NDC will teach PF a lesson they will never forget-Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili and Dr Scott
Chishimba Kambwili and Dr Scott

Chishimba Kambwili and Dr Scott
Chishimba Kambwili and Dr Scott

Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has said that the newly formed National Democratic Congress (NDC) will teach the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) lessons they will never forget.

Addressing hundreds of NDC supporters in Lusaka this afternoon, Mr Kambwili accused President Edgar Lungu of not respecting late President Michael Sata because during the memorial this year, the head of state decided to go and watch NAPSA vs. ZANACO Game.

Mr Kambwili said that the newly formed party will be officially launched in January and go to the convention to elect the leaders in Kabwe at Mulungushi Rock of Authority, after a week of the launch.

Mr. Kambwili further said that as things stands, he is still a PF member and NDC Political Consultant.

Mr. Kambwili has also stated that the ruling party was headed for a downfall as genuine members have left the party to join the NDC.

And former Republican Vice President Dr. Guy Scott has said that he is glad that the NDC comprises of genuine PF Members who are not happy with President Lungu’s administration.

Dr. Scott has referred to the current PF under President Lungu as gong’a while genuine members who respect the vision of late President Sata are in NDC.


  1. So why are you still clinging to the pf seat then? Go & teach them the lesson. They should have kicked you out a long time ago chi.ka.la ewe!! With a walk kwati uli namafi mumala

    • What lesson has ZNBC learnt from the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation showed footage of people streaming through the streets of the capital, Harare, and one person carrying a sign saying “The people of Zimbabwe want Mugabe to go.”
      The state-run Zimbabwe Herald newspaper reports the crowds are “wanting to see President Mugabe out.

    • @Break: ZNBC has learnt that in Zambia there is alot of fake cr#p about protests but no one ever goes out to do it because there is no political problem here!!! Even Laura Miti went to protest with her stoned friends at parliament and no one else joined them. Even Tayali (in his bombasa) and Savior looked like lunatics when they tried to incite people to protest because no one joined them-bunch of b.u.f.f.00ns!!!

    • This party is a joke. It is formed out of hartrade for Lungu. People vote for parties that promise development not revenge of political opponents.
      Pls leave Sata’s name out. He is the one that had so much trust in Lungu hence making him what he is now.
      This will be the end of Chishimba’s political career.

    • Zambian Citizen …

      No one is protesting seriously because they are too weak with hunger and looking for food….zambia is in the UN top ten malnourished countries in Africa.. …no one can afford to protest now like in Zimbabwe 5 years ago….

    • Finally the time is here, over due I should say. PF Politicians are like diapers and they need to be changed often and for the same reason we got ride of UNIP including what had followed afterwards. PF Lungu had abandoned President’s SATA’s great vision for Zambia. We have listen more to what they don’t say than what they do. They’re all a collection Corrupt Politicians because Corruption is worse than prostitution. I got my money and support for the new Party.

    • Is NDC a solution of the problem created by the same gang?
      No recycling.
      Zambia needs young vibrant university graduate to take over the reign of power.
      No role whatsoever for PF, NDC and UPND.

    • Grandpa Scott seems to be lost in the political wilderness…..what the heck happened to him?

      Ba Kambwili ukuyumfwa. Baba, they have been many you have gone before you. All with the same sort of false confidence and ‘mouth diarrhea’ and have ended up nowhere politically. Zambians have a way of teaching a lesson to self-centered egotistical political buffoons like you. Don’t be fooled by a few kamponyas around you in the Copperbelt and think that you have huge support around Zambia to win an election. It took M.C.Sata a decade issue based politics to get the kind of support needed to be effective in politics, and finally get to State State House. Just SPOUTING OFF ain’t good enough!

    • It is apparent why Zimbabwe got i where they are. Precisely because of people like Senior Citizens, Ndaje Khakis and Nubian Queen. 50% of children under 5 are stunted and these people will not see anything wrong with such a statistic.

    • Zambian Citizen – revolutions are initiated by courageous individuals like Luara, Tayali… They bring fundamental change in politics or organizations in a relatively short space.

    • @ Obatala
      Give us a peaceful break! That half baked knowledge about Zimbabwe is so silly. Let Zimbabweans sort out their problems, the best way they know how. You chaps have gone bananas. You praise that Kenyan Odinga perpetrating state capture by way of frustrating the electoral body of Kenya through the courts and hoping for a flawless election. If the US of America can have the Al gore-Bush 43 election issue, you think in Africa you can have flawless election management system. Come back to earth and smell the coffee. Mugabe is a constitutionally elected Zimbabwean president. If age is catching up with him, let their constitution let alone their ZANU-PF or people decide the best way out. Ya’ll chaps calling ZNBC names must stop now. ZNBC is a beacon of peace in Zambia. Leave my/our…

    • What is this n0nsense of Sata’s vision? When Lungu said he was following Sata’s Vision he was laughed at. Now these timewasters accuse Lungu for not following Sata’s Vision. So the party was formed to follow a dead man’s vision? They have no ideas of what Zambians want. Lungu and Kambwili will share the 6.5 provinces and HH will retain his 3.5.

  2. As a litmus test, CK should resign from the PF and contest the Roan Constituency first. Then it will be easier to evaluate the strength and popularity of the NDC.

  3. Filiekotuleya. I hope ba kambwili is not imitating our late beloved president sata. You think by using amapinda u will woe bemba vote. naufwa uluse…,

    • Confirmation that bembas who supported SATA were following mapinda has been laid bare. It worked for SATA why shouldn’t it work for CK.

  4. he is just like hamududu who thinks can teach u5 a lesson in sp.

    u5 is revered like kim jong un or like mugabe

    he is tribal
    tax evader
    sturbon like a donkey

    if you think using tribe prss RED

    he goes to the polls with 3provinces

  5. Is that his agenda. ..to teach the PF a lesson? And why bring in Sata. Does it mean that business or life must stop at each anniversary of Satas death? Come on give us real issues. Nabo ba Scott is no longer upnd?

  6. Nga chi muzungu cho pusa icho chikamba chani??? How can you have a party with such losers and expect it to tick???? Go back to Scotland, chi muzungu cha oyo!!!

    • Iwe citizen scott is a born and bred zambian…no need to be tantramatic if you are PF, the part of the people….

    • @Zambian Citizen,
      Scott has been more valuable to Zambia than such a deplorable like you has been even just to LT. If anything, it’s you who need to a.ss kicked…..

      You racist and tribalist cadre!!!!


  7. Kambwili,who can vote for you to just come and teach PF a lesson?what will us Zambians benefit from this evil agenda?kikikiki give us a break CK.thats why i say we have very weak opposition in Zambia.WHO CAN VOTE FOR THAT NONSENSE?will teaching PF a lesson put food on our table,improve our economy,build us hospitals,roads,schools,etc?BIG NO!!
    Plus CK must know that Mr Michael Sata is now history(he is late).nobody will vote for Kambwili by simply associating himself with Mr Sata’s name!!!SO JUST MAKE YOUR OWN NAME BA CK!!Moreover,you are wasting time by CLINGING ON PF!!resign CK then grow your party.political Giant Michael Sata spent 10 solid years in opposition,SO HOW CAN YOU CK WIN IN 2021 AFTER RESIGNING FROM PF IN 2020?DREAM ON!!YOU WONT EVEN SPLIT VOTES BECAUSE MAJORITY ZAMBIAN…

  8. Continue…
    YOU WONT EVEN SPLIT VOTES IN 2021 BA CK BECAUSE MAJORITY ZAMBIANS DO NOT VOTE FOR SPOILERS NOW.2021 elections will be between PF and upnd but PF will win them-mark my words!!!
    And what is Dr Guy Scott doing in NDC?he has left upnd-kikikikiki NJALA KAPONDO!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

    • Why the tantrums badala.. ..just wish kambwili well before you break and smash your key board over kambwili……

  9. The way we can’t wait to teach under5 a lesson that he will never forget the rest of his life, which patriotic Zambian will want to split the vote by giving his/her vote to Chimbwili?

  10. By the way, has anyone met Chimbwili in person? Man! the fat pi.g is scruffy! I mean, GBM is fat okay, but he is smart and neat.

    Show me a place in the world where they elect a p.ig or even a do.nkey as President!

  11. Kambwili should ask Miles Sampa,Edith Nawakwi,Saviour Chishimba,GBM about how bembas vote for political parties.
    He should also remember the late Dean Mung’omba,B.Y.Mwila who tried against FTJ Chiluba BUT STILL LOST BADLY TO MMD IN BEMBALAND!!!CK will know HOW TRICK it is in 2021!!!WITH THE MASSIVE INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT BEING DONE BY PF IN ACROSS ZAMBIA,KAMBWILI WILL HAVE A MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB IN BEMBA SPEAKING AREAS!!!recall since 1964 many villagers in Luapula,Northen,Muchinga and Eastern have seen tarred roads passing through their villages under PF,get paid via social cash transfer,new districts, under PF,etc SO PF ARE FAVOURITE TO WIN IN 2021!!
    FOR NOW CK CAN DREAM AND MAKE NOISE-BUT SOON A RUDE SHOCK WILL CATCH UP WITH HIM!!cant CK see how Dr.Guy Scott is jumping up & down…

  12. Continue……
    Cant CK see how Dr.Guy Scott is jumping up and down.somebody would see Dr.Scott in upnd in the evening,in the morning he is in Mr.Miles Sampa’s party then in the afternoon Dr.Scott will be in Kambwili’s NDC!!!kikikikiki.DO YOU KNOW WHY?IT IS BECAUSE DR.SCOTT DO NOT KNOW WHICH POLITICAL PARTY CAN REALLY DEFEAT MIGHTY PF!!HE IS LOST POLITICALLY!!!bola naikosa bane!!!
    Come 2021 ni PF nafuti bafuti!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  13. Chimwili Chipuba! Lishilu! Bembas are not swayed like that! Ask late Ben Mwila, late Dean M., and recently fat GBM! Your foolishness will eat you Chimbwili! Ngo munobe Savior Chishimba alikwi? Nowhere because he behaves like a mad man like you! Chi muzungu cho mufunta! Go back to Scotland and fight for your independence!

  14. Kambwili the buffoon, this fat crap want to b zambia’s future president sure, zambia yasila n all zambian supporting *****s like bingiza(dung beetle )commonly known as kambwili are brainless stupid citizens

  15. Guy Scott and ck were good politicians before,what went wrong with there heads? As for Guy i know he mistakenly joined a party of madness, UPND ,akaka nobantu beware of this madness party.

    • If RB MMD members (Mwanakatwe, Siliya, Namugala, Bowman etc. etc. etc.) come to chase Scott and Kambwili, then what do you really expect them to do? Should they bow down and shine Edgar’s shoes with their tongues? Be realistic. Compared to these, Lungu contributed nothing to bring PF to power. History is not according to Edgar and his bootlickers

  16. @enerst Bwalya:you are not even bemba but typical tonga.thats how you cheat yourselves in upnd.i remember very well when upnd cadres were busy cheating themselves in 2011 that Sata will split mmd votes in CB,Lsk,Luapula,Northern and Eastern.hence giving HH chance to beat RB.that never happened.instead people in those provinces teamed up behind Sata and voted MMD out in 2011.in 2015 and 2016 again upnd said Edith Nawakwi,Wynter Kabimba,Guy Scott,Miles Sampa,Nevers Numba,Mulenga Sata,Bob Sichinga and GBM will split PF votes in favour of upnd in its strongholds-BUT PF VOTES EVEN INCREASED IN THOSE AREAS!!today Miles Sampa is back in PF after witnessing a reality in 2016!!KAMBWILI WILL LEARN IT IN A HARSH WAY IN 2021!!!plus he must start by resigning from PF so that PF’s Luanshya Mayor Mr…

  17. Continue…
    Plus CK must start by resigning from PF so that PF’s Luanshya Mayor Mr.Nathan Chanda can defeat him pants down in Roan before 2021!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017.

  18. By the way, World Child Health Week begins 29 November, all children from 0 – 59 months must be taken to the clinics for their vaccinations. Under5 please ensure that you visit your clinic in Ibex Hill before you go to the Copperbelt for u.pnDonkeys card renewing exercise.

    • Badala Mr terrible ba chembele

      You now want to be called a bull like a Tonga bull I see ………hehehe don’t come in undercover , I am sure upnd allow any member regardless of tribe…..just join badala no one will chase you….

  19. A self-overated boy! In the class of Under Five. So this is why you were giving out computers? You will soon join a group of losers! It won’t be bad it will be your first loss the other guy it will be six or seven.

  20. Lusaka City council remove this homosexually married men and who sleep in the market called the ku mateneo tunnels just before the bar called shamis. The tow sleep in the internet cafe,one is tall and the other is fat and not tall. Zambia police should also move in arrest the Homo

  21. Beneficiaries of corruption will defend the corrupt government. CK is merely exercising his lights after all same benefits you’re getting from the PF government were contributed by the hard working of the same people you’re condemning now. Sata worked hard to form PF but people like young Minur Zulu and other friends are the most beneficiaries of his efforts not even his childre, and their parents were busy insulting him. So CK and his team will provide a platform for some of you to come and start making money and benefit more than those that are working with him. So your comments should be based on future, not on your current affairs

  22. Heheheheeee awe, tonight GRZ will have to buy a good number if key boards judging from the frustration of the sponsered PF kaponyas who are blogging in anger…….

    Dyaka petro CK……

  23. This is what you get when you convert the ghetto into politics. They bring ghetto style politics with them. We seriously need a new breed of politicians to cleanse this country of these caricature politicians who have taken the Zambia people for granted too long. These guys are like a virus constantly mutating into different political parties but offering the same rubbish. The only lessons learned here is, don’t tolerate this nonsense and stop voting and entertaining these buffoons. Just look at Guy Scott, the man is like an old prostitute on steroids. How many political parties does this man affiliate himself with?


  25. This party will reduce PF votes in CB, Lsk, and Luapula, Muchinga, and Northern making UPND favorite to win 2021 polls with minority MPs

  26. Spaka like sensible, no my boy. The suffix is just strategy for my posts to go undetected by LT. LT has been infiltrated by LT and they have been instructed to block all comments under Terrible. So being the strategist that I am I use term “bull” but I remain the same and only Terrible who is making under5 and his up.nDonkeys pee in their pants. Tge one who has pumped sense into Spaka to disown his political connections with donkeys and forced the Donkeys themselves to start thinking about calling for a congress at least to reelect under5. But the boy is unsure and afraid of a possible challenge by a bemba monkey.

  27. Ba Kasaka, that is childish thinking which has led to under5 losing elections five times. Zambians are now astute politicians, they have NOT missed the tribalism exhibited by under5 especially at the Mukuni tribal ceremony. No Zambian will vote for Chimbwili, if only because this will favour tribal under5. So your NDC is still born baba, and we know that you a chuundu yourself.

  28. Obatala, why should my support for Edgar be your problem. You prefer HH, it’s your choice just like I have a choice to support whoever I wish.

  29. It is interesting to note the regrouping of politicians who vehemently believe in entrenching ideals of dynasty in Zambian political landscape. When Guy Scott tried to embed Dr. Kaseba into the PF, Kambwili opted to hang on the fence then. Scott had to bring his wife to vie for a Parliamentary seat in Lusaka Central. As the PF wrangle for power ensued, Maureen Mwanawasa joined UPND hoping to grab the Republican Vice Presidency. But little did Maureen realise that Anderson Mazoka had directed his wife (Mrs. Mazoka) to ordain a Tonga as the sole leader of UPND. The trotting of Scott through Miles Sampa’s Party, UPND and now masquerading in NDC helps us to join the DOTS to classify a cluster of desperate politicians.

  30. The people of Southern Province, the Tongas in particular, should learn a lesson from Zimbabwe where the Shona-speaking people supported Mugabe to prop-up a dynasty in that country’s political landscape. ZANU-PF just created a monster in Grace Mugabe. This is a message for UPND members. HH has revealed his appetite for power just to enrich himself. The Ilas of Namwala fell prey as the Ila Chief facilitated massive land grab sold to HH by displacing the villagers from their grazing land. Certainly HH will never be allowed to grab land in Bembaland nor in Western Province. It is up to the Tongas to nurture HH who will behave like Robert Mugabe if he became Republican President.

  31. Article 60 (2): A political party shall –
    (a) promote the values and principles specified in this Constitution
    (b) have a national character
    (c) promote and uphold national unity
    (e)respect the right of its members to participate in the affairs of the political party
    Etc etc
    Now tell me which of these requirements has Up.nDonkis or under5 practised? When I tell you that these Donkis and their under5 cannot teach (or cheat) anyone about democracy, I hope you now understand. In fact they are in breach and should be punished or banned from all political activity. We sorted out law breaker Mmembe didn’t we?

    We now know that CK is an NDC cadre or leader or bu.boo.n or member or what have you. It is preposterous for a leader that CK purport to be to act even behave they way he does. He is expelled from PF, the call he is contesting in the courts of law. He stands with impunity on the NDC podium to discredit the party he is clinging on. Who is next to him, the cartelist, this guy Guy. So did you CK and Guy accelerate the death of SATA? We up todate know that this guy Guy is extremely unscrupulous and a highly bitter charged political prostitute and cartelist. A chief bigot. Birds of the same further flock together, they say.

  33. What is that white man looking for? No wonder the supreme leader HH once called him the most stupid white man he had ever met. I thought he was being racist at that time. I have however realised that he was not but being factual.

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