Fire Tender Protesters
Fire Tender Protesters

The case in which Laura Miti and five others are charged with disobeying lawful orders on Friday failed to take off as their docket had not yet been brought to court.

Ms. Miti appeared alongside musician Chama Fumba, PEP president Sean Tembo and Zambia Council for Social Development executive director Lewis Mwape, activists Bornwell Mwewa and Mwika Mwambazi.

The case was now pushed to November 7, 2017 for possible plea while there bond has been extended.

Ms Miti posted on her Facebook page, “Went to court to find our file has not arrived from wherever. So our bond has been extended to 7 November.”

Mr Tembo said, “Earlier this morning, we went to appear before the Lusaka Magistrates Court to answer to charges that emanated from our protest at Parliament on 29th September 2017 against the $42 million fire tender scandal. Unfortunately the case could not proceed as the docket has not yet been taken to court by the prosecution. We shall next appear in court on Tuesday, 7th November 2017. Evidently, we were all in good spirits because we know that we are on the right side of history.”

Ms. Miti and others were arrested on September 29 after they allegedly defied police directives not to go ahead with the protests over the purchase of the fire trucks during the presentation of the national budget.

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  1. This is where everyone should focus their energies on. This is where the difference in the fight against corruption will be won. ZP: the basis and starting point of any and all investigations. Sadly, our police is the most unprofessional and obsolete organisation in our country right now. Docket not brought to court?? What kind of ineptitude is this??? WE NEED AS A NATION TO AMPLIFY THE NEED FOR SERIOUS REFORMS IN THE ZP, NOW!!! REGARDLESS OF WHAT TRIBE, PARTY, COLOUR, SOCIAL STANDING, WHICH WE NEED TO PUT ASIDE AND SPEAK ONE VOICE AND DEMAND REFORMS FROM THE EXECUTIVE AND LEGISLATURE TO IMMEDIATELY KICK START THE MODERNISATION AND PROFESSIONALISING OF THE ZP!!!


  2. If it walks like a Nolle,
    Quarks like a Nolle,
    Even sneezes like a Nolle,
    Then it is going to be a Nolle…..
    ……Unless of course the presider is compromised.



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