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Muchinga Province ready for digital migration – Nundwe


 Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe says the province is ready to migrate from Analogue to Digital as works on the modern television transmission site in Chinsali district of Muchinga province have progressed.

 ZANIS reports that Mr. Nundwe said the main purpose for the construction of the modern television transmission site is to improve the signal for television in the district and other outlying areas.


 He added that Chinsali is privileged to have a facility of a modern structure just like all other districts in the country to enable people to experience the benefits of digital migration.


 The permanent secretary said this  when he inspected the construction site yesterday that the province is ready to migrate from Analogue to Digital as observed by the fast pace of the construction works.


 Mr. Nundwe  has also commended the Ministry of   Information and Information Services for its commitment in helping the country to shift to digital television.

 The Permanent Secretary used the occasion to advise the people of Muchinga Province to acquire the Topstar decoders in order to stay abreast with latest information in the digital era once the analogue transmitters are switched off.

 Mr. Nundwe also appealed to relevant authorities to protect the facility by putting up high security measures in order for it to last for more years to come.

 Meanwhile, Mr. Nundwe has called on the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) to quickly put up a transformer on the site and connect the facility to the national grid.

 He charged that if ZESCO were to build their facility at the site, the move would expedite the construction works due to readily available power supply in the proximity.

Mr. Nundwe said Government is committed to ensure that all districts have access to digital television.

 A Chinese contractor engaged to construct the modern television transmission site in Chinsali has finished constructing the main building and transmitters have already been installed and tested.

 The Chinese firm is currently working on the transmission tower.

 Elsewhere, a team from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services (MIBS) has already tested the equipment in Isoka and Mpika Districts whose transmission sites and have so far been constructed and equipment successfully installed.


And Minister of Information Kampamba Mulenga has announced that rest of the country will migrate from analogue to digital terrestrial television before the end of the year 2017.

 This is after a successful switch off of the analogue transmitters along the line of rail on October 1, 2017.

 Ms. Mulenga who was part of the entourage has further directed public signal distributor Top Star Communication Company to enhance its publicity so that people, especially in rural areas, are not affected by the analogue switch off.

 She has also directed the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to facilitate the transiting of its licenses to digital broadcasting platform before the analogue switchover to digital terrestrial transmission.

 Meanwhile, Top Star Communication Chief Executive Leo Leo says United States 273 million dollars will be spent on the construction of modern transmission sites and provincial broadcasting stations to ensure all parts of the country have access to digital television.


  1. let me quote”rest of the country will migrate from analogue to digital terrestrial television before the end of the year 2017.” is it true?

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