he Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested a driver of Lusaka for trafficking in compressed cannabis.

In a statement, DEC Deputy Public Relations Officer Kamufisa Manchishi said Shawn Chiyonkoma, 47, a driver of Plot number 274 Kabwata Site and Service in Lusaka District, has been arrested for trafficking in compressed cannabis weighing 120 Kg. 

Manchishi said the contraband was destined for the United Kingdom and was intercepted at an international courier service in Lusaka.

“We have arrested a driver of Lusaka for trafficking in compressed cannabis” Manchishi said

Manchishi noted the Commission in Lusaka Province has also arrested Kruger Clinton Ray, 24, of farm Plot number 2/9/873 in Zingalume area for trafficking in nine sachets of heroin.

Manchishi stated that the suspect was arrested in George Compound as he was about to transact and both suspects will appear in Court soon.  

And Manchishi has said the Commission has arrested a Malawian national, Manness Lucy Chaseta, 37, a student at a named technical college in Lilongwe, Malawi, for trafficking in 22.89Kg of Ephedrine, a drug commonly abused for its stimulant effects.

He said the suspect, who was intercepted at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival from India, in transit to Malawi has since appeared in court for plea while trial is set for 9th November, 2017. 

“Both suspects will appear in Court soon” Manchishi said

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  1. Legalize the herb.There is lots of money to be made. DEC should focus on high value crime that is committed by white collar criminals and politicians.



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