DSTV holds prescreening of highly anticipated superhero movie,Justice League


DSTV Zambia held a prescreening of the highly anticipated super hero movie ‘Justice League’ on 16th November, a day before the movie officially hits local cinemas. The screening was held at Ster Kinekor cinemas Manda Hill.

Here are some pictures from the event.




  1. They should have invited Dizmo, he does a ka young red carpet performance before the launch and then allow the kid to watch the movie, take photos and enjoy the occasion. Tap into new brand/consumer trends bane, not these old regurgitated ideas without a dash of danger.

  2. Critics have ripped this movie apart. Ati as bad as Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad both of which I never finished meaning I will not bother with Justice League. Patiently waiting for The Black Panther and the next Captain America and to a lesser extent Avengers Infinity. To date my all time favorite super hero movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Too awesome.

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