NGOCC asks economists and financial experts to provide direction on Tax Havens debate

NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale
NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale

NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale
NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale
Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Executive Director Engwase Mwale has urged Zambian economists and financial experts to provide direction to national debate regarding the matter of offshore accounts and investing in tax havens.

In a statement Today, Mrs. Mwale said advancing unsubstantiated personal attacks on those championing social justice will not help the country to develop in all fronts.

And Mrs. Mwale has categorically condemned personal attacks against Actionaid Zambia Country Director Nalucha Ziba by some media outlets over the organizations’ advocacy work on tax justice and public finance accountability.

She said Actionaid Zambia has over the years remained an independent, non-partisan and objective institution that has worked towards a just and poverty free Zambia.

The NGOCC Executive Director further expressed displeasure that those demanding accountability and justice in Zambia are unfairly attacked and ridiculed by persons that hold partisan interests.

“Additionally, we also note the concerns raised by the Finance Minister regarding serious accountability challenges raised in the 2016 Auditor General’s Report which call for immediate action to be taken by law enforcement agencies to bring the culprits to book”

“Evidence also shows that the world is losing substantial resources meant for basic service delivery and pro-poor development projects through Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs)”

“It is undisputable that any identified tax avoidance tactics by high net-worth individuals, public officers and corporate bodies through profit externalization robs the country of the much needed resources for socio-economic initiatives thereby jeopardizing efforts towards sustainable development. These are serious matters that should transcend individualistic intimidatory tendencies”

“Over the years NGOCC has remained concerned with the porous investment policies which in many instances do not address the vulnerabilities of ordinary citizens especially women and children”

“We have further noted that even the much talked about Foreign Direct Investments do not result in improved financing to the social sectors such as health, education and social security which have a multiplier effect on the most marginalized in society” Mrs. Mwale said

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mwale revealed that Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has joined Actionaid Zambia, Oxfam and others in calling upon all citizens and corporate bodies to reflect upon and address the tax compliance issues in a more holistic manner.

She said the public finance accountability challenges that Zambia is facing calls for magnanimity among all citizens to take responsibility and contribute to this discourse.

“We have one country and must resolve to collectively raise legitimate questions regarding public accountability without unwarranted attacks” Mrs. Mwale said


    • This is a dead end issue.
      Just close the loopholes in the financial flows. You can contact me for free expert guidance on saving Zambia from financial hemorrhaging.

    • Even in business school we never had conclusions. This tax Havens debate is like debating:
      – Is prostitution a good business for country? Holland will say yes.
      – Is medical marijuana a good core product from Zambia, after copper?
      – should Zambian women encouraged to change gender so there are more productive? NGOs will scream ….

    • Gazing into the sky, busy searching for stars but missing the moon. Please tell us about the $42M before we start wasting more public money chasing the wind.

    • Useless NGOCC. no word on Auditor General Report, no comment on 42 fire tenders and ambulances. No word on gross human rights violations no word on gagging of the media…

    • Useless NGOs they can’t smell the wheelbarrow tenders under their own big noses, they want stories about happens oceans yonder.

  1. Chibamba Kanyama already explained. Just read what he said. What other Economist are you going to listen to? HH is an Economist, he also explained. Maybe you want an Economist from one of the NGO’s. Economists from NGOs stole money meant for election monitoring and the British want their money back.

  2. The issue of Tax Havens is a topical one that requires sober thinking. The Economics Association of Zambia can be a key player in the debate. Whatever comes out of the debate should be submitted to Government through Ministry of Finance for further study and action. This is not an issue to discuss and conclude on social media or facebook. The Government should step in but not to be seen to fix others. I agree with Mrs Mwale and Action Aid that there must a holistic approach to this. What do our laws say about this and how should things be like in future? How can these tax havens benefit Zambia and not individuals etc. The emphasis should be on how the country can benefit from this and other initiatives in the world including such thorny issues like the emerging influence of the Chinese in…

  3. Fyabupuba!Let them just wake up from their slumber and become active like Laura Miti before she puts them out of business.There are better local issues that need these NGOs attention than discussing things they have no control on.Chibamba Kenyama put it very clearly for us all and the onus is on our MPs to come up with legislation that will put a stop to this kind of business if it’s a bad thing.Otherwise,these NGO’s deafening silence on a lot of past issues that LINDA KASONDE tackles in Zambia renders them useless hence the seemingly pulling up their socks because the donors have chosen Ms Miti over them due to her vibrancy.

  4. Check the names of those ignorantly talking about tax avoidance targeting HH:
    Helen MWALE
    Naluca NGANGA
    Engwase MWALE
    Truly political….shame

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