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HH’s BBC’s Hard Talk appearance divides Zambians


More Pictures of HH on Hard Talk
More Pictures of HH on Hard Talk

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s widely publicized appearance on the critically acclaimed Hard Talk programme on the BBC has sharply divided public opinion especially among Zambians.

The show whose first airing was on BBC World Service TV at 06:30 Zambian Time has left many Zambians debating with some stating that Mr Hichilema rendered a presidential showing while others said his performance was an embarrassment.

Mr Hichilema becomes only the second political figure in Zambia to feature on the popular BBC flagship show after Kenneth Kaunda and late Levy Mwanawasa.

On the programme, hard hitting President Stephen Sackur grilled Mr. Hichilema on a range of issues including his insistence that he will not recognize President Edgar Lungu’s legitimacy, the failure to win a presidential election despite numerous attempts and his resolve towards national unity.

On the other hand, Mr Hichilema who remains composed throughout the show elaborated how what he says the breakdown of the rule of law has affected the general state of affairs in Zambia.

Sackur also pushed Mr. Hichilema on whether he was going to run for elections again despite having lost a record five times, the UPND leader responded, “Whether I am going to run again is not the point, the point is we are concerned about the process under which these elections are held…anyone is free to run including myself.”

“How many times have I gone to court? This is the first time I am challenging the election outcome. We are calling for a fair process.”

Sackur further pressed Mr Hichilema to substantiate his claims that President Lungu wanted to kill him moments before his arrest and detention.

The BBC Presenter quizzed him that if President Edgar Lungu wanted to kill Hichilema he would have easily done that.

‘With due respect, if he wanted to kill you, he could have killed you. Clearly the intention was not to kill you.”

But Mr. Hichilema cited his brutal arrest and eight-day solitary confinement in what he called inhuman conditions as reasons to believe that Mr Lungu meant to have him killed.

The UPND insisted that his arrest should never have happened in the first place and alleged that accusations and trumped up charges against his followers were the order of the day in Zambia.

This was after Sackur questioned Mr Hichilema why he has continued attacking President Lungu’s democratic credentials when he agreed to have him released with the intervention of the Commonwealth.

“In some countries, you might still be languishing in prison. Why are you making such a fuss about this whole episode?” asked Sackur.

On the eligibility of President Lungu to rerun in 2021, Mr. Hichilema gave a measured response stating the Constittional Court will determine the matter.

He said the country should wait for the court to rule on whether President Lungu is eligible to contest the 2021 general elections.

But reactions among Zambians on social media to Mr Hichilema’s performance on Hard Talk have been so diverse with some describing it as embarrassing while others hailed his calm composure and articulation of issues.

Activist Laura Miti posted, “Just watched HH on BBC’s Hardtalk. What a harsh style from the interviewer and what an impressive performance by HH! Very calm, very presidential.

Now my question – being so good himself, why has he chosen to be represented by such an incompetent and disjointed PR team? Ndaba other than a short moment after he came out of detention which was clearly handled by a professional, the HH media presence is a joke. A reckless one.”

She further charged that Sarkur’s style of interviewing annoying and patronizing of African and Africans.

“Forgetting for a moment HH’s performance on the show, I found Stephen Sackur’s questions to him typically patronising of Africa and Africans. Quite annoying actually.”

“Where does he get off suggesting that HH should be grateful because he only stayed months in a filthy jail, after all in other countries he would still be inside. Is this the African standard? Would he say the same if British Prime Minister, Theresa May put opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in cells for a few months on some trumped up treason charges?”

She added, “Why must Africans be expected to accept mid-level dictatorship as our version of democracy? According to Sackur and many Westerners including the election monitors he listed, as long as bodies are not lying in the street and someone is in the presidential office, however dodgily they got there, it is good enough for Africa.”

“Then Sackur did not bother to research. He kept insisting the courts had heard the election petition. Very dismissive of the lack of judicial resolution to a disputed election Zambia is still paying for and which our own courts and review institutions have since found problematic. Again is that the standard he would hold Britain to? All in all, what we Africans must always remember is that we must fight for our own democratic standards,” Ms. Miti said.

“If we wait for others to say what is acceptable for the much less than them status they place us at, they will rewrite the long strides backwards Zambia’s democracy has taken in the last few years into normalcy. You are a black African country after all, they suggest. Why should you expect real democracy. That would be holding designs above your station! In short, Sackur is of the view that here where we are, is more like us. Not those democratic illusions we tried to adopt, under MMD.”

Owen Phiri said, “Hard Talk has always been that way. So it’s not harsh per se, not the nature of that programme.”

Sydney Mwamba said Mr Hichilema carried himself well on the programme.

“He was calm and collected, he carried himself pretty well,” he said.

Mary Taguma Bilsborough also defended Mr Hichilema’s performance adding that he featured on a BBC programme which others like President Lungu failed to turn up when invited.
“It’s a shame really. HH is like a stray ball caught in the thicket of thorns. I hope Zambians can give him a chance to demonstrate his poise as head of the country. What we have in Edgar as a person and head of the country is what is translated in his style of leadership and cascades down to his cabinet. Very dismal to say the least.

Jay Phiri Z’mba insisted that Mr Hichilema was roasted during the programme.

“He was roasted left right centre,” he posted.

But Mary Taguma Bilsborough responded, “Jay, what do you mean he was roasted? Those are hard journalistic questions that need a balanced head to handle. Steven is asking such questions to help people across the board to get straight answers from the horse’s mouth. It is good for you and me. Edgar would be asked same kind of questions should he appear on this program.”

The UPND leader is in the United Kingdom for a series of political engagements where he has met Zambians living in London, held a meeting with the investor community in the UK and delivered a speech at Chatham House.

HH featuring on Hard Talk
HH featuring on Hard Talk
HH on Hard Talk
HH on Hard Talk


    • And Jonathan Chakolwa is obsessed with under 5 and planes. We will never get real leadership from Ufive and Chakolwa.

    • IN all honest i listened to it and thought he came out genuine candid and sincere.

      I am not his biggest fan but when someone speaks from their heart, you have got to give it to him.

      This publicity will serve him well in a the long run.



    • Well done HH. Where others have ran away, you have shown leadership. You were calm, collected and factual. What Zambia needs is the rule of law and that lawyer at State House will definitely also agree

    • The Snitch. He is willing to sell Zambia for his own gains but Zambians are not that glib. HH can go on all the news programs in the world but in the end he is still the laughing stock of politics and his interviewers are laughing the hardest.

    • Lusaka times do your research please! The last zambian before HH on hard talk was muzungu wopusa.
      Nothing wrong with Stephens Questions it’s just that youcare used to those mediocre journalists in zambia this is BBC baba!

    • Frankly, the only guy who could have answered Sakur’s questions right would have been FTJ. This was a whitewash. Don’t get me wrong, Lungu would probably have done worse especially that his speaking style is not entirely audible.

    • I watched it. That was real HARD TALK!!
      It was like watching world cup final.
      HH, like him or not, he is REAL, and HARD.
      He is the president that guy. Lungu need befriend him, those 2 guys can turn Zambia into Paradise.

    • Lusaka Times, much as you want to inform and educate us your readers, i feel at times you digress in your reporting, especially when you report or write about HH and UPND! Has HH’s appearance on HARDTALK really divided Zambians? REALLY? How many Zambians own tv sets and how many of those who have tv set sets watch that particular HARDTALK programme which featured Mr HH? Your Headlines on this story is biased and only meant to cause TENSION in the country! I am sorry you are not the Lusaka Times i used to know or read about ten years or more ago!

    • @Mumbeti,,,,
      My sentiments exactly!
      “Received with mixed feelings” perhaps, but not “divided the country.”

    • The accolades HH is receiving for his statesmanlike performance on Hardtalk is exactly what drives chakolwa wa bwalwa insane with jealous.

    • Did U see him looking for answers on his papers throughout the interview?
      It appears he had the wrong leakage hehehe…
      That’s HH’s biggest problem, he can’t answer strategic questions without reading, which indicates that he does not believe in anything, and is not passionate about it. When one knows what they want to do, they’re passionate about it, and can speak from the heart anytime, anywhere…

    • HH has really made a joke of himself. Now people will see him for what he really is. He is nothing but a cry baby and now people are fed up of you HH. You can’t even admit your wrong doings! shame of you.

    • A proper embarrassment not only to Zambians but to himself! If the country wasn’t having such problems due to the terrible advice and poor running of govt institutions by yes we know them Dora, Mutati and Kapyongo then HH’s interview would’ve been the nails on the coffin of his political career.
      The anger most Zambians are feeling because of govt’s lack of understanding of how hard hit most people in rural areas have been by the low maize price, zesco increase in tariffs for those in urban areas, loss of state funds from fake contracts etc this anger will see most people vote for whatever alternative is there-even a dull brainless stone called HH!

  1. Bamu punzisa… he was presidential and composed alright, but!!! Boy! Was he roasted. His answers did not match his composure…. by the way, which presidential? Thought we’ve gone through this 5 times?

    • @ Kaputo Davies, I will never be jealous of HH. Would never even envy his wealth, earned on the back of suffering Zambians and make no mistake including the ones embezzling right now in the current government. COWARDS!!!

  2. Who will ever trust ECZ after the Kalulushi theft of HH’s votes, mind you 1200 is a lot for a small city. How many people were denied votes in this manner country wide?
    Like Governance Activist, Leslie Chikuse says fresh elections will be inevitable if the recent video confession making rounds on social media is proved to be true.
    A video in which United Party for National Development(UPND) Kalulushi Candidate Evaristo Mwalilino’s  driver  is revealing how Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s Kalulushi Constituency  votes where concealed has gone viral after it was aired on Prime TV.
    In the video, Wanna Chiyanga is confessing that his boss Mwalilino was given K21000, K360 000 for 21,966 votes and dropping the election petition respectively.
    He disclosed THAT  President…

  3. I should also say I was impressed with the way HH was answering the questions but the only question he did not answer straight was “will you stand in 2012?”.I think he will boycott like Raila Odinga

  4. “Mr Hichilema becomes only the second political figure in Zambia to feature on the popular BBC flagship show after Kenneth Kaunda and late Levy Mwanawasa.”

    Insamushi shaba Lusaka Times 1+1=11

  5. Am shocked. Mushota is sane after all. For once the real you has spoken.
    You can defend all the nonsense that is going on right now under PF but the real truth is that we are suffering.
    I don`t know whether its pride or stupidity but the reality is there for all to see.
    Tell us about your visit to Zambia Mushota. You enjoyed our filthy streets? Dirty compounds, Cholera scares etc
    I bet your ka white dud was shocked to see humans living in such filth when no one has chained them.
    What we have here is slavery of the mind, the fear to speak out no matter how bad the situation gets!


  6. Only people with knowldge can outstand that pressure and no wonder our president Lungu runs away from international journalist because he cant and does not know how to articulate national issues.

    We miss the bravity of strong Zambian journalist Charles Mando when Zambia was under one party state in KK’s time and KK used to end with stupid full young man Charles.

    Ba Lungu always runs away from strong international journalist.

    • PR must know and manage their boss. On this scole PF PR TEAM has managed Lungu well. They know his weakness and would not like him exposed to Hard Talk

  7. Quote of the day ““In some countries, you might still be languishing in prison. Why are you making such a fuss about this whole episode?” asked Sackur.”

  8. Do not spend too much time lecturing outside the country because Kambwili is almost over taking you Mr. HH. Concentrate offering checks and balances here. Remember Sata who formed PF late came and over took UPND who came earlier.
    Do not copy Raila Odinga kind of politics.He is almost being retired after loosing countless times.
    “Let him who have ears, hear”

  9. The heading of this article is misleading. LT please put headings that reflect the contents of the article. I had the impression that HH really messed up and the whole country was on him, but clearly the general view is that he performed pretty well. Well done HH

    • Exactly what I thought too @ Sander (see my comments below). Very sensational from LT, just to attract readers or perhaps it’s the poor writing that has failed them. The negativity was quoted from only one person, a Phiri (perhaps from Lungu’s village).

  10. Okay but Stephen Sakur is a Beast at interview. I like HH, but it was clear who the African was in the room.

  11. Mushota I salute you today. This gives me confidence that sometimes you talk sense and sometimes you want people to react when you are just making a Joke. It is true HH has spoken well which in my opinion people like Kampyongo, Mumbi Phiri, Chanda and others would come out with shaming Zambians.

    Those who feel offended are the people who are not seeing the direction where Zambia is heading to because the are getting money out of corruption and violence.

  12. Ayesako but I’m still not convinced Hakainde Hichilema is the right man to take over the governance of our country’s domestic and foreign affairs. I still find him lacking the clout and capacity to deal with the insatiable wrangles and power struggles of a UPND party that would be in government, engaging with the population on their level and at their wavelength as well as rousing a nation into positive revolution across areas such as the economy, sport and the arts.

    We need a revolutionary, non-conformist leader after Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Hichilema does not have the political nous and dexterity to handle the complex conundrum that is Zambia today. HH has become the exact condescending, distant, self-loving and rhetorical creature that he wants to replace.

  13. Those supporting HH’s performance are acting like PF cadres, honestly, HH was under-prepared, it was evident. HH should have studied the questions an hour beforehand with his team and delivered a much more steller performance. HH is intelligent, but now like the way Mugabe blames “the West”, others have fallen into the trap of criticizing a damn good journalist.

    • You think BBC is ZNBC where your president is given the interview questions before going on air? Western Journalism is not like that my friend. You have to think and respond when you’re being interviewed. Why do you think Edgar Lungu ran away when they wanted to interview him on the same program? It’s hard talk with Stephen Sackur. Only people with a certain level of intelligence will handle Stephen Sackur, not drunkards who’ve no time for sober-mindedness

  14. Dont be deceived by this shameless kachema. He knows very well how the HardTalk programme is structured and he goes there and pretend to be calm, only fools can be hoodwinked by HH. What matters in this interview is that the world view is that President Lungu is the duly elected President of Zambia, that is the message on that program but as usual the UPND dull chaps could not see that.
    Anyway it pains to be a perpetual loser especially when you have been heavily sponsored by crooks. HH, palifita, period!

  15. Most disappointing about democracy is that there re no ethics. One don’t need to be smart, somber and educated like HH for one to be a president. Look at the history of Zambia. president Kaunda, late president Chiluba, late president Sata, late president leavy, president Banda and now president Lungu. I think you ve far much better story to tell than bena Lungu. So maybe HH wanting to be a president is like a 5 MONTHS OLD BABY ASKING A SHARP NEEDLE FROM HER MOTHER. YOU NEED TO SPEND SOME TIME AND REFLECT ON YOUR LIFE MAYBE YOU RE ASKING TOO MUCH FROM GOD

    • This is restrictive thinking and I apologize to other readers on your behalf. A country will only grow to the level of its leader and under HH, we wouldn’t be operating at optimum capacity. This doesn’t make Lungu any better, it simply reflects that HH is not the right man to fix the coming hailstorm of hell from the PF.

    • You’re wrong. You don’t know anything. Do your research before showing your ignorance on this platform. President Levy Mwanawasa was smart and educated and the results were there for all to see (he performed well), Rupiah Banda is an educated man and the economy was still doing very fine when he left state house (We don’t know why he has decided to teach wrong things to Edgar Lungu – they are close I am told). Let’s see what the uneducated did for Zambia: President Kaunda had little education, he left the country with a lot of problems. He chose to use our money to fight wars in neighboring countries. Chiluba and Sata where both Uneducated and we all know where they left our country (in total mess). So don’t proudly talk nonsense here.

  16. Ba LT, “HH’s BBC’s Hard Talk appearance divides Zambians“, but when you read the article, you are quoting the majority were in supportive and praising his performance, with only one person, a Phiri to be specific, who wasn’t impressed. Very misleading headline!

    Mushota way to go!

    “… in other countries you would still be languishing in jail…”. How offensive, provocative and repugnant this statement is. Which other countries is this guy talking about? North Korea? HH should have taken offence and pushed back on this. That is really lame from this interviewer.

    • They don’t call it “Hardtalk” for nothing. You expected the interviewer to stroke him gently with his words?

  17. …. Please learn how to count. He cant be “only the second political figure” if two political figures have appeared before him? I like LusakaTimes but your editor seems to be sleeping on the job.

  18. Impressive performance by HH … He was well composed, articulated and he is clearly interesting to watch and listen to. I didn’t find anything offensive from the type of questions he was asked , most of those questions and statements are meant to be thought provoking and I liked them. It’s BBC and they don’t come basic !!

  19. he has managed to seperate southern province zambia using tribalism

    how can a normal personal praise dundumwezi vote.

    he is tribal

    u5 will forever go to polls with 3provinces because no political party apart frm add will form alliance with him

  20. Strange that LT failed to mention that Dr. Guy Scot was interviewed on hard talk when he was vice president in Mr. Sata”s Government.

    I think it was the right thing for Edgar Lungu not to accept an invitation to be interviewed on Hard Talk. Would Theresa May accept an invitation to interviewed on ZNBC? Like it or not Edgar Lungu is a president of a country and Stephen Sakur works for the BBC. Stephen Sakur needs Edgar Lungu for his ratings and not the other way round.I wonder if Donald Trump would accept to be interviewed on Hard Talk. Let us free our minds from colonial bondage.

    • My President is wise. He oes not need any ones approval. He never ran away but chose not to speak because he has better things to do.He is already a President why embarrass himself. Chose the right thing to do at the right time.He chose to stay away for the betterment of the Country.It is not the amount of word you utter or the bitterness you it is about wisdom! You are better off keeping quiet and preserve lives. Surely if my president meant to harm HH.he could have done that but he knows the value of life. Look at the Mongu episode! If you cannot see the civilityof ECL I think you have lost it. That was really playing the age of 2. I hope no one does that in futire. Let us be mature in the way we do things. There is no where on this earth where elections were ever fair! As long as human…

    • ba Josphat naimwe, you can’t compare the president of the USA or Britain to Zambia lets be honest. What you are saying is more like asking why Lungu goes to the USA or Britain to beg and why don’t Trump come to Lungu to ask for a loan for his country. Whether you like it or not Lungu cannot be at the same level with Trump and May. The fact is, he ran away from an interview that would said something about him and the country.

    • Ba kaputo Davies – It was not mandatory for ECL to attend to the invitation for Hard Talk. If he declined the interview why is it difficult for you to accept that choice and call it “running away”? We all know that ECL was going to be asked silly and demeaning questions in that interview all because of what HH is saying about Zambia and its leadership to the outside world. By the way, through HH Zambia now has another opposition political party based in South Africa.

  21. I must say that HH put up an impressive performance according to my opinion. However I think Sackur should have pressed further on the issue of the motorcade. HH asked why did the police not arrest the other motorists who did not give way to the presidential motorcade? I believe Sackur should have pointed out that it was because those others were his supporters and had been told not to give way. The important question which Sackur should have asked is if HH was a democrat why hasn’t the UPND held any party convention since he took over?

  22. Let’s be fair. Let Jonathan also appear on HARDTALK. Let us hear his side on these issues, if his man enough.

  23. Edgar Lungu can land in jail given revelations by Judicial Complaints Commission and the Concourt. From what has transpired, Edgar Lungu is not the right person to rule Zambia. What are our lawyers saying because evidence is coming out that elections were manipulated and ministers were receiving illegal salaries after parliament was dissolved. The 14 day presidential petition was dismissed by corrupt judges in collusion with Edgar Lungu.

    • Complete nonsense ba Sinkala Deny. Ignorance is no defense. Try to understand what the laws of Zambia say about counting days in such cases. All you chaps peddling this nonsense are just a bunch of ignorant morons who cannot cite any piece of legislation to support your useless claims.

  24. HH was white washed whatever he says these days is like copy and paste you can almost take words right out of his mouth he si out there denting the image of the same country he is longing to rule at all costs but the closest he will ever get to state house is the presidential vehicle he tried to push out of the way in mongu,he talks of reconciliation how does he plan on doing that if he has so much hate in his heart for the same person he is supposed to reconcil with,this guy has so much time and money on his hands that he has no idea of how to utilize them

  25. I’m considering joining UPND. IF i do UPND will win 2021 because I will help them to deal with PF and clear the tribal tag. To honest I’m disappointed with ECL and PF… The attitude of ECL to corruption allegations leaves much to be desired. Note Im still PF but strongly considering relocating. BBC program? I’m sure you think that guy is PF? No? its called Investigative Journalism. Great grilling…

  26. Steven Sackur rightly put it to hh that the problem stems from the fact that he won’t recognise ECL. He reminded hh that when he left prison, he categorically said he is committed to national unity after the commonwealth intervention. Sackur pointed out that the “breakdown of rule of law” is a problem for both sides, ruling and opposition. hh avoided these points and stuck to his rhetoric of “fighting for democracy and rule of law”. But how can you rush to be the champion of democracy and rule of law when you ignore the problems in your own house?? Sackur again pointed to the fact that the petition was put before the Constitutional Court but hh spewed the usual rhetoric of not being heard and right to be heard; but who decampaigned the bill of rights???? On a serious note, hh really…

    • …has nothing else to offer Zambians, and that is why Sackur was astonished and asked hh if he will continue his rhetoric till 2021 while ignoring real developmental issues.
      In 2001, I voted for Mazoka because the man inspired me, simple!!n When you hear him break down his plans for the country, you would literally stop work and listen to him. Who can forget those shadow cabinet announcements of his?? The guy knew what he was doing. Same with the King Cobra, Taxi ranks would be full and they would stop work just to hear him talk. hh has no substance. He has stuck to he same rubbish and it is becoming quite irrelevant. Dr. Banda was right, upnd needs new leadership to move to the next level. Not this division 3 rubbish!!!!!

    • Hmm, you sound to be a convicted UPND who just jumped over to PF, either to protest against HH OR to milk and benefit from current government.

    • @Kanyenye: I think leadership is suppose to inspire. After MMD started looking stale, Mazoka was the next best thing. But the tribal baggage that came with it put me off. I remember expecting a young Sakwiba Sikota to take over since he was VP but that wave of tribalism just spoilt everything. hh has never inspired me!! Meanwhile, one MCS was making headlines everyday and he grew and grew…that’s one guy who excited me. ECL was MCS’s choice. A bit unexpected but i think his record in public service convinced many.

    • The referendum for the Bill of Rights in 2016 was indeed a true test of who was interested in putting the rights of the ordinary Zambian ahead of those of the State. I cant still get it how a normal person would decampaign it unless it was for personal interest. I think that was biggest crime against humanity ever experienced in this country. This generation had an excellent opportunity to make the State more accountable to the people but selfishness prevailed to the detriment of progress. Thankfully God is still in control & Zambia is still destined for greatness. God Bless Zambia!

  27. But your L-u-n-g-u is the most use-less and what is he offering? Cho-ler-a in Lusaka? He can never be invited for hard- talk because he is a fr-au-d. This is case of sour grapes. Just swallow your fool-ish pride and give credit where it is due.

  28. What is your L-u-n-g-u offering? Cholera in Lusaka? He can never be invited for hard talk because he is a fraud. This is case of sour grapes. Just swallow your foolish pride and give credit where it is due.

  29. Brilliant exposition by HH in this BBC HardTalk.
    Actually, to be honest, the interviewer started off nice and hard, but it soon became very clear the interviewer was out of his depth w.r.t. the Rule of Law when he began recycling questions and asking ‘no brainer’ questions as HH put it.

    Well done, HH.

    Now, its Lungu’s turn on Hard Talk. That way we can compare like-for-like.

  30. The analytical abilities of some on here are mediocre. HH does not have what it takes. He lacks clarity and failed to deliver a convincing argument. He was just going around in circles, how embarrassing.

  31. Brilliant for you but deranged to others. It gets to the point where he keeps declining to accept the legitimacy of the ruling government. Ambiguity in the way he responds to most of the questions.

    • Nine: Agreed. He failed to justify how HH will stay opposing the legitimacy of Lungu for next five years. Secondly, HH could not explain how HH would want to dialogue with ECL when HH continues to refuse to recognize that we have a President in the Country. The question was simple. Honestly how are you going to dialogue with people whom you do not recognize? Whilst the country needs reforms, and we all agree that ECZ needs these reforms, the issue is the continued refusal to accept that the country has a President by UPND is one that leaves much to be desired. The petition was submitted and the lawyers wasted time arguing on petty issues. The ConCourt ruled that the petition could not be heard as it was Time Barred and it was thrown out of Court. So where is the petition? You can not…

    • @33.Nine Chale, @33.1Miya,
      LOL- Are you guys serious???
      Below is the word-for-word extract from the interview. Please clarify, which part of the answer by HH don’t you understand?

      “QUESTION. Sackur: – So you are telling me that for the foreseeable future, possibly for a four or five-year term you are simply going to refuse to accept that your country has a legitimate President?

      ANSWER. HH:- No, that’s not what I am saying, I am saying that if our presidential petition which is before the courts of law, and you can verify that yourself and anyone who wishes to do so, is dealt with, THEREIN LIES THE ISSUE OF RECOGNITION. It is a no brainer at all.”

      Please clarify, which part of the answer by HH don’t you understand? Do you two guys understand the scope i.e. where the Rule of Law…

  32. Composure through out the interview, oh yes 100% to bwana HH. However when the interviewer puts it to you like, there’s no difference in what your party is advancing to what the ruling party is doing. pointing to the serious issues in society, poverty, life expectancy,over reliance on mining sector etc and you fail to articulate what your party will do differently! This is the clear distinction between the late Mazoka and this guy. At least even late Sata never past such a glorious opportunity to offer alternatives.
    HH followers, besides composure, what other scores can you bring forward to say he handled the interview?? By the way, that lady complaining about that line of questioning clearly doesnt watch Hardtalk,it was probably her first!

  33. HH showed me that he has no charisma. He seemed to lack intelligence, which we o know intelligence he does not ve. He does not inspire. He was correctly reminded that this is about himself, not zambia. So good luck to his personal ambitions.

  34. My analysis was that HH was not prepared well for the interview. He thought he was going for a SABC interview where his friends Maimane and Malema would have oiled the interviewer. I don’t agree with Laura Miti that the Interviewer was patronizing and thinks lowly of Africans. Where is that coming from? Laura appears to have stopped being objective. Ni njala tu? Although HH was composed, he failed to answer most of the questions. What is encouraging though is that it was him out there and not GBM. Can you imagine how GBM could have handled the interview? My final verdict is that HH needs an intelligent PR team and not the likes of Laura Miti who are not objective.His PR team should have prepared him well. He could have done better in the interview in my view! Of the others remaining who…

  35. Just watched hard talk on BBC iplayer, HH made me proud to be a Zambian. My son walked in from school and he could not believe it was on BBC.

    ZNBC can learn a lot from this. HH carried himself well throughout the interview. I like the international recognition of free and fair election. These international observer have double standards and wants us to remain in the dark ages. Things they cannot accept in their own countries are alright for us? Do we want to remain in dark ages in the 21st Century ?

    The Zambian elections were worse than Kenya, violence, misapplication of public order act, bribing of electorate, media bias to name but a few?

    All Zambian who have interest of the country at heart need to stand up against the current state of affairs. Its the only way we will be…

  36. Really he never said anything that would impact the future of Zambia…it all accusatory and blame.
    Don’t you see that this guy is not real?

  37. I really appreciate Mushota for the first time. U are right HH was being sincere. Madam Miti is right too. That was manifestation of colonialist mentality by the interviewer. Honestly speaking Jonathan was not going to manage answering such questions or even withstanding such because many things have gone wrong and most of them very shameful to the office of presidency and Jehovah God. Eg the beating of Kambwili at Parliament. Where on earth has that happened iwe Jonathan? The chasing of Kambwili from Kapalala market by this minister. Temusebanya mwemfumu ku cinso cakwa Lesa?

  38. Guys lets be honest, even Edward has put this interview on replay, i don’t think he is watching WWE wrestling today, but is admiring my courages president.

  39. @33.Nine Chale, @33.1Miya,
    LOL- Are you guys serious???
    Below is the word-for-word extract from the interview. Please clarify, which part of the answer by HH don’t you understand?

    “QUESTION. Sackur: – So you are telling me that for the foreseeable future, possibly for a four or five-year term you are simply going to refuse to accept that your country has a legitimate President?

    ANSWER. HH:- No, that’s not what I am saying, I am saying that if our presidential petition which is before the courts of law, and you can verify that yourself and anyone who wishes to do so, is dealt with, THEREIN LIES THE ISSUE OF RECOGNITION. It is a no brainer at all.”

    Please clarify, which part of the answer by HH don’t you understand?Do you two guys understand the scope i.e. where the Rule of Law…

  40. Good Job HH and Steve.
    It was like watching the boxing match “rumble-in-the-jungle”.
    Hard hitting Steve/Foreman and neat floating jabs from HH/Ali.
    Nice to watch and worth my precious time.
    HH beat Steve like Ali beat Foreman.

    • Aptly depicted. Yes, as always, Steve hit unsparingly hard, but HH proved a worth opponent, impressively equal to the task.



  43. Iam Christian with a different belief which christ followed and taught us. One teaching is love u neighbour as u love yourself. So for HH presentation on BBC was great and ”huts off” you made it

  44. Dear K.Mark. great observation but let us be positive in our contributions.. on that stage and pressure you come across and being interviewed by the best interviewer ..u can easily get astray. HH was focused.

  45. By the way you can’t go on worldwide media and suggest that the President wanted to kill me and you have not for assylum and going back to your Zambia!! if Steven and himself stood for presidency based on this interview, I would vote Steven.

  46. Sackur: With all due respect, if he wanted to kill you he could have killed you. He didn’t kill you and there’s absolutely no evidence that his intent was to kill you. My point is this, you came out of prison saying you wanted to work for national unity. National unity means getting away from this inflammatory rhetoric.

    HH: Steven, national unity means restoring the rule of law in all respects, whether the law in question favours a particular group, doesn’t matter but it is the law. In the case like our petition, Article 104 of our Constitution dictates that once a petition is submitted, it is obligatory for the executive powers to transfer to the Speaker of the National Assembly.

  47. Sackur: Yes, now this is not pleasant, nobody could say that this was a pleasant experience but the bottom line is you were treated with respect, you were ultimately free after what, just over three months in captivity and that charge of treason which initially was put against you was dropped, so I am just wondering why you have made such a fuss about what happened to you.

    HH: First Stephen, I should have never been arrested. I and five others should have never been arrested first because we did not commit any treason. Secondly…


  48. Sackur: Well, the court took the decision to throw out your petition but the bottom line surely is that under most circumstances, the international norm is that governments around the world take a view as to whether an election is deemed to be fair and reasonable, legitimate or not and the clear collective view in the case of Zambia, the election of 2016, it was regarded as acceptable, the United States of America, the Under Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas Greenfield, she congratulated Mr Lungu on his reelection saying it was a clear manifestation of the will of the Zambian people, the UK High Commissioner, her sent a message actually this year on the Queen’s birthday, calling on respect for the Head of State, a clear signal that the UK respects the position of Mr…

  49. In you haven’t listened to the interview (Hard Talk), It’s still on the BBC website. Better listen first then comment than shooting blindly.

  50. He has much to learn about what the world thinks of his antiques much to learn that is what was exposed as for Laura apply for a job to manage your hero if you have the qualifications

  51. The simple question is how would Nkwazi 1 fair on the show? How would he answer to a question on $42m for 42? How would he answer to a question on the Barotse fast and furious drift? How would he answer to a question on his skyrocketing net worth in months? The excuse for now is “he is too busy and does not need recognition from anyone”.

  52. Whatever anyone who disagrees with or does not subscribe to HH either ideologically or by foolish myopic ethnic hate…HH handled himself well on the BBC HARDtalk show; definitely he may have come short on one or two questions from Stephen Surkur, overrall he performed far better than bambi abobaita palya: ECL was invited to that same show last year…the “humble man” chickened out knowing fully well its not easy to be grilled by Stephen, seeing how other world renowned personalities have capitulated on HARDtalk, that is why I applaud HH. Besides mwina Zambia muntu wensu ine teti imukane nangu chipuba nangu muntulutul iyo. The only other Zambian politician to have featured on it is the Late President Mwanawasa and retired President KK

  53. @kaputo Davies IMF give aid to all UN member states including Zambia, the US and the UK…SO ECL,TRUMP and THERESA MAY lead nations that are member states to the UN…so even if you who worship trump try to demean the other, it preclude to their sovereignty.

  54. Blind following is what has led us to the state we are in as a people…a child walks in on an interview from school as 6.30am??? Even if one wants to lie kaya. Stephen made fodder for thought on just how ridiculous Adolf appears to the rest of the world with his huff and puff…the rule of law does not mean ‘only when the court rules in my favor’ , it does not mean arresting ‘all law breakers’ why single me out of more than 100 hundred vehicles for treason. You break the law you face the consequences its that simple. A Presidential motorcade doesn’t overtake you “you give way’ it announces its arrival… And lo an behold Adolf will be in court pursuing the rule of law for the next 4 years…after all he is seeking a vote from ‘cowards’

  55. I listened to the BBC’s Hard Talk program on Radio cast twice. BBC’s Stephen framed down to Earth questions which HH clearly evaded to respond to. HH’s interview in London exposed his weakness as a national leader. He fumbled on phrases that he had recited and memorized for the occasion. He even tried to bring-in the Kenyan scenario which Stephen tactically avoided to mix with the Zambian situation. At this stage, I am of the view that Kenya’s Odinga, Zambian HH, South Africa’s Maimane and Zimbabwean Morgan Svangirai have been drilled by their handlers to recite the same rhetoric against their own countries. It is time for UPND to identify a credible leader if it has to survive.

  56. Latest: From the Grapevine – Rumour has it that UPND will soon be changing its name to Namwala Party in honour of the hooligans who displaced people from their area in Namwala! HH will also be installed as Paramount Chief Hazaluza Hagain of the Namwala peoples.

  57. Try to treat a presidential motorcade in the U.S. the same this failure did in Zambia and he will be in the dream land for good.

  58. I thought that all the words of Stephen Savour were designed to show under5 that there are civilised manners that are expected of all politicians who aspire to lead their nations and that under5 does not have any, and at that rate he is very unlikely to be President of Zambia. It was basically an attempt to school under5.

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