President Robert Mugabe’s Live Address to Zimbabweans


Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has vowed to stay in power for several weeks, despite intensifying pressure on him to stand down.

In a live TV address, Mr Mugabe said he would preside over the ruling party’s congress in December.

The Zanu-PF earlier sacked him as party leader, and gave him less than 24 hours to resign as president or be impeached.

His grip on power has weakened since the military intervened last week in a row over who should succeed him.

A crisis was triggered after Mr Mugabe sacked his deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, two weeks ago, angering the army who saw it as an attempt to move his wife, Grace, into the position of his successor.

Earlier on Sunday, Mr Mnangagwa was named as Zanu-PF’s new leader and candidate for the 2018 general elections.

At the same party meeting, Mr Mugabe’s 52-year-old wife, Grace, was expelled from the party, alongside a number of other senior officials.

It is not entirely clear how Robert Mugabe can preside over Zanu-PF’s congress next month, following his dismissal as party leader.


    • In summary he is saying he remains President until next year

      I am glad this is RESOLVED NOW

      democracy prevails over the Army

      Excellent NEWS

      I hold a PHD



    • ZBC LIVE: Comrade RG Mugabe President continues.

      In an address on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) President Robert Mugabe said that he will continue as president of Zimbabwe despite speculation that he was going to resign.
      Mugabe said that the military intervention was justified and that the reasons why it took place would be rectified. He dispelled rumours of a coup and said that the Zimbabwe Defense Forces (ZDF) had remained respectful to him as the commander in chief. He acknowledged his recalling by the Zanu-PF Central Committee as the party’s President and first secretary. Mugabe said that people should not be guided by vengefulness.

    • ZANU-PF are behaving like PF, idyots, how many times did they fire Lungu and Guy Scott when Ba Sata was in mortuary? How many PF secretary generals have been appointed between Kabimba to this current ?

    • “President Robert Mugabe’s Live Address to Zimbabweans”. Just imagine; if that statement had been ECL’s resignation for wasting Zambia’s years, it would be thus: President Edgar Chakolwa Lungu’s Live Address to Zambians as he steps down. What a day that would be!

    • Fact is, Mugabe cannot intimidate anyone. The security services he relied on to intimidate his opponents has shifted its allegiance to Mnangagwa. Mugabe risks being seriously embarrassed. He had better resign before he is impeached and unceremoniously dumped. He should have behaved liked a statesman.

    • The real former president of Zimbabwe Madame Gucci Grace is under military lock and key. All zanu pf members know that without grace by his side, he is just a old hallucinating man.

    • LT, you have to ask me if need change structure of website.
      This “thumbs” up-and-down is no good. Too cheap. Bring back that PF format where Mushota give herself 200 votes.

    • @ Nostradamus
      I fully agree with you. What a pity: no cheating possible any longer with the new voting-system (I tried unsuccessfully). As a result, we might see our beloved Mushota disappear behind a few Zeros = 0;
      this change was a long overdue necessity!

  1. Leadership is knowing when to leave. A lot of people love Mugabe but he shouldn’t spoil it all by clinging to power at all costs, ignoring the sound of the trumpet.

    “A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed without remedy.”
    Proverbs 29:1

    • Lungu has been president only for two years now and you want to compare him to a dinosaur. Fullish cretin. There’s a danger in hero worshiping leaders like the way you worship hh. That’s why we’ve been blocking him from being president.

    • Lungu, Lungu, Lungu even when the talk is about the queen of England, you want to bring in Lungu. Please don’t waste your time he’s president. Just tell Oval Head to convince us how’s gonna create a better Zambia, than simply saying “Upnd will fix it “.

    • Oval head olo egesi its not in the quantity its in the quality
      Your lungu the accidental presido 2 days pa zed ,2 days pa ndeke ,3 days visiting and galavanting in other countries.

  2. The circus goes on. Mugabe is still buying his time though he can’t resist any longer, it only shows you that he was a character to reckon with…they have taken advantage of his old age. While he made all those mistakes especially of raping the country and bring it down to its knees the western countries had their share of Mugabe, in fact to contributed to the sufferings of the Zimbabweans. Veterans are not the solution what Zimbabwe needs is new blood of leaders with a selfless spirit of turning over Zim to something new.

  3. Power is not forever it comes and goes one try to resist but the time comes when you can not hold on to it you just have to let go! Leaders everywhere on the continent in Mugabe’s situation of wanting to make a monarch or hold on forever….time is coming for you. It is a shame that holding on to power is so common in Africa…we seem to be so selfish or is it too greedy? I wonder what Museveni’s generals are thinking. All the best!

  4. What a comedy! Zimbabweans never cease to amaze me. Still afraid of a 92 year old geriatric!!! Perhaps the generals have just realised that they are about to get rid of the only person who protected them. I am sure they are just as corrupt as Grace Mugabe. Have they just bitten more than they can chew?

    • It’s the only army in the world which is using the Constitution to remove a sitting president and not the bullets, so far so good, they have managed to gain the support from the masses, they have managed to gain support from the ruling and opposition parties, they take this to parliament, it will be like pass a hot knife through butter.

      If mugabe is cunning, these generals are cunniest.

  5. Which way Zambia? Do we emulate Kenya as 1st in election annulment with 30 people dead later or Zimbabwe with a bloodless presidential removal process?

    Remember one of those has a free judiciary the other doesn’t.

  6. You wonder why he’s behaving like this? They’re the same people. If the “coup” had been executed by so called non war veterans, by now RGM would be history.

  7. The zimbabwean army surprises me. How do you get power and then respectfully hands it back to the dictator who has oppressed you for so long. You can’t tell us you are still afraid of a 93 year old ailling dictator. you are being abnormally good. If he can’t accept to go force him out, thats what he want.

  8. We are now watching the next course of action after this disgusting and tired 93 year-old has refused to step down. He will end up like Mobutu sese seko.It is my sincere prayer that in Zambia we do not ever have such a leader. It sucks just to look at him

  9. Mugabe did well not to circumvent the constitution of the Republic on account of disgruntled elements in a party. The Republic of Zimbabwe is not ZANU-PF and ZANU-PF is not the Republic of Zimbabwe. Jostling for positions in ZANU-PF should not be reason for the Republican President to resign. Nor is it an impeachable offence. Impeachment is on the grounds of mental incapacity, which should be a recommendation of the Board of medical experts, this is not the case. It is also on account of criminal offence, which he has not committed. Why, example, should President Lungu be impeached because there is jostling for leadership positions in PF?

  10. So the coup was against Mugabe’s ministers and not Mugabe himself? Thats why they continued calling him Commander in Chief and President! What games is General Chiwenga playing? Can some Colonel do the right thing?

  11. The LT voting system has been renovated by General Chiwenga, i pity pf cadres whose comments were having votes run into thousands, will they maintain the same pace, let watch and see, abena kudos, mushota, terrible.

  12. Those are kicks of a dying horse. The speech has no definite message but a mare narration of what has gone around in the short passed but this time from his own mouth. Whether he was forced to make the statement or not, the devil knows. We are yet to hear if the solders shall let loose the noose.

  13. me I have no words to these military pipo.what seating and saluting Robert Mugabe the person under arrest ?it does not make any sense to me .But let them be prepsred to die or disappear if they fail to impeach him.Mugabe is a very dangerous human being if you follow his story they way he treated nkhomo,tshavingari after he lost that election by 48 % to 41 .

  14. I wish he could stay and hang in there a little while so that he can teach Under Fives and Politics 101. They were half-baked in school! They are raw! I think he will never be president in Zambia!

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