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All the 42-million-dollar fire tenders were insured-Malupenga


Ministry of Local Government and Housing Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga
Ministry of Local Government and Housing Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga

Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga says all 42-million-dollar fire tenders were insured with the Zambia States Insurance Company (ZSIC), but could not disclose the insurance cover for each of them.

And the Alliance for Community Action has challenged the Local Government Ministry to explain the nature of the accident in which one of the 42 fire tenders was involved, and to disclose if the full insurance cover for all the 42 units was paid to ZISC.

Malupenga said in an interview today that the fire tenders were all insured but could not avail the price by press time.

“All the fire trucks are insured with ZSIC. The preliminary report we have received so that is that there was a call of an emergency that there was a truck that was on fire between Chililabombwe and Chingola. So they rushed to that scene and they managed to successfully put out the fire on that vehicle which was burning. And as they were leaving that scene to go back to the station, they received another call that there was another vehicle on fire somewhere around Kasumbalesa boarder and so they diverted now from there rushing to Kasumbalesa to go and attend to another emergency,” Malupenga said.

Malupenga said out of the five officers who were on board, two were unhurt while three sustained minor injuries.

“So it was in that process when they were driving to Kasumbalesa but you know when there is an emergence they usually drive on high speed and there was a curve. So I think the driver failed to negotiate that curve and thats how they overturned. They were five officers on the truck, two were okay and three had some minor injuries and were rushed to the hospital. I think the extent of the damage is still being investigated, I cannot tell as at now what extend. Maybe at a later stage I can tell the extent of the damage to the vehicle. Insurance usually it is done over a period of one year and you renew after every year,” said Malupenga.

Asked at what cost each fire tender was insured for, Malupenga said he needed to check his records and get back to this reporter but he did not do so by press time.

And ACA information and advocacy officer Jimmy Maliseni challenged the ministry to disclose at what cost the fire tenders were insured at in a letter today.

“We would like to seek your clarification on the following aspects of the trucks which were not fully made available to us as well as aspects of the accident as follows: 1. Was the premium to ZISC fully paid, what was the premium and for what amount was each unit covered? 2. Was the driver of the fire tender involved in the accident one of the trained firemen/women? 3. Considering that we do not have a local branch of the fire tender component manufacturer, Rosenbauer (we note that Zambia has a Scania dealership) was the insurance cover for local or international replacement/fixing?” asked Maliseni.

“The information is important to us because we have noted a lot of speculation in the public domain, especially social media on the perceived loss and possible waste of this public resource. However, as we pledged in our communication with you, it is our policy to seek official answers to all our questions before we make public statements. We therefore look forward to your usual forthrightness with the information we request. We hope to hear from you soon.”


  1. Amos nimwe mwebalya impiya. you are very corrupt. how could you? how could you allow the procurement of wheelbarrows at the expense of a lot of things. ba Amos u r useless.

  2. Sometimes we Zambians are enemies of ourselves.ZSIC must have people who have answers to this.I am more interested in finding out the insured value.

  3. you cannot insure something for more than it is worth or its replacement value which are approximately the same.
    Has anybody checked the compliance plate on tne chassis or firewall. Tbat will tell the year of manufacture of the trucks. Do you really believe u will be told the TRUE insured value. The policy will also tell you the age of the insured trucks,

  4. ZISC is in financial difficulties it needs a bail out from the shareholders it has been posting loses and the only thing that has been on the upward spiral are management costs. The holding company concept drained a lot of resources at the expense of business money made in the earlier years was burnt on lavish things like entertaining blessees. Coupled with the years of mediocre management the budding zisc became a Cinderella company. Salary ‘increments’ are posted as ‘allowances so that tax is not paid, but the so called ‘allowance is not transparent is not based on any formula expected in the mind of one man alone…partying and huge expenses are the order of the day send in Auditor General if you think we lie…

  5. A $1m truck would be heavy and wide to avoid tipping over. That would be the more reason why it’s expensive because that’s an extra added feature.

  6. Just tell us, whats the insurance cover tizibe kaili? and what will happen to that truck? Are you taking it ku mandebvu for panel beating or it will be replaced by the cash-strapped ZISC?

  7. Surely a US $1 million truck cannot overturn just like that as a lot of R&D must have been spent on it. Slowly we are beginning to see the true value of these trucks, can we please subtract US $500,000 for this one deficiency in the truck?

  8. Asked at what cost each fire tender was insured for, Malupenga said he needed to check his records and get back to this reporter but he did not do so by press time. How can you not know, these guys are jokers and full time thieves.

  9. Those were some good questions. Im sure the answers will be fabricated..thats if they do come. I have hope someone from the inside will leak the info anonymously

  10. Truth be told, ZISC has serious cash flow issues. Most claims are pending for a long time. I am moving with a deformed vehicle for months now because moribund ZISC cant do the needful.

  11. “the driver failed to negotiate a curve”. just because you have a siren and red flashing lights you think you are a NASCAR driver! muletekanya

  12. There is no way that this jerk will tell you how much these wheelbarrows are insured for. That will be disclosing the true value of the trucks.

  13. In other countries, this information is public. Why is not public in Zambia? All public assets are public and so information on them must be public. This is what we must establish in our system so that all of us can get the information, not relying on the PS or someone from govt to tell us. So we must demand that the min of works must establish such a system for all to access maybe with conditions. I am waiting for the information too..

  14. This is the last time we will hear of this….lungu and his gang will make sure no finds anything out like how he blocked an enquiry into 42/42 in paliament…..

  15. Of course they would be insured if they were purchased brand new, however why this corrupt Nkoko is shouting from the rooftops “insurance” is simply due to the 42 wheelbarrows being SALAULA tenders Full Stop!!

  16. I thought the fire truck had run out of water after attending to the first emergency. Now how and why did the driver divert to go to kasumbalesa without water? Yes! Why?

  17. Procurement process of these $1m wheelbarrows is CRIMINAL.
    Stressing ZSIC to cover them is also a CRIME.
    Let the supplier criminals pay for replacement or repair.
    Come on Zambia, ARISE! ARISE!

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