PF Challenges Kambwili to withdraw court case and allow a by Election in Lauanshya

Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has challenged Roan Constituency Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili to withdraw a court case where he is challenging his expulsion from the ruling party.

Reacting to assertions by Hon Kambwili that the newly formed NDC party is stronger than what the ruling PF was five (5) into its existence, PF media director challenged Mr Kambwili to pave way for a by election in in Luanshya’s Roan Constituency.

Below is the full statement


Lusaka, Zambia, 13th November 2017 – Patriotic Front (PF) does not take seriously remarks from NDC leader Hon Chishimba Kambwili that his Party is stronger than what the ruling PF was five (5) into its existence.

We wish to put across to Hon Kambwili, who clearly is suffering from acute political amnesia that PF, five (5) years into its existence was winning Parliamentary by-elections against the then ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD).

Hon Kambwili would therefore be wise to know that it is not the numbers of people who turn up to watch two political clowns performing some circus in Mufulira. The strength of a political Party is measured by the elections it can win especially against an incumbent.

In this regard, we put it to Hon Kambwili and his NDC that let him pave way for a by-election in Roan Constituency by withdrawing the matter before the courts. Otherwise we have refused to engage ourselves in politics of braggadocio. We have a nation looking up to PF in Government for real answers to their real challenges and that is where we shall invest our time. Anyone interested in flexing political muscle is welcome to dare challenge us in a Parliamentary by-election especially in Luanshya’s Roan Constituency.

Issued by:
Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director
Party Headquarters, Lusaka.


  1. I new that this hunger stricken Sunday Chanda would be the first to open his mouth and speak nonsense. No withdraw of court case are you scared your alfa and omega president will be embarrassed if court rules in his favour? We know you have to talk in order to have good on your table but it is not right for you to challenge Kambwili when you could not even be adopted in your own village Kanchibiya. Shame young man.

    • The response just shows that this Chanda is an idle mind. PR school says it is not everything that you respond to, of course in this particular case, Chanda is trying hard to prove to be relevant to his masters, the guys who gave him the Mazda. Free information – NDC is growing like wildfire

    • Chanda and Mwila’s political fortunes depend on one chakolwa… Now that ECL will not stand, I can’t wait to see how they will survive. To Chanda, leave Kambwili alone. We are tired of wasting money on by-elections.

    • Sunday is the most useless leader I have never seen. So childish that he can’t keep his mouth shut. He responds to every rubbish. Shameful.

    • You’re out of line. What is your issue against this statement? If indeed Kambwili has the support, why not test it in his constituency? Mufulira could be difficult for him but his home ground.

  2. Actually Sunday Chanda and Davies Mwila are safe failures. Sunday chanda could not be adopted in his village because he was incapable to win. Davies Mwila was rejected and was reduced to a mere cadre hence they should be the last to challenge the popularity of Kambwili.

  3. Sunday Chanda is right. Kambwili if you think u can win, show your “real kambwili” by allowing by election. Prove yourself man kambwili

    • I think its best to refer to the new constitution on this one…what it states about recontesting your seat am sure there is a clause there..its not as easy as 5 years ago!!

    • Dear all, Sunday Chanda is not responding in his own capacity, he is responding on behalf of PF, as such requires correct assessment. Indeed, popularity is only assessed through the ballot box and not by merely political rhetoric. It will be interesting to SEE NDC VS PF in Roan. CK don’t play to the gallery. Don’t forget the curious, the hungry, the adventurous, the onlookers, the by standers the list is endless, all are lying to you. Me I live in Mufulira I’ve never heard of NDC on the ground but in social media. Just resign honorably into a bye election.

  4. And why should he withdraw the court case? this is pure mediocre about you expedite the court case instead so that Kambwili can be indefinitely removed from his seat..

  5. Having by~elections is the waste of time and money, please learn to save, some people are dying of hunger and you want to waste money .poseniko amano.

    • Even if elections were conducted and monitored by opposition, upnd can’t win.
      Ck is only holding to the seat through the help of a court injunction so that he can benefit from the graduity. We know those tricks. Gbm used them too. Ck is not a pf sponsored mp anymore and should swallow his feaces and move on. Pf expelled you and you if you think you still love pf talk to them to readmit you.


  7. It’s on record for LOAN constituency to have MPs like CK,HISTORY has it because EVEN the LATE KAPWEPWE (of course senior) JUST after HIS rebellion from formerly ruling party UNIP he had to SEEK his refuge in kalulushi township AND later to LUANSHYA to organize HIS political MUSCLE against tyrant Flycatcher KK HE tried to give messiahs hopes to MINERS and many APPLAUSE HE formed his party UPP in 1972 just like CK and MUSENGE receives , OUT COMES? Kapwepwe was SHOCKED by humiliation HE EARNED as part of HIS HUMILIATION was group of HIS CADRES stoning HIM.Another CIRCUS , came with The Late Ben MWILA a gemstone and emeralds GULU of Zambia came to challenge the TIGER (FTJ)OUT comes?pathetic,HE was given CHOC-SLAMS, till HIS death when king cobra (MCS) was granted as CHIEF mourner,NOW is CK…

  8. If CK is THINKING that HE is AVACULAR figure in LOAN constituency , Let HIM prove HIMSELF through by-election,if he WILL WIN I will be the first ONE saying that PF is finished..

    • There always is a contingency fund for such eventualities. Do you think the budget is prepared by secondary school children????

    • Kambwili knows he will get dununad if he goes against PF. That’s his main fear!!! His record in the constituency is mediocre- hospitals not finished despite CDF being available, broken down constituent ambulances, district infrastructure abandoned…he’s in hot soup!! When the people’s mass movement that is PF exposes him, he stands no chance. It’s to the wilderness like Scott, Miles, GBM….

    • @138: Suit yourself and call them whatever names. Reality is funds for by-elections ar fitted in every budget as a contingency.

  9. And rightly so, Sunday. Levy resigned from MMD because of corruption. Kambwili who has been calling PF corrupt has clung to his “PF” seat, why cling to corruption??? The morally correct thing to do is withdraw the case from court, leave the PF and decide your next course of action. Zambia’s calibre of politicians has deteriorated badly, no wonder we have no credible opposition that inspires the masses. Kambwili is full of hot air, a total waste of energy!!!

  10. MR POLITICS OF BELLY, (god father) understand my narration, I SAID THAT if CK IS A POLITICAL POWERHEADER let him challenge PF party’ through BALLOT BOXES,(2) I was highlighting the beauty of LOAN constituency and ITS political HISTORY. Nothing mentioned that PF is NOT beatable .(3) It took me several TIMES to find out “HOW UN FAIR” 2016 tripartite elections was. I still find NO proper explanation . ALL references made by especially upnd party WERE /ARE/WILL be INVALIDATED start from the court proceedings, electoral law and post-electoral -claims. ALL were FUTILITY.

  11. Mr chanda, history repeats itself. You were the same people who dismissed PF and referred to the late MCS and Guy scot as clowns at its infancy. But who is enjoying the sweat if 2 clowns? It breaks my heart.
    It also makes me sad that people have short memories on formation of PF. The first initial meeting was held in Luashya at Kambwili’s house by the late MCS, dr Kaseba and Kambwili himself. It was not easy that tine to host a meeting when MMD was under the leadership of FTJ; but Kambwili was b rave enough to do it. Luanshya people know it, and that is the respect he commands in Luanshya. Challenging him, is challenging Luanshya. If I were you, I would choose my words carefully.

  12. Mr Mims whit, domestic- meetings were then DONE in ALL houses of the formerly known as 11 soldiers of PF including ( including savior chishimba and etc ) in Copperbelt province,NOT only in CKs house alone.go back to your records IF YOU want ASk people who knows the history of PF.The man WHO saw the RISE of PF by SPENDING of MONEY was GBM , repeat GBM. (2) Find out about the 11 soldiers of PF or (Sata) am sure people will help you.

    • Mr P, I said the FIRST MEETING OF PF, was held in CK house. GBM, miles, mulenga Sata came later on. GBM was not the only heavy weight finance of pf. There were others that came later. People were scared to commit to pf at the time as they all thought it was for clowns.

  13. Ck has just done a 0.001% of his intended plan for his work in politics part 2, and you have already started issuing unrest statements just because of his emerging to start attacking. What more when the platform is given to him to champion the opponents especially those in government?

  14. CK you are our man. You voted for retirees to be paid their terminal benifits and yet those in PF voted against. CK naisa mwalemumfwafye. Muno mu Chingola natutampako, ukese CK ukutekeshako meeting. Fight for retirees to be paid their benefits has been started, lead the waytill our people get what is due to them. Those that are asking you to withdraw the case may not be thinking well. You founded PF and now MMD want to kick you out!!!!.How many of you heard Dora Siliya insult Sata? Bowman Lusambo? Who could imagine these sellouts to be so strong in PF? Tulekwatoko insoni mwebantu. Lastly PF be civilised your behaviour in Mufulira was shameful. Ba Police naimwe belamitinya. The IG is also contributing to this problem for fear of losing his job.Can PF intimidate the ARMY commander, ZAF or…

  15. Can any one imagine likes of Mrs Phiri intimidating the IG during the times when Mateo was big bwana? Protect the police by doing what is right. If any pF official can do that what more more crazy guys like Kaizer Zulu? The IG or some seniour officail could even be insulted at their home. Please police arrest that stinking cunt that held your your uniform. Do not fear, there could be better light at end of the struggle.

  16. I don’t like Sunday Chanda, but he’s said has always been on my mind. Why hasn’t he relinquished his parliamentary seat, re contest and sit in Parliament as an opposition mp instead of playing hide and seek?

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