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Forced of their land in Serenje in favor of white farmers

Videos and Audios Forced of their land in Serenje in favor of white farmers


  1. True characteristic of a corrupt government, why should Zambians be displaced in their own country? Who is bringing these foreigners to displace out own people from our land?

    Why are we careless with our land? show me black people with land in China or Europe.. Such a shameful . government

    • These are moments one would start praising Robert Mugabe. Zambia’s in authority are full of Sh!t and don’t understand the impact land empowerment can have on an individual, especially a poor one. This is what CORRUPTION yields.


      How can Zambia develop when huge areas are just bush? We should have a LAND TAX so that land speculators grabbing land and leaving it unproductive have to pay for the privilege. Then it will have to be developed and make a contribution to the National economy.

      The fact that these people have failed to make it productive is due to failure of Lungu and his PF Government. He is more interested in being a world traveller than fixing problems like this at home!

  2. Ain’t no black man owning a lot of land outside Africa. There wont sell it you only to their kind, they will spit in your face and call you nigger while you let them come here and take your land by rolling out a red carpet. Really? You must be an Uncle Tom. Do you see how your bros and sisters get gunned down in the states like dogs. You think they like you now you’re a minister or whatever your call yourself. Wake up

  3. This has nothing to do with foreigners…

    This has to do with bad policy and a careless and money making government.

    Why are most of you blaming the “white”???
    Can you not see it is your own government allowing such displacement.

    If the laws were followed and enforced by government the way they were supposed to this would not have happened..

    Play the blame game. It will leave you nowhere when all foreign investment leaves.

  4. This has to do with our Government. I support PF but this is total stupidity at the higest level!! Surely, how can the ‘caring’ government allow this to happen to our beloved citizens; to our own sisters, mothers with children as well as our grand parents in these communities??? Why!!!???? Oh gosh…..this is so painful!!!!

  5. I’m appalled at how and easily this has been achieved! The caring party only cares when your vote counts. This makes me very upset even angry! There are many of us Zambians who are fighting the good fight for the future of Zambia for the Zambian people. Most construction companies are Chinese based. Yet their standards are below requirements for health and safety. It is a governmental issue of greed and corruption that will destroy this beautiful nation. Please let us stop this!

  6. It’s a good thing Mr Shetty and his team are available to prosecute this shameful action by the so called investors. Why does the Zambian Judiciary give right to evict? Presumably they get the legal orders in place before displacing indigenous populations?

    But this is not a PF matter but a legal one, albeit a Human Rights issue giants Western Investors. Maybe the London Highcourt can get busy prosecuting these ‘investors?’

  7. It is said if you want to know the truth about how mature and serious a Country’s citizens are, observe how they look after the vulnerable among them.
    This video clip speaks volumes. This is 2017 and we cannot come up with win-win land policies and laws to protect the voiceless among our people??
    Land is the most valuable asset one can have. History is full of wars that have been fought over land.

  8. patriot abroad why would you prosecute the investors when it is the GOVERNMENT has given the land. It is not a PF matter but a LEGAL ONE, PATRIOT ABROAD what PLANET are you abroad on. Please where there is wrong admit it. Government controls land aquisitions and investor permits so the BUCK STOPS WITH THEM.

    FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY are the most valuable assets one can have

  9. And do u think HH will be different? Right now he is already under the influence of his White foreign friends and when he forms government they will be all over him telling him what to do and what they want. We are not free at all until we see leaders who think with their hearts and not with their stomachs

  10. Hey Pilgrim, Canicius Banda, what’s your view or comment on this issue involving Imperialists effecting the unjustified social movements of Africans facilitated by Africans and in this case your hero?

  11. Very sad situation. People being displaced in their own country. PF calls itself a pro poor party, I guess its only in words.

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