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Political players need to unite in the interest of the nation – Chief Mumena

Rural News Political players need to unite in the interest of the nation -...

Chief Mumena (r ) shares a light moment with North-Western province minister Richard Kapitaduring the commemoration of 52ndIndependence at Solwezi Stadium
Chief Mumena (r ) shares a light moment with North-Western province minister Richard Kapitaduring the commemoration of 52ndIndependence at Solwezi Stadium
Chief Mumena of North Western Province says there is need for political players to put their perceived political differences behind and the interest of the nation first as the country celebrates 53 years of independence.

And the traditional leader says it does not make sense for anyone to shun the Uhuru celebrations.

Chief Mumena says politicians and Zambians in general should emulate the spirit of the forefathers who united to liberate the country from the colonial masters.

The Chief told ZNBC News in Solwezi that there is need for unity of purpose to achieve economic emancipation.

He charged that today is not a day to politick and trivialize independence celebrations, but for people to put aside their political regalia and speak with one voice.

And Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo says government wants to give the people of Zambia economic freedom through increased agricultural production.

Mr. Lusambo says the Copperbelt Province is poised to drive the diversification agenda by making the region an agricultural hub by 2021.

He says government has already shown commitment to transforming the province from being copper dependent to agriculture through its diversification agenda.

Mr. Lusambo says agriculture has potential to create thousands of jobs and create wealth for the people.

Speaking during commemorations to mark 53 years of Zambia’s independence, Mr. Lusambo also called for peace and unity in the country.

He said the gallant men and women fought for political independence and it is now up to the current generation to maintain peace and unity in the country.

And Ndola Central Member of Parliament Emmanuel Mulenga thanked the residents of Ndola for turning up in numbers to celebrate independence.

He said the Copperbelt is enjoying massive development with various projects to the tune of over One billion US dollars.

Meanwhile, Captain Dominic Mubanga from the commando unit encouraged Zambians to continue being united.


  1. Instead of focussing on independence, others are busy focussing on who did not attend the independence celebrations. Okay, assuming they attended, how does it change my life as an ordinary citizens?

    • Who is more Patriotic here, a Zambia who was economically active on the 24th of October and a Zambia clad himself in a Chinese chitenge material not kafue or kabwe chitenje and was just howling at fireworks imported from China the night and next morning was gulping free government bitter drinks. I think by been economically active yesterday i contributed enough revenue to the treasury, which will help even those barking at me for shunning monotonous celebrations since 64. Am more Patriotic than Patriotic front itself.

  2. It is like mice saying they should put a bell on the cat’s neck so that they can hear him coming. Then reality hits them as one asks; ‘Who is going to put the bell on his neck?’

  3. our leaders….. our leaders….. unity, unity…..
    Very soon you will hear name calling , bad mouthing, insults…..
    Watch our leaders …. they know it all…… Let us support them and allow them to do what they want…. our leaders, our leaders………..
    Zambia for real……
    My advice to all Zambians , be submissive to our leaders and work hard for your family…… Put you family in the hand of GOD….. Never trust any human being but respect our leaders. Trust GOD and proper unity is from GOD…..
    JESUS is the true leader and HE changes not…. JESUS is our leader………

  4. He and UPND insulted Zambia’s integrity, sovereignty, independence, freedom and those who sacrificed so much for It is the same Zambia HH and his un-Zambian party he wants to rule. How on earth does he and his party expect to sin majority voter support with such kind of behavior? I am afraid he has again made a political miscalculation which will work against him and his party in 2021.

    • Thank you Chief Mumena. Since Independence has so much to do with freedom of assembly and association you could have touched on those two subject in your speech. Without those important elements our forefathers fought for celebrating independence becomes irrelevant and just a joke to some of us.

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