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HH should forget about the 2016 Presidential Petition and focus on the 2021 elections-Sinkamba


Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
The Green Party has appealed to the lawyers of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to advise him to forget about the 2016 Presidential Petition and focus on the 2021 elections.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Greens Leader Peter Sinkamba says there is need for Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers to properly advise him about the implications of the decision made by the Constitutional Court and Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC) relating to the Petition.

And Sinkamba has noted that there is no time to waste adding that UPND President Hichilema and his supporters should concentrate on the process of national dialogue and reconciliation fronted by the Commonwealth through its Secretary General Patricia Scotland.

Mr. Hichilema should advise him to forget about the 2016 Presidential Petition and focus on the 2021 elections” Sinkamba said

At a Press Briefing yesterday held at the UPND Secretariat, Mr. Hichilema reiterated that his Party will not discard the Presidential Petition as a way of rectifying recurrences of electoral unprofessional conducts.


  1. Will it be Green Party vs UPND or best to put it PS vs HH in 2021? Ba Nawakwi balipwa.
    Edgar is not running in 2021, or he be humiliated to a 5% votes.

    • My President Peter Sinkamba has spoken more wisdom in a mere paragraph than that diabolical Human Hyena (HH) has spoken since 2002 when it stepped its flithy paws on the political stage!

      Those with wisdom hear the words of wisdom from this true leader Peter Sinkamba!

      Green Party the Party for all Zambians and true to the vision of the late Great MCS!

    • Tips from a fellow contender are always meant to bring you down, HH don’t take this nonsense from sinkamba. This reminds of a Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary, one of his best friend (the guy who acted the first incredible hulk part) was asked why Arnold Schwarzenegger was Mr universe ahead, he answer was he was my good friend and we used the same gym, i trusted him so much that he was giving tips on what to do on stage, 90% of the tips he gave him was meant to put off judges. This what sinkamba is trying to do.

    • Power is Sweat!, ECL wants to remain in power no wonder he is talking about 2021 to diverge the attention and let all doubts about 2016 elections to be forgotten. That is his strategy and it is working, looking back it seems even opposition like Sinkamba have fallen to that strategy. On the other hand, you have HH, who doesn’t have a strategy, he keeps on talking about the petition, but how does he force that petition, he doesn’t know. My recommendation will be for the concourt to make a decision on ECL `s eligibility for 2021 asap, that is the only impulse that will make things move forward.

    • What people fail to understand is that HH is not seeking to reclaim the presidency but to expose the wrongs that are committed by ECZ so that they are not repeated in 2021, If he forgets about 2016 then the same wrongs will be committed in 2021 and years beyond, Its not ECL here its the easy at which the ECZ can be manipulated by those in power, Its more like an equest, lessons have to be learned otherwise the same mistakes will continue forever, So let the case be heard so we can learn something.

  2. Honestly speaking ,Sinkamba is the only credible and constructive opposition we have left in the country.
    Abashala kuwayawaya fye. Hope Zambians are watching who is doing the real checks for a better Zambia and who deserves to rule them on merit.

  3. He has refused to get any advise from anyone worse still from the weed smoker like Sinks. Let him (Hungry fimofimo) preoccupy himself with irrelevance. Remember how he continued with preliminaries for his 2016 petition.

  4. We all can agree that both the Zambian Election Process and the Judicial system has some loopholes, that can be manipulated as evidenced in the last election. Therefore, we can not just say, forget it just move forward. FIX the PROCESS!. The challenge I see here is unwillingness by both UPND and PF to acknowledge the status quo and be willing to work together to fix the loopholes. Patricia Scotland has said it, she is not the one to solve our problems, but it’s up to HH and ECL to leave up to the expectation. Unfortunately, Zambia has EGOIST and CRYBABY in HH and ECL instead of LEADERS, they simply can not put behind their deferences and work to improve the system for the sake of Zambia. Why these two have NOT even come up with a PLAN and CONTENT/AGENDA for discussion after 2 months?

  5. @Notrasdamus:if Edgar Lungu will be humiliated to a 5% votes in 2021,why is your HH trying so hard to bribe concourt judges so that he can be prevented from standing in 2021?this is despite that HH told Zambians in 2016 that upnd wont pay ECL presidential pension because he has not done a term so ECL does not qualify.Today HH has turned 360 degrees on this issue all because of MASSIVE FEAR HE HAS FOR ECL!!
    About 2016 elections,Mr Peter Sinkamba has told HH the truth as those elections are long gone and NOBODY NO EARTH WILL REVERSE THEM!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!!

  6. Pipo who say forget forget are enemies of democracy. The upnd cases before z courts should not be seen as just aimed to anul z 2016 agreebly flawed elections. These cases affect z bigger picture of observation of democratic standards to stakeholders, setting precedents at least for z future. This chikamba/sikamba only thinks its about a possible ruling against ecl, no. This cases also go to z root of evaluating our courts capabilities to hand out just decisions. What makes chikamba think 2016 cannot repeat itself in 2021. It is wise now, before 2021, through z courts and dialogue to set z tone for civilized approach to elections 2021 and beyond. In z alternative, chikamba has z choice to forge ahead while hh/upnd waste time persuing their cases?

    • These people saying forget, forget, are the ones who have made Africa the sh=t hole it is right now. Why should we always pretend all is well, HH is trying to make things right so that, come next elections, we don’t see Edith nawakwi cry for G12 forms, why chulu looks and treats her like pupil.

    • This type of thinking can be likened to opposition leader in Kenya.By the way ,is upAndOWN the only opposition party in Zambia?Definitely not and why should they behave like it owns Zambia.The majority of the opposition parties are no longer talking about 2016.They are focusing on 2017.People supporting the behavior of human hyena(hh) are setting a precedence , a bad one for that matter,for future political behavior.Look at confusions taking place in Kenya,people are living in fear.remember how human hyena subjected us to the same situation for a month or so!

    • ROKA do you know why people like sinkamba are not talking about 2016, because some of these guys their own wives did not vote for them, and you expect to talk about 2016.

  7. Hakainde is a moron. His brainwashed supporters will only realize what a clown this guy is when he soon starts chasing two petitions, the 2016 petition he is refusing to drop and the looming 2021 petition. Aren’t there no better ways in upnd of avoiding a convention than clinging on to a non-existent petition??

  8. You are implying that if this happens again in 2021 HH must forget about 2021 and concentrate on 2016? Foolish man you are the people that are destroying this country because of your pathetic thinking.

  9. The ubder5s have list the argument again. It is nit a wuestion of forgetting the petition, it simply DOES NOT EXIST anywhere in the Courts. If it is not in the Concourt, it cannot be anywhere else. If under5 has a case going in the High Court on his human rights, that is a separate matter, it will never lead back to the petition. Yes he had a right to be heard in the petition but only so long as he presented evidence, AND with 14 days. Just like we all have a right to drive on our roads, provided we pay our taxes AND respect the rights of other road users. The thing about human rights is that it is shared by 15 million Zambians but it is NOT apportionable in pieces to under5, me, Spaka etc. It has to be enjoyed as a whole by all 15 million of us. Hope that sinks into under5 and his…

  10. Opposition parties must stop criticizing each other. There is a 1,000,000MT Elephant in the room. Focus on that and not the business of another party. Learn from Max Chongu (PF).

  11. I disagree with Sinkamba on his advice to HH. Mistakes or treachery must be exposed to avoid a repetition in the future. Forgetting about the petition would be grave because PF will be given an opportunity to perfect their rigging act by 2021. Then we will end up with another petition. It’s the non conclusion of the petition that has divided and brought tension in zambia. People want to know the truth.

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