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Henry Kapoko gets two years for money laundering, abuse of office authority

General News Henry Kapoko gets two years for money laundering, abuse of office authority

Jubilant kapoko celebrating freedom with family member
Henry Kapoko

The Lusaka Magistrates Court has sentenced former Ministry of Health Human Resources Officer Henry Kapoko to two years imprisonment with hard labour for abuse of authority of office and money laundering.

Lusaka High Court deputy registrar Aridah Chulu who sat as a magistrate this afternoon delivered a seven-hour long judgment delivered and convicted Kapoko on all the six counts he was facing.

Magistrate Chulu, however, acquitted Kapoko’s co-accused former assistant director of administration at the Ministry of Health Norbet Peleti who was facing a count of theft by servant.

Magistrate Chulu said she had no doubt in her mind that Kapoko abused his authority of office and stole money from the Ministry of Health as huge amounts of money were deposited into his personal accounts after his companies were awarded contracts at the ministry.

She said Kansma Investment Limited, a company which won the tender for the supply of computers and printers, belonged to the convict’s cousin and that he was facilitating for the payments for the same.

Magistrate Chulu said the inquiry address used for the company was for Best Home Lodge which was the Kapoko’s property and that the quotation for Kansma was found at his residence during a search by investigative wings.

The court said it was clear that Kapoko stole K586,701.00 from Kansma for the items which were not even delivered.

“There is no doubt that the convict engaged in a business transaction and money acquired from an illegal activity was used to purchase stand number five Mandahill Road,” Magistrate Chulu said.

Magistrate Chulu said Kapoko should not have allowed his companies to participate in the tender process since he was a public officer.

After the judgement was delivered, Kapoko’s lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube told Journalists that their client intends to appeal the conviction.

In count one, Kapoko being a public officer obtained advantage by influencing the awarding of a contract to Kansma Investment Limited to supply and deliver 15 HP desktop computers and 15 laser jet printers to the Ministry of Health between October 2007 and 31 January, 2008.

He was also accused of influencing the awarding of contract to the same company to supply and deliver 7,200 reams of human resources development forms, a transaction that involved the ministry.

Kapoko was also facing three counts of money laundering in which he indirectly engaged in a business transaction involving K1,173,402.00, money acquired from an illegal activity.

He was also accused of stealing property of the Government of the Republic of Zambia.


    This Bandit will appeal, & after 5 years of shilly shallying, he will be fully acquitted!
    This is the Norm today in Zambia, its in the fabric of 90% of Zambians, starting from the leader who embezzled a clients (Widows) cash.

  2. Prisons are for the poor in Zambia.this Kapoko issue started way back during RB’s time.its now 7 yrs down the line and only to get 2 yrs jail term.those days k1.1m or in billions,today it looks small.
    Look,if people like HH who stole billions of kwacha with FTJ Chiluba via privatization are enjoying their freedom and FTJ died minus seeing the inside of jail,what will happen to Kapoko?nothing.i rep

  3. THis is how these thieves in PF will have for all these corrupt deals …these will not be at peace to enjoy their money in fact its their lawyers who will enjoy most.

  4. Hafuna Haguriste Ziko! Hagain! But he only did it once, so we shall not let him! HaJayJAy, he will never be president! I mean your tribesman. Good job Court for this man! I wish it were 15 years or more.

  5. There’s no chance of winning the appeal. But why such a light sentence for such heavy theft crimes? Two years!! What kind of laws do we have against corruption?


  7. You can do any thing on earth, win cases, win appeals BUT remember the HEAVENS are waiting for you. You greed people. The amassed wealth will remain on earth while you will be facing judgment in Heaven. Exodus 20: 15 read also Mathew 6: 19 Do not lay for yourselves treasures ON EARTH where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steel but lay up for yourselves treasures in HEAVEN: the devil is even laughing at you, but Jesus is there for you my brother, even in jail Jesus is there if you call on HIM honestly and return what ever belongs to Government, Jesus will receive you because HE loves you.

  8. If the justice system worked in Zambia more than 50 % of the ministers would be in prison right now for conflict of interest !

  9. There is no mention on the properties bought from the stolen monies having been taken away from him. This money may have multiplied ten fold by now and so the 2 years is NOTHING.

  10. So all the counts he just gets 2 yrs? Meaning each count is about 4 months?
    Zambian Penal Code must be a nice one. How so?

  11. Does he get to pay back/reimburse the government, or does he get to keep what he stole?? If he keeps ir then it was worth stealing that money.

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