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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

RB commends governments efforts to fight cancer

Headlines RB commends governments efforts to fight cancer

Former President Rupiah Banda
Former President Rupiah Banda

Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda has commended government for its fight against cancer.

Mr. Banda says government has invested in many cancer detection equipment, a move that will save a lot of lives.

Due to globalisation and a change in lifestyle in Africa, there is a rise in non communicable diseases which includes cancers.Worldwide there are 14 million new cases of cancer.57% of these are in developing countries. It is projected that by 2030 there will be 21 million new cancer cases.(Globocan 2012)

A disproportionate number of cancers in Africa are caused by infectious diseases. 56% of cancers in Africa affect women.

In light of this Former President Rupiah Banda has urged women and men to go for early cancer screening because the disease is life changing and requires a lot of resources.

The former President says it is important that men also take up the screening and not only women.The Former President was speaking when he appeared on a ZNBC TV programme Sunday Interview.October is breast Cancer awareness month.

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  1. We actually miss you Rupiah and I enjoyed listening to you last night on Sunday interview. At least under your regime we used to benefit also.

  2. This guy was a thousand times better as a president than the clown we have right now. Rupiah was clever enough not to mess with the foundation Levy had left and he also ensured every ministry was run by someone with actual brains. Then in 2011 the illiterates took over and it has been downhill from there. smh.

    • You insulted him left, right, and center – and someone who wants to run this country said “RB will be chased like a dog”.

    • I voted for RB twice coz I knew what a disaster for the country PF would be. Guess there were not too many wise people in 2011. Just a bunch of ill educated people who got excited about huge unrealistic promises. Every politician gets insulted dude, the difference is most of them despite the insults deliver. Lungu is the dullest and most corrupt president to run this country and is the only one that actually deserves all insults poured on him coz he delivers nothing just more debt and corruption.

    • Ba shushushu am not sure if you saw where I said I voted for RB twice. That’s the number of times he stood for election so what are you talking about?

  3. Upnd now praising RB why ?
    This is the same way you will praise ECL when a northerner come to rule you in 2021
    And the same way you will praising a norther when a luapula (leader)come to rule you in 2031.SHAME upnd learn to do politics of NATIONALISM not IMPERIALISM with ANGLO AMERICA just to root OUR natural resources (COPPER). And I wonder to see CADERS praising HH because THEY have LITTLE knowledge of HIM and ORGANIZATIONS (sorry for black race)

  4. Mr P.
    You make 0 sense.

    Much more needs to be done than just detect cancer. It is a great start, but let us look at international expenditure of tax monies for medical reasons by our highly Ill politicians and president.

    Why not invest this money into the Zambian health industry instead of individuals who won’t actually benefits the general Zambian populous.

    1 step forward, 20 steps back.

    Let push forward together.

  5. Qualities of a leader.

    In Zambia right now in Edgar lungu we have a ruler not a leader.
    Honesty..lungu rigged elections, said kambwili is corrupt but up to now no case found.
    Delegation..Even negotiating for oil he has to travel himself.(still waiting for k5 oil from Saudia Arabia)
    Communication..He doesn’t communicate he just orders and threatens.
    Integerity..lungu and frnds are sharing contracts.
    Humility..can a humble person threaten to punch and knock out people,days later says let’s pray and fast.
    Advisable..lungu is alpha and Omega knows it all. Criticism to lungu is declaration of war of words without him explaining his point but he will persecute you.

    lungu is not fit to lead but we have no choice…

  6. RB is behind the cause of Zambia’s Crisis. He helped ECL rig the 2016 Election for self protection. RB is Lungu’s God Father and as Principal Adviser to Lungu he is responsible for the mess that Zambia is in. His first Cousin Essau Chulu at ECZ connived with Lungu to steal the 2016 Election. The Concourt Judges helped Lungu to block the Presidential Petition. The Chief Justice is also an accomplice in the stolen Election.Under Wako niwako and Umodzi Kumawa mantras Lungu is clinging to power illegally. He has in fact carried out a Constitutional Coup to remain in power. Once out of Power Lungu will be prosecuted for committing numerous irregularities and illegalities during the 2016. Election. ECL,RB,KZ etc will eventually pay the price for their Sins.

    • Every President needs an advisor who can give them free and fair advice without strings attached. Chiluba messed up because he had none. Levi had Chiluba until he dumped him and settled on RB as His Vice President. Sata, according to the Zambian Watchdog, had KK. Lungu has RB. Who will be HH’s godfather? VJ amourous Mwaanga? Give me RB anytime!

  7. We thank you Mr R.B for the refreshing interview. It was very informative and neutral and you educated us from the later generations on a number of issues including History, Social and other Values. Keep up this spirit of unification. We are with you all the way!!!!!!!

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