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Women to benefit from earmarked export of 1 million goats to Saudi Arabia- First Lady

Headlines Women to benefit from earmarked export of 1 million goats to Saudi...

First Lady Esther Lungu admires goats when she visited John Enwright’s Rivendale farm in Fisenga Luanshya on Monday, October 30,2017 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

First Lady Esther Lungu says she will soon unveil a plan in which women will be rearing capital goats for export to Saudi Arabia.Mrs. Lungu says thousands of Zambian women are earmarked to benefit from the annual supply of one million goats to Saudi Arabia.

And the First Lady says once women to begin to be financially well, the cases of Gender Based Violence will reduce because men will see the benefits of their wives doing business.Speaking when she toured Rivendell farm in Luanshya this morning, Mrs. Lungu said the Saudi Arabian deal will also help women to continue providing for their families.

Last year, Saudi Arabia requested Zambia to start supplying one million goats per year to the Middle East country.
However, according to the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Zambia only has three million goats countrywide which can only be exhausted in three years once the Saudi Arabian deal is implemented.

First Lady Esther Lungu admires Cassava when she visited John Enwright’s Rivendale farm in Fisenga Luanshya on Monday, October 30,2017 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Meanwhile, proprietor of Rivendell farm John Enright has disclosed that honey produced at the farm is now selling highly in countries such as South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique and the United Kingdom.Dr. Enright said his business which is also utilising out grower schemes for cassava farmers, is aimed at benefiting farmers who earn at least 10 thousand Kwacha per month from their individual sales.Dr. Enright also disclosed that he has invented a new type of bee hive which is receiving orders from across the world.

And Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Michael Katambo said government is interested in learning some of the latest farming methods which Rivendell farm is implementing.Mr. Katambo said local farmers in Luanshya are in great need of the methods the farm is using so that they can increase their productivity and earnings.

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    • I would make a good distant lady. Shame or rather fortunate ? I’m marrying a whiteman from Scotland. Nick Gray.

      All in all she makes sense what she saying but I don’t agree with it.

      Did I make sense with my contribution ?

      I hold a PhD.



    • I like that Ba Ester is taking over from under performing Dora.
      Dora has failed to show off in Agriculture, except scandals and missed season deadlines.
      Good job Ba Ester, mwise ku mwandi umulume obe nakolwa.

    • You don’t need to send goats to Saudi Arabia when we have DR Congo as ready market with little trade restrictions. A goat is more expensive in DRC and in Saudi Arabia, as those who sell goats in DRC…. A goat sells for as much as K1,500 in DRC depending on where you take them and they are sold off before they are offloaded from trucks.

      I hope that when we send goats to Saudi Arabia, they will also send us the cheap oil that EL promised us before the elections

    • Some people, how can you say DRC is better than Saudi Arabia? Go to Congo yourself, Goats also want to go and eat olives in Dubai. Male Goats from Lundazi, jumping on she-goat from Ethiopia. It’s life, everyone deserves better.

    • This project is now under the unconstitutional office of the first lady, doomed for failure, show one initiative by any first lady that has outlived it’s owner? If none shushi your mouth and don’t negative vote this comment.

    • It’s sad how you can easily be blinded by such dreams…. where is the cheap oil her husband said was going to come
      From Saudi Arabia last year? That’s what Mwanawasa meant when he said Zambians forget easily. In short he meant Zambians are too DULL

  1. The goats haven’t yet been exported up to now!
    Be reminded that if there’s a goat vacuum in Saudi Arabia it will be filled by a more aggressive and focused agro nation!

  2. The Saudis asked for this last year and now this when we are about to unveil a plan for the women. Implementation of the plan? Maybe 2021. By then it will be too late.
    As PF we can only blame ourselves for missed opportunities.

  3. This is a rare opportunity to incorporate Hingombe Hilede Kaponya (HH) and work together as a nation. 1 million goats is real gold.
    I hear Hingombe Hilede has 3 million cows in Namwala and many more goats. It’s time to nationalize his farms and make real money.

  4. Where is the relevant ministry…we are tired of seeing this unaudited Chawama Old Hen. We know these organisations are tools for recieving bribes.

    • this is just a photo opportunity…..what are the details of the scheme , no one knows….

      GRZ should encourage such farms as this one with emphasis on outgrower schemes. Such farms should be made leaders of blocks with set targeted out grower number…

    • Imagine she has the cheek to state that ” she will soon unveil a plan in which women will be rearing capital goats for export to Saudi Arabia”…who are you Ester? You think Zambia is a kingdom…why dont you open your organization’s books so we know where funds are coming from?

  5. Tumbuzi topilimbila twakaluwawa from Zambia , very useless SAUDIS WILL CANCEL THE SO CALLED DEAL , Bteer they get ng’ombe from southern province

  6. But the goats they need is a bigger version like the ones you see in East Africa, you would mistake them for a small cow. They are big. Lets try and see if ours will pass

  7. Kudos you started well by condemning our inertia but spoilt it by mentioning political individuals. Wow talk about spoiling the soup.

  8. Sounds good.

    BUT, I have to ask why promote White Farmers?

    What’s with the new type Bee Hive? Is it genetically modified?

    With the Serenje White Farmer preference, scandal, I’m not too hot on this.

    • PF is not trust worthy on Land, Law and Order( too weak), National Debt(too much dependency on borrowing).

      Never mind with ACC prosecuting, corrupt officials.

      NO, NO UPND, I am not changing sides!! President Lungu for 2021! Stop rubbing your hands. I’m only calling it as it is!

    • Patriot Abroad

      If you don’t see any right in promoting a white farmer to be a leader for an out grower scheme, what are you yourself doing in the UK ? should you not be back home participating in such schemes ?

    • @spaka like lilo

      Keep to the subject matter in the article not personals.

      In any case, (everyone knows), I am a heiress to an 400 hectare acres family farm in prestigious Lusaka East (among other little plots dotted in Lusaka); and I have I registered companies in Zambia recently to start my business as soon as legal issues are ironed out. aim ready to roll.

      What of you? Are you just a loud mouth here promoting Anarchy and attacking your fellow citizens?

    • Patriot

      You ain’t doing no rolling, And you should be wise enough to know to use and exploit any available expertise and right now that white man has and should be given quotas for out growers to help enrich peasant farmers…

  9. This goat issue is a scam we can’t even satisfy the demand in DRC and we want to put goats on a boat ,And when she says soon what does she mean and where is Dora isn’t this her ministry?

  10. How will the goats be transported to Saudi Arabia ?

    Either they go by road to Dar and then by ship to Saudi Arabia. There are special livestock vessels which carry a good few thousand goats at a time. Do we have the required number of goats to be able to book the ship ? Australia send sheep to Saudi Arabia this way, and the ship books 6000 sheep at a go.

    The other route is air-freight which is quite expensive.

    Either way, I think this is all just marketing hype. Nobody has really thought this thing through.

    I agree with those who say our Gwembe Dwarf varieties may be too small for export quality. We need to bring in some imported Boer Goats to improve our stocks.

    • It just PF yapping and they were trying to cover lungus visit to Saudi with lies like the 5 pin fuel………why would any sane person want to take mbuzi to Saudi when DRC next door is a ready market……

    • They will reveal a space launching station in Nchelenge where you can put 1000 goats on a rocket to Saudi per day… Somebody has found science fiction novels on the wrong shelf

  11. Joseph those ships take 70000 atva time frommaustralia.
    Logistics of thr goats cant work… first do we know a price the saudis will pay, is it live goats, chilled goat mea nor frozen, do we have a central point for distribution, an abattoir, do we have a freezing facility how are we sending to saudi, refrigerated trucks, do the trucks come back empty, if killed it has to be halaal, who provides feed and water during the trip. How many will die on the trip. Who do we sell to, The Goat Reserve Agency. I think we are being taken for goats
    This has not been thought out at all and minister of livestock has a committe being paid to work out feasibility now.

    • Am in consent with you @Malamuso. Coupled with what you have highlighted, the Saudis’ Public Health and Food Laws are married to the USA’s FDA (Food and Drugs Act). We do not have at the moment facilities to meet these onerous legal requirements to be able to export any meat products including Beef, even to countries in Southern Africa. What more to the Middle East! We a country of Jokers and mediocrity.

  12. Have you noticed when there is bad publicity for the government there is a new project announcinf benefits empowerment, then that good news take attention away from the bad publicity.and now the outgrowers are earning 10000kr per month. Must be some nice houses and cars in Fisenge

  13. Please try doing business in DR you will be lucky to get paid! The only down side of this proposed “scheme” is you will rear goats which Esther will buy at a reduced rate and since she’s in plot 2 she will have a ready market but come 2021 the GBV driven project will history just like Hope Foundation etc

  14. Another malawi maize gate scandal. Only Lungu knows the true worth of this business. there is s markup some where!!!

    Anyway as you send those goats ba first lady remind your husband about the cheap K5 petrol from Saudi Arabia.

  15. Iam told that the best goats are from eastern province. The lndiginus breed. The meat does not have a scent that you normally get in goat meat.
    Let us not spoil the breed.
    Create co operatives so that the small scale farmers can also supply what little they can produce amd harvest. That way the benefit trickles directly to the ones most in need and it will promote goat farming.

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