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Another Elephant attacks vehicle at Courtyard Hotel in Livingstone


Above, officials from ZAWA and Mukuni Big Five in Livingstone tying a stray elephant in readiness for its translocation to Mosi-oa-tunya National ParkA wild elephant has smashed windows of a car at Courtyard Hotel in Livingstone in the Mosi-O-Tunya National Park that went to deliver water melons.

Owner of the car Stain Musungaila has told ZNBC news in Livingstone that the elephant smashed the windows of the car and started eating the watermelons.

Mr. Musungaila has narrated that workers tried to chase it to no avail and it only left after a wildlife officer fired twice in the air.

And his wife Gladys said the residents are now living in fear especially that elephants have killed three people in a space of two weeks.

Elephants have killed three people in the last two weeks making workers in lodges and hotels within the Mosi-O-tunya National Park live in fear.


  1. Elephants have as much right as human beings to be in this area. In fact, it is human beings who have encroached on their territory. These noble creatures are just rebelling against what they perceive as colonization of their land. It is their way of saying – get out of my land!.

  2. Humans are encroaching too much and for as long as this movement continues, these cases will continue. We cannot blame the animals when we are building on their paths and territories. But that elephant just smelled an easy meal so why not pounce and use the muscle advantage and prey!

  3. Bamfumu please be careful next time you are in those wild jungles of Libingi. Please leave babukwe kun’ganda especially if you are delivering ifyo ifibimbi because ba Nsofu don’t know ati mwe nimwe bamboswa besu

  4. This is seasonal behavior, they are high on fermented masuku and amarula fruits, just like kudos during election season a packet of shakers turns him wild and dangerous.

  5. A mixture of masuku, amarula, fungo, masau, is one deadly punch, for our wild friends.

  6. The Headline is misleading. It should have read “Elephant Eats Watermelons From Car.” It wasnt the Elephants intention to damage the car but all he wanted was to have a meal. If you eat chicken from Hungry Lion, does anyone report you as “Man Kills Chicken and Eats it at Hungry Lion.”?????

  7. Elephants want Lungu to be overthrown because he has brought increased poverty among Zambians which has made them make Zambia the capital of poaching of wild animals!!

  8. @1 Naomi, it can be traced to Chief Mukuni and under5. You will remember that they held what we all thought was a tribal ceremony, with Chief Mukuni arriving atop an elephant? Well, more likely it could have been a ritual gone wrong.
    Or the elephants are not happy with being associated wuth under5 politics, they are majestic animals remember? Please advise under5 not to venture near the Livingstone Game park, these animals could be seeking vengeance for insulting them. …….. ….kikikikiki…please do, we need under5 to continue entertaining us with stand up comedy……kikikiki.

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