independence Day celebrations due to the outbreak of Cholera.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma challenged the Ministry of Health to with immediate effect cancel independence day celebrations in Lusaka in order to prevent the spread of the reported cholera.

On Friday, the UPND cancelled its planned public rally which was set for Sunday in Kanyama, one of the Cholera hit area.

“We would like to once again state that the Patriotic Front party and its government are very uncoordinated and have continued abusing the Public Order Act. We challenge the Ministry of Health to with immediate effect also cancel independence day celebrations in Lusaka in order to prevent the spread of the reported cholera,” Mr Kakoma said.

“In any case, we wonder why the same institutions did allow people to gather in large numbers at show grounds in Lusaka and ferried some people from cholera affected Lusaka to Copperbelt just on Wednesday to pray for Mr. Edgar Lungu. Clearly, this is an abuse of the Public Order Act and the Health Act,” Mr Kakoma said.

“If the PF through the two ministries will not cancel independence day celebrations and any other public gatherings, Zambians must know that the PF has not reflected and confessed their evil activities.”

“How can you allow people from all walks of life to gather and shake hands in prayer when on the other hand you are saying UPND should not meet because there is cholera? That is hypocrisy.,” he charged.

“As a party, we have always known the PF as one organisation which fully believes in killing democracy. We believe that the PF schemed the cancellation of our rally. How else would someone explain the happenings in the last few days. First police took their time “studying “the party’s notice to hold a rally and only approved it yesterday,” Mr Kakoma said.

“In the morning today, Vice-president Inonge Wina announced in Parliament that government had banned public gatherings in Lusaka. We wonder whether this includes independence day celebrations. The Ministry of Health then wakes up this afternoon to postpone the UPND rally. Meanwhile, preparations for Independence day celebrations have been intensified in Lusaka and yet markets in Kanyama, including Soweto, are still a hive of activity as if there is no cholera. In view of that, we demand that the Independence celebrations in Lusaka should be cancelled,” Mr Kakoma stated.

The UPND Spokesman said the country will now wait to see if they will allow the independence day celebrations to go on in Lusaka and kill more people because there is no guarantee that cholera will in 4 days time before independence day celebrations come to an end.

“The Police earlier today said our planned rally has not been cancelled but this evening the Ministry of health delivers a letter to our party Secretary General, Mr. Stephen Katuka, that our rally has been cancelled. This kind of planned confusion is uncalled for. Therefore, we would like to advise government institutions such as the Police and ministry of health to exercise professionalism and avoid issuing very uncoordinated statements such as they have done on our party’s planned Kanyama rally,” he said.


    • They have told you and you know clearly that there is an outbreak of cholera in Kanyama, why not change the venue? Lusaka is very big for you to start crying over the venue.

    • @1.1, all human beings are equal. Stop this disgusting and blasphemous trend of demeaning other ethnic groups. The God you were praying to as a nation barely a few days ago is not amused by your ignorant and divisive, comments. Time to wake up my friend!

    • Let us not forget that this is animal farm, all animals are equal, but others are more equal than others.

      So I wouldn’t hold my breathe on this one.

      But at the end of the day UPND would have made the point that if Independence celebrations proceed as if all is normal, it will clearly and very loudly indicate to everyone that the playing field is not even.

      The question is how much does PF value human life? Can we risk peoples lives because we want to congregate and get drunk?

    • The so called Party of Intelligent People is really a party of F*O*O*L*S.

      UPND always fail to make the argument,even when they have a valid point to make. It just appears like the UPND Media Teams are a bunch of Kahutoos!

      The reasoning is always Cheap, Out of Place and Lame Ducking

    • You’re wolves in a sheep’s skin, all of you ? devil worshipers and your gangsterism. This is a clear case of double standards and for some confused demagogue to try and shift the blame, instead of being remorseful and truly contrite is frightening indeed. What sort of breed of Kaponyas are these that Sata left us with? Shameless drunkards will destroy themselves one day!

    • Ba Kakoma, do you guys in UPND know how CHOLERA is transmitted? If you don’t then get to the nearest clinic or health centre for schooling.
      The Day of Prayer and Fasting entails NO FOOD and NO EATING – how can such a day be likened to a rally where cadres are heavily consuming alcohol and other foods?
      I will totally agree with you if your comparison is a RALLY and INDEPENDENCE gathering; NOT a day of PRAYER & FASTING.
      Your party risk being mistaken to be anti-christs!!!!!!!!!! Think through this piece of advice.

    • Who told you that people were ferried from Lusaka to go and pray for Mr Lungu. Your bitterness and hatred for Lungu will send you to your early grave. Your language against the Lungu administration is very bad and provocative. We are watching you come 2021 we are sending you and your small god into the political dustbin.

    • Dr hoe walitumpa tepanono iyoo. Zambia doesn’t need tribalists like you. Napapa sana ukuti pali nabalekuvotela. Fipuba sana nafyo

      The naivety of this UPND mouthpiece is really laughable and a big joke.
      Just listen to this empty tin, dry borehole and barren womb.
      For your own information, we are just from a National Day of Prayers, so the 24/10 celebrations ‘ll go on with or without this group of losers.
      The POA is such a sacred piece of law in its own right. It is meant to place sick individuals in their proper context.

    • Cholera out break shows how stup1d Lungu and his stooges are. They are to blame for all this out break.

      Definitely if public safety is of concern regarding the UPND rally then it should also be of concern regarding the independence celebration because I do not expect cholera out break to be sorted 2 days after UPND rally.

  1. SAD DEVELOPMENTS FOR Zambia there. An when international observers like Amnesty International Coughs you get annoyed!!!! There is no more DEMOCRACY in Zambia.

    • A day is coming when all abusers of democracy will be accountable for their deeds, Zambia needs a great president, Zambia needs sikazwethegreat.

  2. Stealing votes has permanent consequences on the management of the nation we need God’s intervention to come out of these Mugabe kind of politics.This was never our intention when we fought for muiltpartism in 1991.PF is taking the bàr too low.

  3. Ask the Supreme leader Hayatolla Hakainde (HH) to develop a better strategy to attract our votes. Let him hold his rally in Copperbelt. Stop quacking about Lusaka.
    Go outside your comfort zone. Why Kanyama all the time?

  4. just shut up. u5 has no councilor in lsk and cb.

    u5 has a handle mps from southern province.

    what makes you place u5 on top.

    2021 he will lose

    2026 he will lose

    2031 he will mentain his tribal votes while he will mentain his

    in spite of lootin through privatisation he will die as a bitter soul.

    how can a villager from bweengwa rule 10 provinces. no ways.

  5. u5 has a handfull of mps from one region. how did he win in kalulushi.

    independence celebrations can not be compared to a tribal gathering where you meet without proper sanitation.

    stop overating yourselves because when results start coming out it becomes hard to believe.

    u5 is a political reject

  6. I’m getting tired of this scratched record. It keeps on repeating no matter how much I clean it. Best thing is to throw it away.

  7. The UPND are really childish…They were told to change the venue because Kanyama is one of the affected areas in Lusaka and the UPND provincial leadership agreed to that but as usual their arrogant and Useless National Leadership thru this dude wants to play politics…Its not the whole Lusaka that is affected…Just because these losers do not participate in Independence they want to hoodwink Zambians…Only UPND cadres who worship their Supreme Leader HH would agree to this Dude without shame…

  8. Am lost here,how come upnd is now blaming PF over the Kanyama rally when they cancelled it themselves?why does HH’s upnd always finds it fit to blame innocent Zambians after failing on their own?madam Inonge Wina commented on the planned rally in Kanyama only yesterday after upnd had already postponned this rally due to cholera outbreak.BUT WHY IS KAKOMA RANTING NONSENSE HERE?GO AHEAD WITH YOUR TONGA RALLY IN KANYAMA TOMORROW.MIGHTY PF CAN CALL FOR A RALLY IN ITS STRONGHOLDS 1 HOUR BEFORE IT STARTS AND STILL BE A MAMMOTH ONE-THIS IS HOW MAJORITY ZAMBIANS LOVE PF!!
    Charles Kakoma should just admit that we had little time to ferry tongas to kanyama from choma,monze,mazabuka and all lusaka compounds because UPND IS ONLY GOOD AT DECEIVING ITSELF!!!

  9. How on earth did we manage to have a day of prayer in the middle of a cholera outbreak? Chamamila galu kuluma Mbuzi! Mbuzi ilume galu, ati maloza! Dr Chilufyanya should demonstrate professionalism for once!

    • It was not in Kanyama. UPND cancelled their rally – not the Police. Kakoma is trying to say (in a very uncoordinated way) that “if we did it, you should also do it” without understanding the facts. Is the whole Zambia impacted by Cholera?

  10. This is quite shocking reaction from Mr Kakoma ,we were told that Kanysma has 96 cases out of 120 something ,which makes it the most affected area, is not enough reason to understand, I thought the announcement from the upnd was genuine and that it showed responsibility, kansi iyai.
    The upnd should consider me for advice, the inconsistencies in their statements are too much such that it’s inconceivable to believe or understand what they stand for .
    A rally is party function,while the independence celebration is national event with a budgetary allocation and it can be held in any other place like Kabwe ,how you say it should also be cancelled, is what we call opposition sure.

  11. Iwe Kakoma, your “party” postponed the Kanyama rally yourselves when hh realised that he would not be spared from a cholera attack. Talk about a coward, U5!
    No independence rally will be conducted in Kanyama iwe mwaice Kakoma so dull.

  12. it hurts u5 to see the nation moving on without. him.

    upend and tongas are good people problem is u5.

    we enjoyed peace when he was inside.

    soon as he came out he started using privatisation money again to sponsor confusion.

    if u5 is your ka small god press red

  13. Are we going to stop going to to church in Kanyama.Yes, if they outbreak of Cholera is can not be controlled, a smart person will go to another place to worship.For example,Woodlands,Chunga and other safe area.You can can not compare a national event like independence day celebrations to a political rally. Maybe consult Malema. You have your opinions not to values the day but forefathers died

  14. UPND does not know the value of Independence. Nor do they know the value of prayer. Southern Province did not take part in independence struggle.
    On Prayers, be careful bane. Under UPND there will be no Prayers. Only Free masonry. These guys only pray to their gods under water in oxygen-free conditions.
    No wonder they have chosen red as their Identity. Red means blood and its like sugar in Freemasonry.

  15. Awe mwe…does upnd ever say anything that inspires people??? They are always hostile…why??? THIS IS THE REAL CHIMBWI NO PLAN PARTY PRACTICING CHIPANTE PANTE POLITICS. Really shameful!!!

  16. The imbecile going by the name dr Joe writes: “imagine to be ruled by kachemas,makishi dancers and nyamazais..” You have a depraved mind man. So we have such ‘Zambians’. Oh that we can go FEDERAL so that we are all spared from such archaic people.

    • Just forgive him he doesn’t know what he’s saying. He could even be Luvale trying to sow seeds of hatred against bembas.

  17. This boy also! Mukobeko has damaged his brain despite his denials and his claim that he is stronger. Just look at his erratic behaviour and statements since Patricia secured his release from Mukobeko.
    Cowards, guest of comedies, corruption based on Kambwili, commitment to dialogue, three corrupt judges, etc etc. I said it before, the boy will not survive his jail term. I actually worry for the boy’s physical and medical health too. People we have a seriously ill citizen on our hands and his party will use him till he drops.

  18. Ba Kakoma you are very d.ull indeed. Here is what your friends said in UPND: ” UPND Lusaka Provincial Chairman Dr. Bob Sakahilu said the decision was arrived at after consultations with the Commissioner of Police Lusaka Province.”
    So what substance is this man made of abena!
    What a disaster!

  19. Don’t put your small party in the same sentence as day of prayer and independence. Those are at different levels you can only dream of.


  21. Musalamuso, If a cholera patient ,yes I risk taking it to other churches.Nevertheless, a sane person will seek medical attention rather than going to different churches.So, we assume people who are to attend church services or rallies are not cholera patients.Not even a so called prophet will conduct a crusade in a cholera affected and expect miracles from God. Doing so is like putting God to test.

  22. I have said it before reasoning of some tongas is difficult like Arabs..Shameful how do you compare a rally and independence celebrations. Dull very dull

  23. Its amazing how not so common, common sense is. Mr kakoma I hope for your sake you are simply trying to make us laugh… you can’t possibly be serious with this statement. kanyama is the Hive of Cholera and that’s where you planned to hold your rally?! The independence day celebration are held in town and other places that have proper sanitation. I struggle to understand you as half of what you have said makes no sense at all. you guys are becoming like National Vuvuzela. always making some sort of noise. Find credible and genuine complaints before taking to social media. This is a reaching for straws in the dark gimmick. Sad to say the least. And what’s the obsession with the Rally? they have simply asked you to postpone. I don’t think they are asked you not to have anymore…

  24. JUST change the venue and hold your gathering. Zambia is so big you can choose other places to hold your gathering. stop crying foul and do something fellas. it is not just the matter of complaining but doing what is right for the Zambian people.

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