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Mr Hichilema is UPND’s Life President, it’s him to take Lessons from Mugabe’s fall

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

The ruling Patriotic Front has noted sentiments by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema congratulating neighbouring Zimbabwe while asking President Edgar Lungu to take lessons from Zimbabwe following the resignation of President Robert Mugabe. Most Zambians would not believe such advice is coming from a man who has been at the helm of his Party’s leadership for over a decade.

We wonder therefore, who, between Mr. Hichilema and President Lungu needs to take those lessons. It is not a secret that Mr. Hichilema has been at the helm of UPND leadership for eleven (11) years and would have clocked fourteen (14) years in 2021.

Being at the helm of UPND leadership for over a decade should earn Mr. Hichilema the title of UPND’s life President.

This has been 11 years void of intra-party democracy in the UPND. 11 years without a single convention and there is no denying that Mr. Hichilema wants to remain the UPND leader in 2021 and beyond.

We therefore call on UPND to consider asking their leader to step down and give way to intra-party democracy.

Issued by:
Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director


    • Let me make it clear for everyone. We have done our best to include others like GBM , Mutale Halumango etc. We will not be that naive to hold elections knowing very well what GBM can do.

    • At the recent UPND card renewal gathering He said ” My wife and I will like to thank……”. That is how Mugabe started with Amai Grace Mugabe. Watch out for Amai Muti…..

    • 🙂
      It’s really challenging to understand the thinking capacities of these so-called government and party spokespersons. Is this the level of argumentation coming from a Communication Director?? Yesterday, Kampamba Mulenga came up with a childish explanation that ECLdid not force his ministers to stay. Today, another spokesperson trying to put across a bizarre argument about HH, and yet he is defending his boss who is known to have not followed the Constitution. Ati “Most Zambians would not believe such advice is coming from a man who has been at the helm of his Party’s leadership”, the same way, one would argue that ECL has no moral authority to advise Zim to follow the constitution since he never did.

    • PF only seemed to have changed leadership because of death and that is the nature of Zambian and African politics at party level. Even the so called intra-party democracy in PF is Fake, it was guy Scott who forced a situation for the “pretentious” convention to have taken place which was done by the raising of hands. Any one who would think MCS wouldn’t have been PF president till 2026 if he was still alive is literally being a Mugabe in self deceit. No party in Zambia truly has free, fair and independent intra-party democracy and thus Chanda should stop this clowning and instead focus on also enhancing Intra-party democracy in Zambia if necessary have it fully prescribed in our laws to compel all political Partys otherwise the UPND as a party are at liberty to have a constitution that…

    • ……………… compel all political Partys otherwise the UPND as a party are at liberty to have a constitution that allows a wamuyayaya President.

    • Chanda continue to pander to your PF id!ots and ignore the anger of the Zambian people. Very soon you be caught with pants down just like Mugabe ‘s hinch men.

      Chanda and Lungu are deluded and in denial just like Mugabes men were until the military moved in.

      Just tell Lungu to prepare for an eventuality as no one will come to his rescue not even the AU, UN or SADC. The western world already knows how undemocratic and voilent Lungu is. So when that time comes Chanda and Lungu you will be alone.

      Mark my words Chanda, Lungu ‘s over throw will take place even beforeend of 2019.

    • Yaba its disappointing to see how PF thugs bury their heads in their behind to point where the are comparing HH to Mugabe.Really?

      Who was being mentored by Mugabe? Lungu. Who is a close friend to Mugabe? Lungu. Who has Mugabe ‘s bruatality and election rigging mechanisms? Lungu.

      Thats why Lungu is unhappy that Mugabe has resigned. There is totally nothing SADC could have done to save his arse.

      I have always said when in power always think about the consequences of your down fall and make sure you do not create many enemies.

      Now that mugabe is out, people who lost relatives in the violence and brutality will sue Mugabe and make him pay with the help of Mnangangwa. The same is bound to happen to Lungu soon.

    • …but kanyenye, is it democratic and right for hh to be leader of upnd all those years??? The party constitution gives a leader 2 five year terms; why is hh still president??? Be reasonable in your response. Everyone will judge you by how you respond.

    • news24
      12:02 29/04/2015
      Cape Town – Zambian President Edgar Lungu has reportedly described his Zimbabwean counterpart President Robert Mugabe as an “elderly statesman in the region who knows all corners”, saying he is “learning a lot” from him.
      According to the state-owned newspaper The Herald, Lungu said this after holding talks with Mugabe at State House in Harare, ahead of the Southern African Development Committee (SADC) summit.
      More than 10 heads of state are attending the one-day summit on industrial growth on Wednesday.
      Lungu said he was getting used to Mugabe’s hospitality.
      This was not the first time that Lungu has met Mugabe.
      The Zambian leader was in Harare in February when he held bilateral talks with Mugabe just after he won presidential elections to replace…

    • Tomorrow by this time chanda should give the nation the name of the candidate who stood against lungu at the show of hands convention in kabwe. If any pf cadre has guts they can help him too. You want to talk democracy lets talk democracy.

  1. We are concerned that all our Zimbo friends are planning to go back home. Who are going to be beating and skjamboking when they are all gone????

    • No kidding, so you consider HH to be the “father” of UPND?

      If it was Andy Mazoka, maybe your comment would have made a little bit of sense. But still, TURNING POLITICAL FIGUREHEADS INTO WHAT THEY ARE NOT AND WILL NEVER BE NEED TO STOP.

      What next, GODS!?

  2. Now this makes sense! Whats wrong with HechiHechi things always fire back on him. He always talks of lesson this lesson that when in-fact he is supposed to be a learner himself. So to be rich means to lose brains also!!
    What a disaster?

    • They keep changing VEEPs …..Patrick Chisanga, Sakwiba , Cannisius, GBM….etc but not the top top. This top belongs to the soverign tribe.

    • You must be bembas from Congo full of hate and blood thirsty,,,,the bembas I know are respectful, generally good, mostly corrupt and specialist in pick pocketing ,,,,

    • Kanonga ebo, sata was president for pf from 2000 to 2014,if not for the cold hand of death he would still be president for pf. Why are these chandas not talking about general miyanda who has been heritage party president since 2000,what about Edith, you chaps have lost your humanity you can’t even hide your hate for HH anymore. These are the chaps who go like “I JUST HATE HER/HIM NATURALLY”, Sunday they will be in church pretending to be holy, you sons of leeches.

    • @League…, At least you may forgive Sata given the fact that he was from the era of the Mugabe of this world. The politics that shaped their views are quite similar. What is surprising is that a relatively young politician like HH is ANTI PRACTICING modern Democratic politics within is own “personal-to-holder” Party. And he does’nt even seem to notice it himself. Instead he his busy pointing fingers and insinuating others (like ECL) are the problem. An individual with that kind of mindset is a dangerous dictator in waiting….. because dictators rarely see their own faults and shortcomings.

      By the way, you rarely hear the same hypocritical statements from these “nashalaneka” Parties. But HH seems to want to take advantage of any and every situation to parrot his hypocrisy…

  3. How many years did Micheal Chilufya Sata MYSRIP lead the mighty PF under him before winning the 2011 elections?
    Bachanda Bena Awesure…

  4. Yayayaya – I have run out of words on this man… each tome I say something people say I have hate for the man.

    Let’s watch him speak on our behalf.

  5. On point mr chanda. ECL has been PF president for almost 3 years while HH has been UPND president for over 11 years. I surely don’t understand who should learn from the Zimbabwe issue. Its common sense that is lacking in mr HH’s speeches. Its only that UPND MPs do worship HH’s wealthy, otherwise they would have rebelled against him and realize their potentials. We all have equal opportunities not only one man.

    • Its folly to compare a national constitutional matter to a party matter .. and u are happy for ECL to abrogate the National constitution which he swore to uphold just because you support him

    • @Shameless: YOU ARE WRONG!!!! Everything starts at party level. That is why Africa has problems. We always support these larger than life characters at party level and agree with everything even when they abrogate laws. That is what happened with Mugabe, KK, Museveni and all the dictators. Look at the Milibands in UK, when they lost an election, they moved on! hh, Nawakwi have lost countless times but they still cling to their parties: THESE ARE THE REAL DICTATORS IN WAITING!!!

    • Give us the name of the candidate who stood against lungu in kabwe at your show of hands convention.

    • @10.3: ECL and his supporters told Guy Scott that there was no need for a convention as they had already decided on the next leader. Scott insisted and they went. To his surprise, Scott found a horde of ECL supporters in full cry by Friday evening. At last minute he tried to call off the convention knowing ECL will win. But his plan fell apart because the National Chairperson refused to follow Scott and the cinvention went ahead. GBM and others stood but lost. Your version is the one that was reported by watchdog, not what actually happened.

  6. Maybe mr HH was confused on how he managed to lose 2 elections to one ECL within a short period of time and now its looking like he has been a president for eternity. Let me just simplify it for you mr HH. Your friend ECL hasn’t even finished one term (5 years). Is that too long sure?

  7. Chanda, why do you find it so irresistible to just open your mouth and just blabber anyhow?
    First of learn to compare apples with apples and not grapes!
    Secondly, your godfather, sata was PF in opposition leader for 10 years!
    Thirdly, PF upto this day has never held a genuine convention, that is, one without the use of pangas and show of hands
    Remove the log in yowa eye first, then we will listen to you 100% when you point a finger at our HH

  8. This is why the so called HH can never make a good president (1) he is not a democrat; no convention for 11 years (2) he is a political novice; he does not even know how it feels to be a councilor (3) he is a white color thief- he has failed to account for his wealth; but we know it came from the infamous privatization(4) he is a bitter person- losing five (5) presidential election has made him bitter (6) he has ” I know it all” attitude- he believes he is the most intelligent person in Zambia no wonder his political slogan is ” HH will fix it” instead of ” we will fix it” (7) he is an agent of foreign forces- the man, if by mistake is voted into power, he is most likely going to auction our beloved country Zambia to these foreign forces as a ” payback package” so it can be a…

  9. That is cheap politics so to say you can’t compare HH to Mugabe because he is nt a republican president.Those complaits should come from UPND members not you.For u to say so it means that u ar scared of him,if he was useless he can’t come out second twice.To tel u the fact there is no any other opposition leader who is popular as HH.On This one u have missed it.

  10. Start counting terms when HH becomes president. Right now , he is party leader and he will continue to be one until party members decide otherwise. Such pettiness disgusts me. This government should concentrate on real issues and not cheap talk !!

    • …and you call that democracy??? What happened to the party constitution, the blueprint that guides the party??? Doesn’t it apply to hh???

    • Zambian citizen, you want to talk about democracy, answer this simple question, who did lungu stand against for party presidency at mulungushi rock of authority?

    • @League: Christine Kaseba, GBM and all the other 1.di.ots who tried to f.o.0.l Zambians that MCS didn’t pick Lungu didn’t show up and tried to use the courts to block the conference. The membership knew MCS had already chosen his successor and respected that. The convention was perfectly legal with the National chairperson present and a returning officer. If the other candidates don’t show up, it is not the fault of the party.

    • They didn’t show up because they were afraid of jimbos with pangas like you, right? Go on let’s talk democracy, go ahead give us more info about your democracy dear.

    • Guess how R.G. Mugabe started and solidified his ‘Dictatorship’? Yeah, you guessed it, his Political Party (ZANU-PF) propped him and tolerated his dictatorial behavior. Both and Party and National level. How can they let him be Party President for 37 years and be surprised now that he wanted to die in office (37+ years) as Republican President also?

      Be careful what you wish for, HH is displaying dangerous Mugabe-like-traits and all you Party Sycophants can say is he is not Republican President yet. How cheap a response!

  11. HH in the morning HH usiku
    Monday chanda! jona has been raping the constitution with impunity and last time we checked RG Mugaba was and is still his God father M7 is next

  12. No matter how upnd pretends,what Sunday Chanda has said about HH is the truth!!!many Zambians say the same about HH and its only tribalism which has blinded many upnd cadres such that they ignore the 11 yrs HH has been as upnd leader minus any convention!!!
    These are very worrying indicators because what can stop HH from being Zambian president for more than 10 yrs (2 terms) if by any mistake he won?nobody would take HH serious on this issue.by 2021 HH will have spent 15 yrs on top of upnd (that would be 17 yrs less than what mugabe took as Zanu-pf leader)!!!HH IS A DICTATOR, SAME AS MUGABE,JOSEPH KABILA,MUSEVENI,ETC!!!
    There is no democracy in upnd as this tonga party belongs to HH and his wife Mutinta (supportered by die hard tribalists!!!)

    • At least Lungu there was even a show of hands ! What can you cattle-herders point as democratic in your kraal , sorry Party !

    • If you can’t manage to buy beef, it’s not my problem, production costs are so high in this country, back to your show of hands, i want the name someone who stood against him.

  13. Thats why I really feels for our brothers like GBM, Nalumango and the broke Pastor Nevers Mumba. The cause they are championing is for a Tonga leadership make no mistakes about it. 11 Years is close to half of Mugabe’s reign !

    • If u dont want them to champion the course of a Tonga president, which tribe are you for? Mind you, Mwanawasa, though from an insignificant tribe is greatly revered among all the 6 presidents that have ruled Zambia. At least Eastern, Luapula, Copperbelt and Northern/Muchinga have had their shares. Let us also test other regions if we are, indeed, One Zambia One Nation.

  14. This guy is brilliant! I like how he helps donkis to reason. Unfortunately they are beyond repair! Life President Contestant!

  15. The Namwala leader is wamuyaha! His Namwalan supporters are so blind that they don’t see in the sides because of their tunnel vision cause by tribalism. Even a so called “Professor” in RSA, a “Namwalan” thinks President Lungu is a dictator? What shallow thinking is that? A person tampering with the presidential motorcade in any county deserves to be caged. In other countries the animo would still have been caged.

  16. All you Up.nDonkis, the topic on the table is democracy and it was started by under5 himself. We are simply responding and humbly asking whether not holding conventions as stipulated by the Donki constitution is under5’s idea of democracy?

    • This topic is immaterial too. Sata was pf president for 14 years iwe kanonga niwe.

  17. Iwe Monday, Sata was in Pf/opposition for 10yrs as Pf President. In opposition you ***** at the time you were zooking for bread crumbs from Nevers Mumba. Why on earth would as a stupid question like demonstrating democratic traits when your President spent so much time working and fighting for opportunists like you and that moron mushololwa Frank to come out and start barking like rabid dogs awaiting euthanasia. Initiate something and be proud instead of hijacking ideas from people that have laboured. HH and UPND are nonof your business. Enjoy Lungu’s time. Mukaponoka imwe one day, elo for nonentities like you ni no exile because other countries don’t tolerate *****s you!

  18. Iwe Monday, Sata was in Pf/opposition for 10yrs as Pf President. In opposition when you 1d10t was zooking for bread crumbs from Nevers Mumba. Why on earth would you ask a sad question like demonstrating democratic traits when your President spent so much time working and fighting for opportunists like you and that moron mushololwa Frank to come out and start barking like rabid dogs awaiting euthanasia. Initiate something and be proud instead of hijacking ideas from people that have laboured. HH and UPND are no of your business. Enjoy Lungu’s time. Mukaponoka imwe one day, elo for nonentities like you ni no exile because other countries don’t tolerate *****s you!

  19. How many times has Hillary Clinton or Kennedy attempted for Presidency? If MCs was still alive, how long as of today would have he been at the helm of PF? 16 yrs. HH has never been Republican President and therefore not affected by the term limit as prescribed in the Zambian constitution. Dear Sunday, it is your preferred candidate that should emulate Mugabe, coz he is barred by the constitution.

  20. PF official “Director of 1mbecility” has crapped again for the benefit of fellow 1mbeciles supporting Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation!!!

  21. Most Tomgaz are very selfish bastards! HH has confirmed this fact. I told these UPND nitwits to immediately go for the Convention soon after the last elections but ba pompwe did not. This will haunt you for the rest of your political life. UPND will never see the corridors of power with ka HH as life president. Try farming!

    • Leave HH our Republican president, let him rule and see how he is going to develope our mother country Zambia, that’s when you will start talking you rubbish if he fails to fulfill his campaign promises not for now,he has never been president but you do compare him to these failed presidents of the land of Zambia,leave him Zambia forward, if he fails we all going rise against him.


  23. Parties like UPND are the reason we create monsters in Africa.
    It’s Zanu-PF that created Mugabe.
    Today u have UPND saying its ok to ignore party constitutions to please a leader.They are not even ashamed and see nothing wrong.That kind of blindness is VERY DANGEROUS.
    Lets not vote for pipo who preach democracy.Lets vote for pipo who PRACTICE democracy.

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