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It’s unfortunate that some Zambians are using international platforms to dent the good image of the country

General News It's unfortunate that some Zambians are using international platforms to dent...

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba says it is unfortunate that some Zambians are using international platforms to dent the good image of the country through false claims of victimisation.

Speaking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr Kabala said government expected all well meaning and patriotic Zambians to use every opportunity at the international stage to advance the country’s interests.

He said it was of no benefit for any citizen to discredit the country that they claimed to love.

“We as a people tend to achieve more by concentrating on that which brings us together, than that which divides us”, Mr Kalaba said.

He noted that individuals were advancing their political agendas by denting the image of the country to the outside world.

Further, Mr Kalaba said government had decided to ignore opposition political parties from other countries that had taken an interest in the political affairs of Zambia.

He said government was aware of some opposition political party in a named SADC country was in the habit of speaking ill about the Zambian Government.


    • How is he dreaming? This is a fact

      “We as a people tend to achieve more by concentrating on that which brings us together, than that which divides us”, Mr Kalaba said.

      Try doing what HH is doing on a micro level in your house… try that, hopefully you will stand as one beautiful loving family.

    • If denting the “good” image of Zambia is a crime, how about doing what someone like Kalaba does by trying to “fix” an image that is known to be intolerant and supressive? …

    • Kalaba, please tell your police to stop arresting people without first investigating, The the police that Opposition has the right to assembly, The the Director of Public Prosecution to stop abusing the nolle, let there be rule of law….then no one will talk ill of the country…we can never bury our heads in the sand

    • It hurts Kalaba because that is where he wants to go for Kaloba. He is afraid that the kaloba lenders will ask kalaba to explain himself before they lend him money. But the international community are not dull. They verify facts. No one can go abroad a dent a well governed country. Every embassy has a political Secretary who writes reports about the country. These reports are the ones denting the image. The FA minister should know. Give Freedom of Press at home.

    • If you are not proud of sleeping on the floor, don’t tell your children to lie that you sleep on a double bed. Rather buy a double bed or let the children tell the truth. The truth sets us free. Kalaba you are not free because you want HH to lie. Is this what you teach your daughters not to report domestic abuse to potential helpers or rescures?

    • If you don’t want your wife to tell others that you beat her, stop beating her and treat her with respect. Then you will be respected. You reap what you sow. You have sown bad report in Zambia and you reap disdain.

    • HH does not talk ill about Zambia. He talks ill the about PF administration and (mis)leadership. PF is not Zambia. PF is in government but it is not government, just like I’m in the kitchen but I’m not the kitchen. HH has never said bad about Zambia. He loves Zambia so much it hurts him to see PF destroying the country and its governance. So Kalaba, you are the FA of Zambia not PF. So your cry is for PF not Zambia. Start working for Zambia not PF. Learn to draw the line.

    • Its Mr. Privatisation who has a tendency of denting the image of Zambia abroad. This id.iot after privatizing state assets cheaply he became rich himself and now has guts to want to rule the same country he sold cheaply. For me and family we will never vote for this thief. He will rot in opposition

    • HH is SDA. In their preaching or sermons, SDAs are always talking ill of other churches. That is imbedded in HH and he would never praise the ruling government even if they did every that he wanted. It is a religious damage done to the mind of the UPND leader now translated into politics.

    • You have kept ZNBC to yourselves to the exclusion of others. Has anyone seen any opposition leader on Sunday Interview or news at yet they also pay TV levy. You have kept the national broadcaster run by public and not PF funds to yourselves. Do you even allow the opposition free assembly as per constitution, you are always denying them permits, and they should go to the international community and say everything is okay in Zambia. I am a neutral person and completely non partisan but this behaviour is nauseating

    • “…something that divides us…” admittedly is there. Stop being hypocritical about it. Stop it and the good story will tell itself.

    • Some of these likes and deslikes especially on political rhetoric comments are not genuine. Since when did we have about 200 plus likes on this platform. These are electronically generated.

  1. The truth hurts! It’s human nature to want to portray itself in the best possible mode than it really is. Every individual, family, or community of people often try to Keep Up an Appearance. And when the true nature is exposed, there’s an effort to deny, hide or placate the whistle blower as a liar. A prostitute would not want to be exposed at her trade, neither will a thief be happy to be identified as such.

    The only solution to this dilemma is to live an examplarly life. Let the PF Government uphold the rule of law and human rights, then they won’t have to worry what people say about them.

  2. Just tell a foreigner that our govt bought 42 Scania Fire Trucks for $1 million each and you will see how you will be laughed out of the room. To add insult the President is asking people to come forward with evidence of corruption. What good image is there about Lazy Lungu and the tins in PF!!

    • Whilst you telling a foreigner that – equally mention that there’s a guy who heartlessly was involved in privatising the country’s assets and enriched himself… now he wants to rule the country he privatised. See how they will escort you to a mental institution.

    • @ Radius,
      And when the foreigner asks, whether there was the case brought against this man by any individual, by the state or ACC for the past 20+ years……..?????
      If not you all guys who talk about how he accumulated his wealthy should just SHUT UP.
      In addition, then you will have to add the 21mil accumulated by ECL, can you tell the world? If you can not justify, then SHUT UP.
      I don’t talk about the ECL wealthy because I simply do not have any proof.

    • @ general Kanene – The point is there are better intelligent people than him I can support. He consciously sold us down the river and is a part of the reason we are where we are. ECL is not the best president we have but my opinion is far better than HH. Any 5 year old would tell you that.

    • @ Radius #3.3
      And we are in a sh1t because we followed advice of “…Any 5 year old…”!!!
      Instead of inflow “5 year old” advice, look around you? What do you see? Prosperity? Top notch medical facilities? Great education? Employment? Law obeying and disciplined Police Force? Judiciary at the forefront of fight against corruption which is biggest cancer of the society?
      And what bench-mark you are using to compare Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation who has been CONVICTED for embezzlement by the Court of Law with person who has CLEAN record? Do you use Tribe? Achievements? Education?

    • @ Radius, After 20+ years you are now waking up, and yet when those privatizations were happening, you were busy praising FTJ for having removed KK as your president and had no clue what was going on – VERY DOCILE PEOPLE. And you are repeating the same things, while this GRZ is busy looting and Mutati wants to sell the mines, no one is talking about it, you are busy praising ECL for having prevented HH becoming your president – Again DOCILE. Have you ever worked with consultants you? In that privatization, who were the decision makers, was it HH? If not WHY are you not castigating those who were making final decisions and signing off? YOU ARE NOT WHERE YOU ARE because of HH, you are where you are because of people like you, who are clueless just as your clueless GRZ. Atleast GRZ are…

  3. I am no fan of HH but for the record the political mandate to privatize state entities was from the MMD the due diligence was done by Grant Thornton. This could have been any accounting firm in mother Zambia. If the blame for privatisation needs to fall in any one it’s MMD or what ever is left of it. That being said I am yet to see any economic development plan from either PF or UPND and please don’t start talking about building roads that cost $1million per KM, let’s talk policy and strategy. Hypothetically after all the roads are built and are squeaky clean, then what, will the economy miraculously turn itself around? Oh and not forgetting the $10 billion we owe will be due and we will be paying interest alone upwards of $100 million. So please both parties indulge us.

    • I have no political inclination either – @ BA ZEDI – I will start with HH

      – notice what you are aware of “Grant Thornton” = HH was Chief Executive, Grant Thornton Zambia 1998 – 2006 – He was in the driving seat making decisions on sales. If he is a man of moral high ground he has been claiming intentionally decrying the strength and state of our economy in SA with Maimane, he needs self introspection of why Zambia is at this juncture of which, he HH is a part. His moral campus during his tenure as chief executive seem to have been dysfunctional and currently suffering from momentary amnesia influenced by politics, by virtue of him trying to be president. (—con’t)

    • Yes, and HH was one of the partners at GT who used his position loot Zambian companies on the cheap. He had access to privilege information that put him at an advantage.

    • (—con’t) The GENTLEMAN sold, and please note, “without a conscious”. A case in point, SUN international of which he has massive interests plus many more I cannot type away on here. That is what rules himself out because, he went down the river whistling and selling. I have been consistent though that, Mazoka, Magande, Nkumbula and a few bright moral individuals can attempt and be successful to rule. The supreme leader seem to quash people who are better than him to take a shot.

  4. We live in a connected global world and you can’t hide things these days under the cloud of darkness, screaming ‘sovereignty’. Whatever you do internally or locally will reach all the corners of the world within a heartbeat whether you like it or not. It has nothing to do with speaking ill or good about one’s country. Surely you want an opposition leader to go abroad and start praising Lungu and his PF thieves and his bias cops and how good they are upholding human rights and how good they are at the rule of law and fiscal discipline they are and how corrupt free they are. That would be the worst unpatriotic act ever… everyone knows Lungu is corrupt; him and his kinds steal from the poor and he unleashes his cops on innocent people who dare opposing his dictatorship rule. You must…

  5. Either ba LT are putting their own spin to what this man said, or if he actually said this, then this Harry Kalaba should be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the DULLEST GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL in the modern online World we live in. LOL – Is he still using Telegrams or what? And he is a Foreign Affairs Minister? God help us. So, in other words, he is not aware that every single person on Earth connected online can read and watch video clips about the goings-on in Zambia without the help of HH at all? Seriously? A proper dunderhead.

    • Fake videos, be patriotic.Convince the Zambian voters, not seeking winning through the courts or from aliens!!If you are dunderhead,don’t project it other people working day and night to maintain peace for the Zambians please.

  6. “Truth is the reality of things,it is things as they really are inspite of any opinions, interpretations or beliefs. Truth is independent of the observer..” Paul Keller. Zambia’s image can only be enhanced or dented by the truth about what is happening within Zambia.So Bwana Kalaba don’t blame anybody who is saying the truth for the mess Zambia finds itself in internationally.

  7. Surely those opposing Kalaba must be insane.A true Zambian,unless one is a zambian, cannot go and insult his/her in the presence of aliens,maine.They failed to convince fellow south Africa to fight Zuma.I am no longer pf,decided to mother UNIP,but I cannot discredit my country like the way the moron does.Look at Americans, they respect their country, hence debate among themselves within USA.Look at Hilary, she is quiet and if it was in Zambia the moron would have made a mountain out of it.Political freedom was attained by UNIP and ANC in 1963 and completed on the 24th October, 1964.What we need now is economic freedom.This is in the process a infra structure is being put in place.One Zamia,One Nation and ONe Nation, One leader at a time!!!

    • @Roka, we have tried to talk sense but looks like it is on deaf ears. Let the ballot speak, we shall see them on the other side

    • @ Roka and Radius

      1MBECILES, if you are against ” aliens” why are you BEGGING DAY IN – DAY OUT for hand-outs?
      To achieve your “economic freedom”?
      1MBECILES, you cannot achieve “economical freedom” by borrowing. Can your little crappy brain can understand the meaning of “economic freedom”?
      By the way, Roka, ask Felix Mutati from where he got money to open bank account in Channel Island in UK? Savings?

    • Please know the difference between country and leadership of that country at that particular time. Americans love America BUT not all Americans will praise Donald Trump and his Republicans. I don’t know why some Zambians think that being against what a current Zambian government or leadership does should be same as being against Zambia. Zambia is my country & I’m so proud of it I hate those that mismanage it.

    • Correct!!Bad part of it is that odinga has infected by our moron. confusing the judges!!No peace in Kenya now.No one should bring such a situation in Zambia.It is up Zambians to guard peace.The business people of this digital age is cause confusion in order to enhance their bushiness.While people are fighting they are busy amassing wealth.Ala fisoso fyakuposafye pa cishala.Ba politician bamufikukubiti imwe!!

  8. The so called foreigners to which HH and his fellow losers run to look at them as wathogs, beggers and destitute. Let these chaps take a leaf and learn from what black Americans are being subjected under Trumps admin.
    It’s very sad that certain people who have no pride in themselves can want to demean our country. Fact is, no matter what you say or do in a foreign land, you will always be treated and regarded as second class human being. So ba UPND you are a big disgrace because you behave like slaves in modern times all because of HH, IT’S SAD. Look at Odinga, he may have issues in his home country but DOES NOT go everywhere to seek sympathy like a headless chicken. HH is a danger to himself and those he has blinded.

  9. As a strong PF supporter and believer, I see all indicators being in our favour today and what we need to do without fear or favour is to seriously work hard to develop and transform Zambia.
    All PF MPs must get back to the drawing table, review the promises we made to our people in 2016 and work towards fulfilling them.
    Let’s ensure all pronouncements we make start getting worked on NOW. For example, keep fertilisers prices low, whic will sustain low mealie meal prices and other agri products, embark on transformative projects in our strongholds and build the Lusaka Ndola dual carriageway, transform Lusaka roads and let return the miners back to work. PF has no opposition in my view, because they will have nothing to show period.

  10. It’s a shame we are forced to pay for ZNBC to watch Jonathan and clan of thieves.. I don’t see why kalaba should be bothered if people use international platforms to air their views which pf decides to call lies.
    Why not sue these liars kalaba!
    Or maybe you referring to Kim in North Korea.

  11. Give them a platform on deadnbc u wont see them being invited by the international community ,whether u like it or not pf has dented the image of our country.currently zambia is under dictatorship,even u kalaba if u dont know the day u will be chucked out u will know and start apologising all over for supporting this useless regime of paya farmer

  12. People can really hoodwink the masses. There’s NO such a thing as being politically neutral. As long as one can cast his or her vote, they automatically align themselves with the party they’ve voted for. Next time, don’t come here giving us lectures that you have NO political inclination.

  13. Kalaba is becoming dull also. The poor governance in zambia speaks for itself. Did pf send police to raid upnd secretariate. This wasnt a secret. Hv you ever heard julious malema s house being raided. Not even Odinga of kenya. This makes zambia the worst in the region


  15. Ba Kalaba try spending 6 months in a Zambian jail for nothing, and then afterwards state to the world that “no! nobody is victimising me!”

    Another way is to just keep quiet if you have nothing to say anyhow

  16. Yet kalaba is speaking from abroad why not make the statement in Zambia…you kalaba are playing to the international community also

    • And is speaking from the “cradle of democracy” in Africa, whose tribal Tigre regime kills thousand of Oromos, Amhara and other tribes every year.
      Great “democratic platform” for representative of “democratic” government.
      Ba Kalaba, what happened to the Court proceedings against New York police? Remember, you told the Parliament that GRZ is suing New York police. What happened?
      Once liar, always LIAR

  17. And this is the guy who claims to be a Christian walking with the likes of the African prophets; he is a fake Christian; one day he shall dance to his music; Kambwili was a darling in PF; why is he being terrorised? who does not know what HH has gone through? only a hypocrite like Kalaba can deny this; why should HH not tell what he has gone through? why did PF send PF police to terrorise UPND offices last week? shame on Kalaba; maybe he has forgotten according to his name;

  18. You have kept ZNBC to yourselves to the exclusion of others. Has anyone seen any opposition leader on Sunday Interview or news at yet they also pay TV levy. You have kept the national broadcaster run by public and not PF funds to yourselves. Do you even allow the opposition free assembly as per constitution, you are always denying them permits, and they should go to the international community and say everything is okay in Zambia. I am a neutral person and completely non partisan but this behaviour is nauseating

  19. On the contrary, its the incumbent leadership that is doing its utmost to give the country a negative image through corruption and plunder of natural resources (US$1 Million stupid fire tender that reeks of corruption, sale of mukula logs, maizegate, award of road contracts, etc). The handling of the controversy over the last election dented the image of the country, including incarceration of the opposition leaders, clamping down on freedoms of association and speech are what has dented the country’s image! Kalaba should look at himself in the mirror before he points fingers at others. He should not bury his head in the sand. PF continues to forge ahead in a self destructive mode.

  20. Those that are abusing their freedom of speech to mad sling Zambia are in the minority. I am NOT saying the majority are always right but are correct in their conduct. They consult each other and come up with a solution to the problem rather than go to other parties in South Africa for re enforcement on sovereign matters. We want to see democracy practiced within the UPND itself before this man is awarded the award that does not suit him going by his deeds at home here. Why is it that they can not prove to us that this leader is the chosen one by THEIR majority?

  21. You arrest someone, put him in a cell with feascal matter, then you damage his house which he built using his hard earned income, you send people to wiwii ion his matrimonial bed. You torture him and his family together with all of us his followers, then you want him to sing praises to you? I thought he has already done more than you who claim to be Christian can do, by forgiving you? What else are you looking for? Were you requested to make political calls to praise Lungu? You must be ashamed of yourself for failing to stand for what is right. This inhuman treatment to a fellow human being is from those who dwell in the pit of hell itself. You call yourself Christian, what’s Christian about you? When you fail to defend those who are oppressed? I pray for your delivarence.

  22. Don’t even say some Zambians, just mention his name. We all know him. Its HH. He speaks of democracy yet himself is not Democratic. There are intelligent leaders in UPND but are not given a chance to stand for presidency. Imagine loosing 5 times, in a period of 13 yrs no intraparty elections. That is dictatorship. Let others try as well. After failing to convince electorate now he has resorted to campaign outside the country. HH will have the world record of loosing elections 6 times. Just retire or stand as ward chairman.

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