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Zambia Police scared of Arresting Kambwili and M’membe, says Peter Chanda


Fred Mmembe sells Post copies on the streets of Lusaka
Fred Mmembe sells Post copies on the streets of Lusaka
THE POLICE have been accused of fearing to arrest former Post Newspaper in liquidation editor-in-chief, Fred M’membe and Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili for committing criminal offences.

Mr Kambwili is alleged to have fraudulently registered a company using ghost names to obtain government contracts, while Dr M’membe was found to have uttered a false document by High Court Judge, Sunday Nkonde.

New Congress Party (NCP) president Peter Chanda said the police, which seems to be fearing the duo even after being given substantial evidence should show courage and take action against them.

And Lusaka Police commissioner, Nelson Phiri said the police were still investigating the matter that was reported by Mr Chilufya Tayali against Mr Kambwili’s fraudulent registration of a company.

Mr Phiri however, said he could not comment on M’membe’s case as it was not being handled by the police.

Recently, Mr Tayali formally reported Mr Kambwili to Lusaka Central Police on allegations of fraud following the registration of Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Limited using the name of a person who does not exist. Mr Tayali, who is Economic and Equity Party President (EPP) exposed an alleged matrix of Mr Kambwili’s business dealings that involves fraudulent registration of a company, Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Limited using fake names, later used to obtain government contracts.

According to Mr Tayali, to avoid any trace of his name in any corrupt deals thereby avoiding prosecution, Mr Kambwili allegedly used the names of Mwamba Chishimba as indicated on the PACRA certificate, but signed for government contracts with his normal signature.

And the Lusaka High Court dismissed a notice of intention by M’membe to raise preliminary issues on whether Judge Nkonde could continue hearing a case involving the liquidation of Post Newspaper.

Judge Nkonde ruled that the notice sworn in by M’membe was defective because he uttered false documents.
Pastor Chanda said the police should immediately take action against M’membe and Mr Kambwili for their criminal activities.

He wondered why the police had taken long to act when conclusive investigations revealed that Mr Kambwili registered Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Limited using the name of Mwamba Chishimba of unknown nationality but using NRC number 239643/68/1 which belongs to a different person.

He said Mr Kambwili and M’membe must be arrested without delay because evidence was sufficient that the duo committed crimes


  1. Chilufya Tayali is childish I have never been inspired by his way of appearing to practice politics. There are heaps of corruption allegations in PF, we have never heared Tayali leading the way to report allegations. But because takwete ubunga na chisense he decided to report Kambwili so that the corruption master can buy him food.
    I don’t know anything about the other hunger stricken guy Peter Chanda. Does his political party only exist in his house? I think he too is experiencing hipc needs some connections to the great house. Anyway the special advisor for corruption will ursher you u in the great house for nchekelako mwine mushi.
    I rest my case.

    • Kambwili can’t be clean. Remember what Wynter Kabimba accused him of, have you heard anything to counter Wynters claims by Kambwili? Remember he was untouchable the time he was in government.

  2. Mwamba Chishimba is a graduate from London in law with a Masters and Director in CK company that’s how old he is

  3. Peter Chandra you’re not even supposed to have a political party. Because you’re practising politics of belly and you are too jealous for your own brother. And you have shown so much hatred on CK.Seek the face of God for repentance there is too much hate your heart.

  4. it’s strange how a person who wants to become president spends most of his time fighting other opposition leaders. you would think he would concentrate on fighting the person who is occupying the office he wants.

  5. People with common sense are hard to find…very rare. But with Tayali his stupidity increases everyday and that worries me.


  7. Namashina yama company MWAMONA . prophet Dr. CK so he it coming Mwamona after campaigning for PF am kicked out of the party mwamona engineering PHIRI my tribal cousin .

  8. Mwebantu this guy called Tayali where is he from kanshi what does he do he’s one of the confused politicians Zambia has ever had

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