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Zambian politicians urged to learn lessons from Zimbabwe

Headlines Zambian politicians urged to learn lessons from Zimbabwe

Political Scientist Dr. Alex Ng’oma says the political development in Zimbabwe has demonstrated that political power belongs to the people.

Dr. Ng’oma says people have the power to withdraw the powers that have vested in their leaders.

Dr Ng’oma has commended the Zimbabwean people for the manner they conducted themselves.

He says the rest of Africa should emulate the Zimbabweans for demonstrating peacefully without destroying government buildings, vehicles and throwing stones.

Dr. Ng’oma has, however, advised Leaders in Africa to respect their constitutions and avoid imposing themselves on the people so as to avoid being embarrassed the way Mr. Mugabe has been humiliated.

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    • In advanced countries, yes, power belongs to the people. In Africa and other undeveloped democracies power belongs to the military. In Zimbabwe the people didn’t rise against Mugabe. Like Zambians they have been suffering silently for decades until Mugabe offended the generals by offering his wife the job of president.

  1. Recently one of our top politician said “” My wife and I will like to thank you…….blabla””.
    That how it started with Grace Mugabe….

  2. Not only Zambians but also others on the continent.Am sure the Ugandan dictator must be worried that next it could just be him to exit the ‘Mugabe’ way.

    • Even Dr Ngoma is the same as those he’s advising. They promise heaven, you vote for them and they give you hell.

  3. solomon was wise but he was brought down, by a woman Samson was strong but he was brought down, by a woman. I Robert Mugabe was tough but was brought down, by a woman. My advice to you is just a conscious man when you fall in love!

  4. Off course power belongs to the people. However, Most institutions of governments in Africa are weak and are bullied by the appointing authority, the executive. The military is another problem we have. The military tend to over protect the presidency.

  5. In Africa, the problem starts at institutional level-the parties, the NGOs, the church, community organisations etc. WE the people let certain individuals get to the top of these organisations, we prop them up so much to a point where it seems the organisation can’t function without these individuals. How do you think Mugabe, Museveni, Gaddhafi etc got there??? Look at our NGOs, same characters-Bishop Mambo, Sarah Longwe, Chipenzi-been there since the word NGO first came to Zambia!!! But in Europe or other developed countries, the emphasis is on the institution or organisation. When the Milibands lost elections to Cameron, there was a mutual concensusin the Labour Party that the Milibands cannot take the party further and THEY RESIGNED. So this is not just a politicians problem in…

    • …Africa, it is the POPULATIONS’ as well, who need to stand up to these greedy individuals before they reach national level. I give respect to the MMD, in power for 20 years with 3 presidents, in opposition with 2 conventions and 2 leaders already in 6 years. PF so far has had 2 presidents and a convention and are having another in 2021 but their local, district and provincial check are in full motion. I will let you determine what is happening to the other 2 parties in parliament: UPND and FDD.

    • I concur, to this arrangement add a corps of violent cadres ready to wield pangas on those that hold dissenting views, and low level politicians who are only called to jump on the gravy train! This defines the level at which politics are conducted in Zambia. This was the rights and well meaning citizens are trampled upon by an executive bent on usurping the fundamental freedoms. As a result a leadership serving and peddling personal agendas and . They rule absolute impunity and total disregard for the people who voted them into office, who by right are their employers. Woe onto any leader who will lead by intimidation and violent propagation of hold on the people!

  6. @ zambian citizen dont be biased to point out wrongs in others forgeting the log in your eye. Jonathan has clearly stated how power hungry he is by intending to stand in 2021 unconstitutionally. Dont choose to be a blind follower.

    • …so you are judge, jury and executioner now??? The eligabilty issue is before the constitutional Court and they will determine its outcome based on the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia. Not you or me.

    • So it is clear that in Zambia we have a Mugabe case springing up. The constitution says once you have been elected twice as president you don’t qualify. The case is in court but Davies Mwila says the concourt outcome will not detour ECL from standing in 2021. Let the concourt outcome say he doesn’t qualify lets see PF insist on him standing????? ???

    • @Kilaye: Kindly quote which article says “once you have been elected twice as president you don’t qualify” from the Zambian Constitution, please.

  7. So it is clear that in Zambia we have a Mugabe case springing up. The constitution says once you have been elected twice as president you don’t qualify. The case is in court but Davies Mwila says the concourt outcome will not detour ECL from standing in 2021. Let the concourt outcome say he doesn’t qualify lets see PF insist on him standing????? ???

  8. If only our leaders could take heed not to be overcome by greed, then positive change will kick in. But thats a dream of all those who aspire to be leaders untill they get to the top and then madness starts.



  10. As usual u.pnDonkis are so daft that they will misread the advice. Dr Ng’oma is advising all politicians and their spouses including Grace Mutinta….

  11. @9 Kilaye, you cannot talk about Constitution and democracy when your under5 and his upnDonkis have never respected their own constitution to re-elect under5 and his appointees. Only a Donki can think like that…and I mean a chuundu Donki because normal Donkis don’t act so stu.piod.

  12. We are at our best, when we learn from History, recent and contemporary events.
    It is very unfortunate that most people in Power and Government are impervious to learn from global and their past. Hence history keep on repeating itself.

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