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Government does not owe UNZA students any meals and project allowances

General News Government does not owe UNZA students any meals and project allowances

talks to Journalists after presentation of their quarterly report at State House on Wednesday, February 15,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo says government does NOT owe University of Zambia students any meals and project allowances.

Professor Luo says only nine students were not given their allowances because they registered late but that funds have since been made available.

She has explained that the Nine students will be paid once they register for the 2017 to 2018 academic year.

And Professor Luo has warned students with riotous behaviour that government will not hesitate to expel them.

She says government will not condone hooliganism and destruction of property by students over allowances.

The Minister said this when responding to a question from Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo who wanted to know how much money in meal and project allowances, the government owes the University of Zambia students.


  1. which 9 students? what are we talking about here Lusaka Times? This is lazy journalism guys, give us context , background…

  2. she’s a liar…why does this woman love lies..alot of students @UNZA are owed monies..please learn to be honest..shaaaa

  3. Government is not owing anyone any money. Go to the person who receives money from Government and find out. He has eaten the moey. Ubshiku bwaluba umukote nechimbwi chinye mfwi?

  4. You may say the GRZ does not owe the students monies but did you confirm with the banks that the money was accessed? If the rioters were not Students from the said University then who were they and what was the motive?

  5. very shallow report from Professor, how does one single out 9 students, that is an insignificant number compared to the total beneficiaries, stop lying or rying

  6. Get it from the Students Council. Not just from the streets. Be factual in reporting. Pro Luo has given figure 9. What are your figures?

  7. Government have paid all students except the nine, who will be paid in afew days time. The problem here is the students who have shanina the money with prostitutes in the nearby compunds, who want to cause problems. Expel them don’t even waste time. No parent sends a child to uni just to go and join politics and become a troublemaker. Expel them the country doesn’t need them. Instead of providing inovative solutions to the many problems in different displines the country is facing economically, they graduate as stone throwers, what a shame. That uni is number 3000 plus in ranking just in Africa. A craft certificate holder from Nortec is more respected than a our university graduates why?

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