Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sikongo cash transfer beneficiaries urged to use funds wisely


 Government has advised social cash transfer beneficiaries in Sikongo District in Western Province to prudently use the funds to improve their livelihoods.

District Social Welfare Officer Uluri Mulikita  also said  Western Province has great potential in terms of agriculture which the beneficiaries can invest in.

He urged recipients not to use the funds for luxurious things like expensive hair stylings on the part of female beneficiaries and alcohol on the part of males.

He said  during validation exercise for the newly captured beneficiaries at Tuwa Primary School in Sikongo District.

Meanwhile Sikongo District Commissioner Bright Tombi explained that the social cash transfer funds are purely government funds aimed at cushioning the impact of poverty on the vulnerable.

He urged residents not to politicize the funds as well as other government projects that are being undertaken in the district.

Adding to 2,937 beneficiaries in the area, over 800 new beneficiaries have been captured .


  1. This is not cash transfer, this is cash hand outs to hoodwink the gullible people of Zambia that government is helping them. Anyway, how much are they receiving for them to start buying luxuries?

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