Saturday, April 20, 2024

Stop burning markets to test fire tenders- Chanda


Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Sunday Chanda has signaled saboteurs to halt the burning up of public places in the country in order to test the effectiveness of the 42 Fire Tenders Government recently procured.

Speaking during the Pan African Radio People’s Debate Programme on Tuesday , Chanda said people burning public infrastructure know themselves and must stop forthwith as that is hindering national development.

Chanda stated that it is criminal for some people to continue igniting infernos meant to test the usefulness of the controversially acquired 42 Fire Engines.

And Chanda has reiterated that the blazes which swept the Lusaka City Market were not sparked by an electrical fault but by an act of sabotage as that was confirmed by the Zambia Police Service.

“People burning public infrastructure know themselves and must stop forthwith as that is hindering national development” Chanda said


    • Not sure what he is paid to come up with this nonsense. Pf are burning the markets to prove the purchase of wheelbarrows and fires before were not connected. Who are you fooling peasant boy!

    • Indeed my names sake. Its obvious who is starting the fires, who controls and guards these markets???? $1 million dollar question ($1m million as in fire tender), he should rather talk about the new owner of the same market that burned stage 1 and stage 2

  1. The total price of the market fully constructed is 350,000 uS put out a fire there you use a ! million Dollar fire tender?
    what sense is there?

  2. Zambia police are not fire experts to issue such statements ba chanda wesu, imwe ba chanda this is the same like you feeling sick and decide to get health tips from a malukula.

  3. The God of Abraham,Jacob and Issac is a just God.He says you will receive that which you have given.Those that are behind the fires will recieve that which they are giving.Its a matter of time.

  4. We all know it is kapoyongo behind those fires under blessings of lungu.

    Expect a major fire soon to justify the 42/42….

  5. Mr. Chanda,
    How come the Zambian Police disclose such information to you who is NOT in the Government but does not inform Minister of Home Affairs?
    Look, sometime its better to keep mum. Somebody may think that you are wise. Once you speak, it is evident that you are just another 5tupid and useless blabber at the service of Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation.

  6. Take two steps the other way and keep walking. We all know who started the fires to justfiy theft (purcahse of run down tenders) and throw poor marketeers inton the cold.

  7. Chanda why do u like embarrassing yourself,is surely ZP so stupid to start reviewing there findings to a moron like u. Shame on these over ambitious cadres.

  8. Iwee c1kala ka Chanda. you have been burning markets and public places even before the over priced useless fire tenders were procured. Keep quiet if you have nothing to say.

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