Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Livingstone resident calls for investigations at the city council, Councillors are now ‘big headed’


A Livingstone resident has expressed concern with the alleged waste of public resources by the Livingstone City Council (LCC) and implored on the line ministry to investigate the planning and engineering departments.

The resident, only identified as ‘concerned citizen’, says the Councillors have become ‘big headed’ after receiving K80, 000 Ward Development Fund (WDF) for developmental projects.

Speaking when he called phoned-in on Radio Musi O Tunya’s Good Governance platform; the resident alleged that top officials at the council have connived with some councilors in order to abuse funds.

He says he has information that one of the councillors is currently being followed by investigative wings for suspiciously stealing funds meant for the community.

He further wants some council engineers and planners involved in the alleged theft of public money to be investigated for alleged abuse of funds, saying failure to which resources will be wasted.

The resident reminded the Councillors that it is against this background that the local authority got suspended by the ministry for failure to work for the people who voted them in office.

Livingstone city council suffered a suspension in 2016 for illegal land allocation.


  1. It looks like a disgruntled group that was left out from the sangwapo. Ati balelya beka, so we’ll go to the media and expose them.

  2. Whistle blowing comes in pay when you are left out of the piece of the pie, but if it was another way round, he wouldn’t have called the radio station. I have no hope and interest in Zambian shiit because they don’t make sense.

  3. Regardless of the party most of our councilors have only one agenda. …to make money either by illegally selling land or diverting funds to their pockets. A person I know became a councilor with a vision to transform his town. His dream was just a dream and because of his principles, he opted to resign.

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