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Lions snatch win from Zambia to draw

Sports Lions snatch win from Zambia to draw

Zambia was denied a rare win over The Indomitable Lions Cameroon on Saturday when they finished 2-2 in their formality 2018 FIFA World Cup Group B qualifier at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

The result saw Zambia finish 2nd in Group B on 8 points while Cameroon ended their campaign in 3rd place on 7 points.

Nigeria had already clinched Group B with a game in hand in October following a 1-0 home win over Zambia en route to finishing with a runaway 14 points.

Patson Daka returned from injury after missing the Nigeria game to put Zambia ahead in the 25 minute.

But Andre Zambo equalised in the 30th minute with a stunning strike that caught Kennedy Mweene unawares.

Eight minutes later, Augustine Mulenga almost put Zambia back in the lead but Cameroon goalkeeper Fabrice Ondoa parried his effort.

Mwila made no mistake in the 63rd minute when he connected with a short pass from Fashion Sakala.

The post then conspired to deny Mwila and Enock Mwepu in the 73rd and 75th minutes respectively before Cameroon stole a point in stoppage time through a Yaya Banana equaliser.

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  1. I said it here that Zambia can never beat Cameroon. Your coach is too boastful. He talks too much. He is too arrogant. He should allow his performance to speak in his favour not on newspapers. Let Zambia go to world cup now. Another point, he may not qualify Zambia for Afcon unless with humility. Work more and talk less.
    Has Cameroon bribed Referee too?

    • Just shut up will you? Never is a stuuped word. Zambia has beaten Cameroon before, one time whacking them 4-0 so get your hate for Zambia examined by a shrink

    • Ba LT stop ubufi. Zambia denied a “rare” win!!?? How many times has played Cameroon beat them? This wouldn’t have been RARE!

  2. Where are the loquacious Zambians? You all ran away here. Cameroon bribed Referee to get a draw. Nigeria bribed to get draw in Ndola. Nigeria bribed Referee to beat Cameroon 4-0. They bribed Referee to beat Zambia in Uyo. Bad losers.

    • @M.D, no kidding! You are actually so excited about these Cameroonian team when they just survived by the skin of their teeth?

      If anything, it you West African Countries/Teams who always think and have this attitude about you that you are better than teams from other African regions. Especially those from Southern Africa, Zambia included. You just have to listen to West African so Called Soccer analysts…..they are full of themselves untill one of their teams get whacked and then excuses start!

      See you at AFCON!!!

    • Yambayamba you shud have said “see you at afcon if we qualify” I don’t think Wada and Kamanga can qualify for anything. Both are young
      Both Nigeria and Zambia may not qualify since they started their campaigns badly

    • Correction
      Yambayamba you shud have said “see you at afcon if we qualify” I don’t think Wada and Kamanga can qualify for anything. Both are useless.
      Both Nigeria and Zambia may not qualify since they started their campaigns badly

  3. The coach has personal differences with one of the best players in the national team hence he can’t call them for the national duty,wait a minute u see how Zambian fans will start booing him more especialy if he fails to qualify to the Afcon too.

    • They should start voicing their concert b4 it is too late. Booing him after failing to qualify will NOT help normalise the matter. STRICK before you are STRUCK gives an advantage

  4. Well, I must admit that the Zambian team is a team to watch out for the future i.e. AFCON 2019. They looked beautiful on the ball & very good moving forwards. However, they loose concentration rather easily. If they can remove all the bugs, they are the AFCON 2019 Champions (if they can sort out their defecencies).
    Rome was not built in a day, it took time. Time is on Chipolopolo’s side, just make the best use of it.

  5. Zambia played well against Cameroun. They need to improve on transition quicker and counter more effectively. It’s refreshing to see other countries challenging the football power blocks.

  6. Victor, how can you say Zombies will be 2019 Afcon champions, when their tormentors Nigeria is still alive. Zambia should be preparing for lower level competitions like CHAN or COSAFA, they might be lucky there, not the main Afcon, when we have Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal etc

    • My friend, your “tormentor in chief” today can become your “tormented hostage” tomorrow. In football, failure to evolve will only result in extinction. Africa’s big guns will go the way of T.Rex if they don’t adapt. Chipolopolo’s adapting love it or hate it. As I said, I watched Zambia play, they are a promising side & can go places. All they need to do is is WORK ON THEIR CONCENTRATION LEVELS.

  7. Zambia will never reach further thAn they have because they don’t have a winning attitude. They always aim to play well. Everytime they say the same thing; it was a good game. You should play to win, not just a good game. I’ve had conversations with Nigerian players, they always talk about winning. Always! Manje ba zambia ati good game. Full of self defeat.

    • They also have too much PHD. There’s a blogger here who keeps bleating that Herve Renard is a P.E. teacher. However Renard has won two Afcons and has now qualified no hoppers Morocco to Russia, a feat that qualified coaches like Wada and Janza can only dream of

  8. The under twenty lads have removed shame on us. I wish they started the tournament. Imagine the performance they have put up when the chips were all down! Zambia has bright future, even 3 years from now,l. Nigeria has those exiting, just wait.

  9. Wada should talk less and respect the opposition. He seems to have a lot of personal issues with some players that can help us. Kamanga talk to your coach. He can’t close his mouth. Always talking like a prostitute. Win the game on the pitch, not in the mouth.

  10. I wonder why some people still don’t believe that Zambia is the best team in Africa,5years ago we won the afcon title beating almost all giants like Ghana,Ivory coast,Senegalese and this time made The Super Eagles Breath Heavily,Sweat Almost Got Dehydrated To Humiliate Zambia,But Still Talking Rubbish About Us,thanks Mr Abdul you are right Zambia Lacks Concentration

  11. We just need an expert coach! Sorry to say that but this is just a fact, our Zambian coaches need more time to be in a position to handle national team games! We will keep on losing with the best players watching because our coaches have an inferiority complex or PHD ( pull him Down syndrome) they are too jealousy of their own good players…..typical African attitude…

    • Don’t say that man… a local coach is still fine and as good as a white coach.

      We need time to develop our game.. if you still doubt the efficacy of a local coach just take for example the years when Kalusha was in charge of developing our football, that culminated in a footballing revival which led to the Trophy in Gabon 2012.

  12. A draw in Ndola, Zambia, is as good as a lose.

    I don’t get why we are too toothless at the moment.. and this is something we really need to work on.

    We have great potential, we have to work on being sharp and not toothless. And we have to learn how not to concede goals.

    Other than that Zambia National football team— Chipolopolo is still a power and phenomenon.

  13. There you go Eye of Horus!!! Nothing to celebrate about ….our coach will say Rankings!! Morocco has qualified, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia! No one from the southern part of Africa…shame.

  14. Nigeria beat Argentina 4-2. Did they bribe Referee too? They beat Argentina the same way they beat Zambia in Ndola and the same they humiliated your so called African Champions in Belgium and also in Uyo. Let us give honour to whom is due.. Super Eagles is the real African Kings.

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