President Lungu to attend Mnangagwa’s inauguration

Dr Kenneth D Kaunda with President Lungu
FILE: Dr Kenneth D Kaunda with President Lungu
Dr Kenneth D Kaunda with President Lungu
FILE: Dr Kenneth D Kaunda with President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu is due to travel to Harare, Zimbabwe to attend Friday’s swearing in ceremony of President Elect Emmerson Mnangagwa, the man set to succeed Robert Mugabe.

State House sources in Lusaka revealed Wednesday evening that President Lungu is expected to be in attendance at Mr Mnangagwa’s inauguration on Friday in a day’s trip to Harare.

President Lungu will be joined in by other heads of States from the SADC region among them South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma.

Zambia’s Founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda who is believed to still be in Harare will also attend the ceremony.

Lovemore Matuke, the ZANU-PF’s chief whip, said the inauguration would take place in Harare’s 60,000 seat National Sports Stadium on Friday morning. 

Meanwhile, Mr Mnangagwa says leaders of the SADC bloc have praised Zimbabwe for removing Mr. Mugabe from power without shedding blood.

Mr. Mnangagwa, who claims that he fled Zimbabwe when his life was in danger soon after he was axed by Mr. Mugabe, told cheering supporters at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare on Wednesday that President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Namibian leader Hage Geingob, former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and several others believe that the country is now in a position to record meaningful growth after an almost smooth transfer of power.

“They are saying this makes the whole SADC region and others proud of you.”
“I appeal to all genuine people of Zimbabwe to come together,” Mr Mnangagwa told supporters gathered outside the Harare headquarters of Zanu-PF. “We are all Zimbabweans … we need peace in our country and jobs, jobs, jobs.”

“He is now the former president of Zimbabwe,” he said of Mr Mugabe, to loud cheers. 

Mr Mnangagwa praised the military, the speaker of parliament, and other party leaders for their support and revealed he had been in “constant contact” with the generals throughout the takeover that resulted in Mr. Mugabe resigning on Tuesday night.


  1. This is a good job. Just flying around making thousands of dollars in allowances, sleeping in 5 star hotel suites doing nothing. Who doesn’t want to be leader of the great nation of Zambia?

    • KK never went to Zimbabwe. He’s at his home in Lusaka. Don’t believe BBC/Reuters White man propaganda machinery. Africans exhibit very low esteem when it comes to their relationship with europeans.

    • In his first speech at Zanu-PF headquarters on Wednesday, Mnangagwa repeated what may soon become his signature chant. Translated into English, the chant says Zanu-PF will continue ruling no matter what, while those who oppose it will continue barking.
      Vanenge vasingadi, vachagara vachingovukura, chitima cheZanu PF chichingoinda, chichingoinda, muchingotonga, muchingotonga, vachingovukura

    • “Mugabe feared that Mnangagwa will reverse the land reform by giving farms back to the whites.” In March 2015, the intelligence documents make the first mention of Mnangagwa meeting white farmers, including Charles Taffs, a former president of the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU), the farmers’ professional association. Some of the gatherings were boozy affairs, according to the intelligence reports.
      Mnangagwa’s supporter Christopher Mutsvangwa heads the Liberation War Veterans Association, whose members include veterans who expelled the white farmers nearly two decades ago.

    • The problem for Mnangagwa is that, if he ran for president, it is unlikely he could win an election in his own right, according to political analysts. He holds impeccable credentials from the struggle for liberation, having fought alongside Mugabe against the loathed white-minority government of what was then Rhodesia. However, his reputation suffered in the early 1980s, when Zimbabwe’s army brutally suppressed dissent, mainly in the western province of Matabeleland North. In the so-called Gukurahundi crackdown, the army’s North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade killed an estimated 20,000 people, most of them from the minority Ndebele tribe. Mnangagwa was state security minister at the time.

    • In fair and open elections, Mnangagwa cannot win elections a danger for violence awaits Zimbabwe. Remember he failed to win a seat in parliamentary elections in 2000 and 2005, but was appointed by Mugabe to unelected seats and became parliamentary speaker in 2000. He has served as vice-president since 2014.

      The rest conclude for yourself. Forget about democracy in Zimbabwe.

    • These are wasted years for the country. Zambians must find a way of auctioning desks, pens, etc–from the office of the presidency. There is no occupant of this office anymore. The one who once occupied it is “homeless” or “Office-less”. We could budget for a flying office of the president. Very shameful. When exactly are presidential elections so we could have someone who actually sits down to work for the people?

    • PF are liars, KK NEVER went to Zimbabwe,,,,,, and lungu twapapata ule ikalako på nshi,,, the guy is already traveling,,,, and talking about Zim where are the spiral effects now??

    • Will the man one day just surprise us by not attending these ceremonies but rather only send a representative? We are in for it as Zambians. Sometimes I feel I should not belong to this nation. I dont know about you! Its like the more things change the more thing remain the same again and again aroung here.

    • The motivation behind foreign trips.
      Can you believe that Mugabe has been taking at least $4 million on every foreign tripe, no wonder he will miss them. How much do you think Lungu takes for foreign trips?

    • What a truly Lazy Bum this Edgar is just two days ago he wasted jet fuel flying to Angola on a pointless trip again the moron will be on his way to KKIA with cadres without any shame whatsoever to go and shake Emmerson’s hands.
      These days of Lazy Edgar will be remembered as the wasted years!!

    • Ehm Ehm, tell him he is not welcome, if he sets his foot outside the plane, the soldiers know what to do? or perhaps we will try the Maimane way on him. Says Chiwera

    • But he called Mugabe and encouraged him not to quit the presidency. Now he has shifted ukukabile. Tondolo Musuma Bakateka. Soon the army will brief Mnangagwa that you called encouraged Mugabe not to resign… an then???

    • I heard KK was going to Zim through LT. Leave foreign media out of this! Why do we always blame others, why did the Zambian media report on it. Please take responsibility!

    • This is becoming a joke. Will Lungu ever know that he has the country to run? Does he ever know that there is word called delegation of duty? It is not each and every assignment he has to attend because apart from his personal allowances, he carries a large security detail which consumes alot of national resources. Can we at once become prudent the way we are using the resources of our nation?

    • None of the comments here have acknowledged the fact that good neighbourliness is absolutely vital. Deligating such an occasion could start the relationship of the two leaders on a sour note as the incoming would feel snubbed. Lungu’s attendance therefore declares his affirmation of support for Mnangagwa against the view that SADC supported Mugabe.
      It also underlines the AU stand to support the govt of the day, especially one elected by its people. Even though there was no Elections, its clear on which side the people stood, and it’s an irrefutable fact ED is now in charge and should be supported all the way until Elections are held next year.

    • @1.6, when people want a change of government, they can vote for anything and anybody. In 1991, Zambians wanted change and they voted for people they didn’t know about. We had boxers, bus conductors amongst others as Members of Parliament. This maybe his time to win an election.

    • There will be at least 16 elections & inaugurations in Africa in the next 12 months & Kamwndo Munjila A.K.A. Vasco Da Gama will attend all of them.

      Then add State funerals, weddings, Heads of State meetings for SADC, AU, UN, Great Lakes, COMESA, this tourist will just visit Zambia to change clothes. The PF president is a FAR.T

  2. We must give praise wherever it is due. Zambia has been a beacon for peace in the region and we must be grateful to our first President KK for leading the way. It is good to see our President Lungu attending Mr Mnangagwa’s inauguration.

    • our president has no shame i am appalled and fuming at his extravagant jet life burning the money of the very people he swore to protect and uplift from the barrel of poverty,he doesn’t care about the people because if he did he would be spending time fixing our country , before elections he visited every church in the compounds interacting with the poor and kneeling in the church,next time people see through the b.s

    • Yes this so called President has no shame, how on earth can you go and attend the very inauguration that you went to oppose in Botswana?

    • The guy has no shame! Just days ago he was encouraging Mugabe NOT TO RESIGN and came out strongly condemning the Zimbabwean army. Today he is on his way to attend the swearing in of a new leader of Zimbabwe. Saviour Chishimba was right. “time has come to begin taking these people to that psychiatric hospital to be examined” – Chishimba Saviour.

  3. @1.3 Imute wa kaswende, so in the thinking of U.pnDonkis, Zambia should not attend such a monumentous event? And you must be the special advisor, because that is what under5 would think to say too.

    • What monumentous, can you please quickly wake up. Saving of our resources to improve peoples lives is more important than your monumental, let him stay home and save the little resources. It is in our interest that he does not go, please please and for the avoidance of doubt, I am PF for life

    • Ka muchemble Mr terrible people are dying of cholera in Lusaka yet lungu is busy trying to earn as much travel allowance as possible to account for money he has stolen….

    • Of what good was that recent SADC meeting in Angola? What did it yield? I will tell you what Mugufuli, president of Tanzania did. He sent his Minister of Foreign Affairs to attend that hopeless meeting. Why? Simply because he knew the meeting was purely academics. The Zimbabweans had already taken the matter into their own hands, and there was nothing any foreign power would do to reverse that process. Our beloved President Lungu is a floater. He goes wherever the current takes him. I bet, if he should hear that Joseph Kabila of Congo DRC is being inaugurated for his seventh term in two weeks, Mr. Edgar Changwa Lungu would plan to attend that inauguration in Kinshasa. I don’t believe he has any priorities.

    • Calling people names wont help you. The level of primitivity is alarming, and your failures are very visible. You can pretend that by attending all inaugurations in Africa, you are working but be reminded that people want food. We want food, you want fire tenders. Equation yakana

    • Jane, c’mon, please go and work for your food surely you cannot expect lungu to bring food to your table, that is horrendous to say the least!


  4. Is under5 invited? What about the chief nearest to the border? Ah ah, it’s not a tribal ceremony. Besides, there is nothing to reciprocate since the chief and under5 do not invite others to their ceremonies.

    Now wait a minute, who would attend a tribal ceremony in Mukuni anyway apart from the running mate which is begging for its very existence??

    • Zimbabweans did not invite anybody to the installation because they knee it was their own matter that was successfully resolved. Those Lungus tuning there are imposing themselves and I think Zimbabweans don’t appreciated their presence.

  5. Your comment under5? No, not even a message of goodwill to President Mnangagwa?
    Feeling jealous that Presidents seem to come from nowhere even without elections, but for 11 years you keep trying? Fipelwa na Lesa, not chuundu!!

    • He is not democratically elected, why should upnd congratulate him ?? We know pf promotes dictatores and he know you are hurt your mentor mugabe has been kicked out….

  6. Mnangagwa mentions names of SADC Presidents (even former Presidents) that have embraced the peaceful change in Zim. Our President was not one of them!

    • Lungu commented at first in support of Lungu. How can he get an invitation. The soup was spoiled with too much salt at first and cant be diluted because the taste has been lost already. This is now panicking because he is not recognized as champion of change for the suffering Zimbabwean.

    • Lazy Lungu has no shame …last week he was in Egypt, this week Angola…now Zim….I have never seen such a useless man in State House as him.
      Wasted Years indeed!!

  7. This is not news because President Lungu attends each and every inauguration every where. He will surely attend. He will attend.

  8. Don’t cheat yourselves, there is no under 5 or under 16 or under 40. You have lamentably failed, people are having one meal a day in villages and you think by calling people under 5, you will destract the attention of the people. You have failed, fulu stop. Mwakangiwa, clean so. Even your own Kambwili, has called it lamentable failure

  9. I am calling upon the good people of Zimbabwe to shun this Lungu character during the ceremony,,, he is up to no good for your countries my friends!

  10. Lungu will shortly after visiting Harare be again in the air again to Nairobi for Uhuru’s inauguration on Tues Nov 28th.


    Arrogant President (non-leader) + Insensitive First Lady = Zimbabwe;

    Arrogant President + Unrestrained Cadres = Zambia [KK, FTJ, RB, PF …]

    Verdict: African presidents learn no lessons from the failings of their colleagues. And Mnangagwa didn’t sound any wiser last evening, with so many ‘I’s in his speech.

  12. Edgar should have delegated Rupiah Banda to attend Mnangagwa’s inauguration and am sure RB could have been more than delighted at the news as it is believed that he’s got some roots there.Lungu should have given himself the Kenyan inauguration which is also coming very soon.

    • Mugufuli of Tanzania sent his Minister of Foreign Affairs to Angola for that SADC meeting. He knew the meeting would be pure academics. The Zimbabwean Defense Forces had already devised the game plan and were simply executing it. To our reactionary SADC leaders, however, that was a moment of reckoning, a time for them show their prowess and leadership skills! Did any one hear any sound of a gun coming out of Angola?

  13. Why is LT referring to Emmerson Mnangagwa as ‘President Elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’? Mnangagwa is not an elected president but a coup leader. We can only hope that Zimbabwe will hold free and fair elections so that the people of Zimbabwe and not the military can decide their future

    • Wishful thinking …you think the miltary will ever let someone else win the elections after what they did even Emmerson himself will have to retire the top brace to feel safe!!

  14. @ ‘President Elect‘, who elected him you guys at LT? He was ushered in to office via a coup, no elections took place.

    As for our globetrotting president, it must hurt knowing your dictator mentor had to be kicked out in shame. He wasn’t invited because Mnaganga knows Lungu supported tyrant Mugabe all the way to the very last minute. Lungu is trying to start and foster new friendship. I just he’s learnt that the very people who pretend like they love him could be the same ones who can turn against him and bring him about his downfall. Dictators must learn!

    • dull dull people. no one ever goes to an inauguration without an invite. educate yourself before you speak. please

  15. To Edgar I say all the best and enjoy your flight and to the Zambians I say condolences to your empty stomachs and I pray that you do not starve to death.

    • Zimbabweans did not invite anybody to the installation because they knee it was their own matter that was successfully resolved. Those Lungus tuning there are imposing themselves and I think Zimbabweans don’t appreciated their presence.

  16. Of course he’s going to attend the inauguration of the care-taker president!! Edgar Lungu has been bitten by the travel bug. Any chance to be in the air and he’s off…

  17. Is that what people of Zambia Desires, or is what PF wants.

    I hope someday this administration will do what the consensus desires.

  18. People are dying of cholera in Lusaka yet this fraudster choses to travel like there is no tomorrow…..

    Lungu if you think that the travel allowances you are accumulating will cover and acvount for the stolen money you have you are mistaken….

  19. I wait for a day when president Edgar Lungu will be charged for treason when he breached Zambia’s consititution prior to 2016 general elections.

  20. He is going to waste more tax payers money . KK is in Zimbabwe on tax payers expense and he wants to go despite Zimbabweans warning him to keep away from their internal affairs .Learning this multitude of cutting on expenditure and living within means has alluded this nomad . He will one day care when he is admitted to UTH which operates without basic medical facilities drugs.

  21. Lungu should have not been allowed to go to Zim; it is oka to have KK there; but then maybe he’ll learn on or two things there;

  22. If KK is already in Harare, why can’t Edgar Lungu let KK and the Zambian ambassador represent him? He will save enough money that can be used to save lives in hospitals. He has just been to Egypt , Angola and now Harare, when does he ever have time to sort out the pressing national issues?

  23. Lungu’s sense of principle or lack of it thereof is amazing; he does not behave like a mature leader commanding due respect and still does not recognise the importance of the office he holds. He should stop applying the same cheap domestic politics formula on issues on the international stage! He will dismally fail on foreign policy (if he has any!!) by traveling around to where the wind blows without a principled agenda/position. Lungu ought to tread carefully on developments in Zimbabwe and appreciate the big picture, otherwise he will end up with dirt in his face for making unsolicited statements/advise to Zimbabweans to uphold dictates of the constitutions which he has not observed himself. If he really cared, he could have learnt a lot from Khama than fraternising with despots and…

  24. Mr President, we the people of Eastern Province are humbly requesting you to divide Eastern Province into two namely Luangwa Province and Eastern Province to easy administrative strains that come with managing such a big province.

    • Apart from creating jobs for pf cadres, what has this country achieved in dividing districts and provinces? Absolutely nothing.

  25. Ukwalola umwela eko twalola mayo, ukwalola umwela eko twalolaaaa, ukwalolo mwela yoyoyo….

    Ati lyonse niwe guest kwabene….
    It’s not nice. RB and KK can do the job. They may have some chemistry with the likes of Crocodile Mnangagwa. There is an audio circulating on how our head of state, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia, the Great Leader of our great nation was warned by someone, purportedly from the Zimbabwe Defence Force, for trying to meddle in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs. This was after it was reported that our Great Leader phoned Sekuru Uncle Bob not to succumb to pressure to resign!

  26. Malilo ni kulilana. You never know when your time might come. Am impressed by the NO VIOLENCE conduct of the Zimbabweans this time around. The liberation struggle is history and we now want to focus ahead. Yes, there are those who took advantage of the “stranded” women from Zim and used them for all sorts of binge and I hope they are now convinced that God’s time is the best. They went thru discrimination of some kind in South Africa but hey that is equally history. Lets help them pick up ASAP. Zim guys you are one but different tribes just like the hand and leg are on one but different functionalities.

  27. Is this not the man who, together with zuma, were geared to send soldiers to Zimbabwe to defend Mugabe’s throne.

    He expressed surprise that mugabe resigned because the plan was to keep him in power.

    And these leaders were ready to shed blood to ring fence their thrones.


  28. and while lungu is travelling around, pius kasolo from zccm is telling all the presidents secrets, crazy words!

  29. Interesting to see how the defunct SADC is now endorsing the developments in Zimbabwe and arguing to look out for the people when they looked away all these years. They were quite happy, apart from the President of Botswana with the way Mugabe employed his iron wrinkled fist on the people of Zimbabwe. Now they are all in solidarity with the new President. What does that say about SADC?

    • Too bad Zimbabweans are too happy to take notice. Otherwise, they should pelt these hopeless and hypocritical SADC cowards when they show-up there tomorrow. Among regional foreign leaders, Ian Khama of Botswana alone, deserves the accolades. He is the only one, courageous enough, to have challenged Robert Mugabe and repeatedly asked him to quit.

  30. Its embarrassing to hear UPND supporters crying over the fact that President Lungu is attending.
    We understand your predicament.
    All these meetings of heads of state just serve to remind everyone that we have a president in Zambia.
    He believes in good neighbourliness and common brotherhood of all africans.
    UPND thought childishly that there is a change of govt because they hate the fact that ZANU-PF shares their last name with PF of Zambia.
    Mokese ba under 5.

    • Kikikikiki there is nothing to be proud of sharing the name with ZANU PF. For many of us Zambians Mugabe and zany PF reminds us of terrany , misrule, dictatorships and anything bad you can think of. Lungu and PF must be ashamed of Mugabe, Lungus mentor.

  31. Up.nDonkis is a disaster party, sorry guys there will never be a Grace Mutinta in our country.
    Because there will never be a
    President Under5 Chuundu…..kikikikiki….

    You can insult or despise all you want, just a waste of your time.

  32. Mwabanthu mulibe vabwino… If he chooses not to go, you were going to say,, his God father is booted out…and cannot support the new president…ZAMBIAns,,big mouth and talking too much!! ya..

    • No, he can’t choose not to go. What else would he do, if he chose not to go? Nothing. He has nothing else scheduled.

  33. All of you against HE ECL’s travel I have a question for you. Ni ndalama or ndeke ya nyooooko?? Let him travel, you cant be eating delele everyday once in a while you buy ka T-borne or rump steak. Besides in this global world and with the tech now you can work from anywhere even in the air.

  34. It is not that Edgar Lungu should or should not go and attend this historical inauguration in Harare. It is rather that he seems to be everywhere all the time. That is a bad sign. It means the president has no game plan. He lacks a master plan. It shows, since he seems to have no conflict in his schedule to accommodate even trivia.

  35. @Kumawa and @Terrible … No analysis or objective views whatsoever. Planted on LT to cause obnoxious rantings when other people are serious and concerned about the survival of a nation and its people. There is a time to realise you have gone too far and draw a line. Try to be human for a change. You can consistently support a position, but with constructive argument and civility. A rant or two now and then is allowed, but not senseless diatribes ALL the time.

  36. Mnangagwa must be wiry of slimy sell-outs like Jameson Lungu, only last week he claimed he was ready to send the Zambian to defend his lunatical Sekuru Mzee Wanya Mugabe. What a turn-Court, today ni kamwendo munjila ati going to attend Mnangagwa’s inauguration, atase!

  37. Is ba lungu still married to bana Daliso Esther Lungu?? One wonders as both are never at home together. I think yalikakanako kuganda

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