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8 pupils expelled for possession of obscene material


Eight pupils at Kapiri Girls National Technical School have been expelled for being in possession of obscene material.

School Head Teacher Hilda Chilufya said the School Management expelled the pupils from the boarding school after they were found with unauthorized material, including mobile phones, which is against the school’s regulations.

Ms Chilufya said the schools disciplinary committee arrived at the decision to suspend the Grade 12 pupils from the educational facility as a punitive measure and to prevent them from influencing other pupils at the institution.

“It is against our school policy for pupils to use mobilephones while in school so when the twelve were caught, we had no choice but to expel them,” Ms Chilufya said.

Ms Chilufya said after inspecting the phones the school authorities found obscene materials that included nude videos and pictures which the pupils had been sharing online.

She added that the school authorities also found a video in which the said pupils had ganged up to beat a fellow pupil in one of the dormitories at the institution.

“We have contacted their parents and informed them of our action but only two parents have come forth and picked up their children,” Ms. Chilufya said.

But Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Peter Mwiinde has pleaded with management at the school to rescind its decision to expel the pupils.

Mr Mwiinde directed the school management alongside the office of the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) to investigate the matter and avail him a comprehensive report for appropriate disciplinary action.

He added that sending the children out of boarding at the time they were writing their final examination would affect their performance.

“I want a report tomorrow but let me in the meantime direct that the affected children be allowed to stay in school and write their examinations as we are take the next course of action,” Mr Mwiinde said.


  1. Balekeni Balembe Mayeso Bana. You can not suspend them when they are about to write exams. That is killing them. Get their phones, give them other forms of correcting their behaviour but not expelling them. Sonn they will be mothers without husbands if you let them like that. Bo Inong, please interven in this matter.

    • Thats extreme ba Hilda naimwe. How exactly is a phone obscene. Let those children go to college. Give them another punishment. Ulicipuba!

    • I remember a friend from Luanshya had 3 playboy magazines in grade 10 -1, boarding. He was renting out, until a teacher who rented brought back magazines with cut out pages.
      Dispute errupted, either a friend expelled or Ba Sir get fired. I don’t recall it all but I only remember a vicious riot… Any of you remember that??? My school was terrible with riots… No wonder I don’t know any minister from that school.

  2. Why should the VP intervene in this, the DEBS is enough. Zambians are quick to make a national issue out of a school disciplinary issue. Let Inonge do what she has been elected to do. This is how we weaken the offices of the technocrats, by running to the politicians. Mr DEBS, that’s your baby, do the best you can, that’s why you are DEBS…… HAVE A NICE DAY.

  3. It is fascinating that children when at a boarding school will either be abused by a teacher or misbehave on their own.The biggest problem in this is that we are quick to blame others not with standing the fact we send children to school be educated as well as learning mora

  4. This is the problem we have in this country, a crime is a crime regardless of when you commit it, is this ignorant and masquerade DC saying if a pupil killed someone during exam time, the arrest and prosecution should wait for the pupil to write and exam? The last time I checked, having obscene material in whatever form was a criminal offence which must be handled by the Police and Courts of law not the DC.

  5. ‘But Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Peter Mwiinde has pleaded with management at the school to rescind its decision to expel the pupils’….. Bwana Commissioner i think you are on path for destruction here. * This gives doubt about your leadership. You are failed leader as i can i can tell from your pleas. I dont need you. I should understand during your days, if at all you have passed through formal schooling. We had corporal punishments which deterred would be offenders.This is reason old school generation is well disciplined. Such decision to expel is a rule, and rules are rules. You dont bend rules to justify wrongs. You are a failed leadership wagon for Kapiri Mposhi. Too bad. shame on you to propose such a stance.

  6. Comment:if you are a good parent I see no reason you can allow you child to behave in that way. The school management decision must be accepted by all parents to deter the pupils from unacceptable behaviour.

  7. The pupils have been expelled from boarding school, but not from examinations. It means that their parents must arrange for transport to take them to the examination rooms on daily basis. That is my understanding. The decision to expell them from boarding school is excellent. The ECZ guidelines do not provide for the decision taken by the school administration.

  8. Who gave you permission to go through their phones? Those are minors, you needed permission from a parent or guardian before going through their phones. The best you could have done is get the phones and keep them as you wait for parents to come for the disciplinary hearing. Not ukusearcher without a warrant, Iliko wrong iyo.

  9. Let them sit for examinations. All of us at one time we made mistakes as youths at school but we were not expelled. Ba Chilufya, why did you allow them to bring cell phones in school?

    • I do not know about this Kapiri School but usually mobile phones are taken away from pupils and handed back on closing day. These pupils could have deliberately not surrendered their phone’s to the authorities. Possession of obscene material is punishable by law. Let the DC not interfere into the disciplinary code obtaining at the school. These pupils must be punished to deter others from committing similar offences.

  10. Balipilisheni K200 each. A Chinese committed a big offence at I fine him K1800.reason nikaforener but a fellow Zambian kutamfya. Imweee.why are Zambians so lenient to the foreigners and harsh on fellow zambians.?

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