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ZESCO to deploy Fiber across Lusaka to monitor power lines

General News ZESCO to deploy Fiber across Lusaka to monitor power lines

ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata explains to Mansa welder Joshua
Chitika on the fault that plunged the entire Province to 5 days in
The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has embarked on an Optic Fiber Cable project connection on all the 33 Kilo Volts lines across the City of Lusaka.

In an interview, ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata said the Optic Fibre will help the utility firm monitor power supply.

Mr. Kapata said the project will make ZESCO pro-active in the sense that once the installation is finished the parastatal will no longer wait for customers to provide feedback whenever a arises problem.

Mr. Kapata has since urged people planning to set up businesses requiring internet to do so now as this is a great opportunity ZESCO is offering to them.

“The Optic Fibre will help the utility firm monitor power supply” Kapata said


  1. Ankoyo my thoughts exactly, i think this is a way for senior zesco officials to get fiberoptic internet connection to their own houses, thats why they are asking others to register their interest.
    Is another smokescreen ,

  2. So you putting up fibre to monitor power lines…this dont make sense. You mean you can not monitor using wireless systems…is there any commerical incentive behind all this?

  3. Great move ZESCO. I don’t have to tell my power supplier that we have lost electric power, the system is so intelligent that when there is a fault the supplier knows exactly where the issue is.

  4. Knowing that there is a power cut somewhere is one thing and to react is another. The problem is not that the customer has to inform them of the fault but the time it takes for ZESCO to respond and rectify the issue at hand. They take their time until into the overtime hours deliberately. There are so many power supply requests at ZESCO and they are failing to act in time and yet they do not need the fiber cables for applying. The line to CHIKOLA SHOOL in Ngwerere area is an example, a distance of less than 3 Km has taken close to three years and still half way done. Are you saying once the cable is in place the work shall be enhanced?

  5. With optic fiber Zesco can do the following:
    1. Install Programming Logic Controls (Plcs) to monitor power and where faults occur
    2. Can install cameras (CCTV) to view certain risk areas where thieves may damage transmission cables
    3. Once a thief is captured on Camera – they can advertise on TV and print media the picture of the thief or thieves to be arrested.
    4. Vandalism will minimize
    5. With installation of Optic fiber, physical thieves will be scared by cyber thieves will then start their work

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