Zambezi rioters face prosecution


Cops in riot gear 

North-Western Province Permanent Secretary, Ephraim Mateyo has expressed disappointment at the recent riots by some residents of Zambezi district who destroyed government offices and a motor vehicle.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mateyo says the action taken by the residents was uncalled for and detrimental to the developmental efforts by government in the district.

He says there was no need for the residents to resort to violent behavior as a way of solving their differences.

The permanent secretary said this during a fact-finding mission of the fracas that took place on the 10th and 11th of November, this year in Zambezi resulting in offices belonging to the ministry of agriculture, meteorological department and an airport tower being damaged among others.

The incident also left three police officers injured.

Mr. Mateyo has warned that people involved in the riot will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of Zambia.

He implored the Zambia police service to act without fear or favor to bring such acts of vandalism to an end.

So far police have arrested 12 people of Chingalala village in Zambezi for rioting after officers stopped them from burying their late headman in an undesignated area, earmarked for a market.



  1. People only rebel when leadership has failed them. Most leaders think imposing their will on the people is leading. You need to work with the People

    • The greatest disease in Zambia is to be comfortable in laziness and expect Government to provide bread and butter for you. Most of us Zambians are infected with this disease and have effectively sustained our poverty. Let work hard and stop looking forward to the Government.

    • Muselelakwakaba, Zambia is not the only country with lazy people in the world. Any existing country has its own share of lazy
      people. Even USA has its share of lazy homeless people. So, honestly speaking, the difference is the lack of level playing field. The govt makes a difference no matter how you look at it. How do you create wealth in a country where the govt only knows how to borrow and spend?

    • Trying to bury a wizard in an area government has earmarked for development. Pure ubututu!! So why destroy government structures that are there to help you?? Everything is political, ifya boma fyaba PF so let’s smash them; So if upnd is in power tomorrow they start spending taxpayers’ money on the same thing again??? Ba Mateyo, FI KAKENI!!!!

  2. (Chingalala village in Zambezi for rioting after officers stopped them from burying their late headman in an undesignated area, earmarked for a market). The reason is there in the article ba ndanje. plse read the whole article before commenting.

  3. Any,all in all these people where not supposed to behave like this because we are bringing our development down.But comrades,lets not involve politics in such issues because neither His Excellency the President of Zambia or Mr Hakainde Hichilema or any other party president can support this.

  4. Real community based development is better achieved when there is a buy-in from the intended beneficiaries. What tells you that disregarding the traditional royal burial grounds by replacing it with a market is bringing better development to these people?

  5. UPND disease at play in that part of Zambia. God heal the people in that land. What do you gain by destroyed government property or who are you punishing? Retrogressive way of thinking!!!!

  6. Let the government transfer the workers from the destroyed ministries somewhere else and leave these people with what they destroyed. We will see who will suffer.

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