Misapplication of funds irks Finish envoy to Zambia

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Finish Ambassador to Zambia Timo Olkkonen says the continued reports of misapplication of funds are denting Zambia’s image internationally.

Mr. Olkkonen has expressed concern that some Civil Society Organizations have been cited of misapplication of donor funds.

He says the funding appetite by donors will be reduced if the vice is not addressed.

Mr. Olkkonnen has told Q-news that revelations of misappropriation of funds and corruption are bad for Zambia as they are tarnishing the country’s image, adding that  this is also hurting not only donors, but investors perceptions as well.

He says such cases have the potential to make it difficult for the country to ask for financial assistance.

Mr. Olkkonnen says there is need for Zambia to curb the misapplication of funds so that investors and donors do not lose confidence in investing in Zambia.


  1. Ati funding appetite will be reduced! That’s our rooted natural resources money. Tourism income which is paid in finland that your folks only send small operation funds. No problem your H.E. Am sure the people in question put money to good use. They have joined their colleagues in Chalala and built those mansions. At least they employed some locals, bricklayer, carpenter, plumber and tile fixer. Just send some more back. next we need Range Rovers & X5 BMW. Tandai.

  2. Under this government, Zambia has regressed in morality.

    Jonathan has created an environment ideal for corrupt practices. He is undoing the hard work his predecessors did, bar RB and FTJ.

    How I hope God protects us from these thieves and usher in leaders that will cleanse this rot, and have a genuine desire to improve the lives of the poor.

    How anyone with children and a brain can support this corrupt lot is beyond me. Zambians need to purge these thieves and jail them.

  3. @IndigoTyrol, the misapplication of funds being talked about is by the NGO’s and this is not government. Have you ever seen government auditing an NGO?

  4. It is not only denting the image of the Country but also making the citizenry suffer while just a few dogs are basking in glory of corruption and theft. Bakabwalala aba bana bambwa.

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