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Kampyongo orders Police to stop unnecessary check points

General News Kampyongo orders Police to stop unnecessary check points

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo has advised Police traffic officers to desist from mounting unnecessary check points.

Speaking in ParliKampyongoament today, Mr Kampyongo says only when there is serious need should check points be mounted.

He has warned that if a check point is found to be unnecessary, someone within the rank and file will have to be answerable.

Mr Kampyongo states that lawful instructions are not debatable and are nonnegotiable.

He says officers found disobeying lawful instructions against mounting unnecessary check points will face the consequences of their actions.

The Minister told the house that the Zambia Police Service has 43 permanent check points through the country.


  1. Mr Kampyongo is giving directive at a wrong time. During festive season it tends to be necessary. He should have spoken this mu January 2017 and not November. Timing is everything! Orietation for ministers is necessary pantu bapa street abengi

    • Ba Minister, its why i have so much confidence in you. pliz pliz cage these rogue police traffic officers. this is what a people minister manages his ministry. pliz give the public authority to do a citizens arrest on these corrupt traffic police officers who try to make money for their Xmas and new year by mounting unnecessary road blocks. thank very much bwana minister.

    • That’s the problem with Zambians,you crack jokes when somebody has done something that deserves medals and when they fold their arms, you call them corrupt.In my view,Kampyongo is working, from Chibolya to these fat corrupt tragic Bujus,he has done something that only Sata could afford to do. Put your foot down honorable,these *****s even went to the extent of calling us ATMs. It was very shameful when visitors from other countries came and found that level of hunger on our roads exhibited by the traffic officers in the country.

  2. too many orders can you please act. too much of this police talk and its gotten out of hand. first stop them from collecting money. let offenders pay at the bank and if offenders dont pay then double the punishment when renewing the road tax. very simple

  3. I just came back home. Have not voted for a long time. I am asking the guys who are running upnd to promise that these road blocks found at every corner especially here in lusaka will be a thing of the past when they take power. If the answer is yes then add me to your numbers. Those in power see if you can win my support by making the zambia traffic police service to be Zambia police service as you purport.

  4. What or who determines necessary and unnecessary road blocks? When do we know that a road block or check point is unnecessary?

  5. Lusaka to Kabwe gives you a headache already,I mean toll gated rambled, policed speed trapped whatsoever you are looking must be jus t money nodoubt – SHAMELESS, HEARTLESS AND INEFFICIENT BRETHREN. START BY FIRING PALIKANGANJA.MENT!

  6. On mumbwa road the check points are amazing,just after garden house( checkpoint) makeni turnoff( checkpoint) parrogate ginnery( checkpoint) sable farm( checkpoint) mamvule( chekpoint) nangoma ( checkpoint) mumbwa town ( checkpoint).what do they look for or its just corruption. Minister act immediately.

  7. The only way to solve corruption in traffic police section is to reduce charges for all offences to k100 , except accident charge must be at k1,500, then payments must done within 60 minutes in Banks & Networks providers, but delay of payments must added penalty to k50 every after 60 minutes.

  8. Heard such “orders” before. They are simply for public consumption.It is business as usual. Such road blocks are useful ATMs to the police command.

  9. From Monze to Zimba, the speed limits in the 80km/h and 60km/hr zones were removed months ago. Traffic Police Officers ( mostly Choma) mount speed traps in these zones (60km/h) and charge drivers driving below 60km/h but above 40km/h for over speeding. When stopped, the Officer will show you a photocopy of the the new speed limits. Can someone explain the legality of these speed traps when the Road users are not warned (signage) on what speed to drive at!

    • especially Choma traffic police officers misinterprete the law where there is no signage. am told signage was removed by the police traffic offiers themselves to extort money from motorists.

  10. The activities of the Zambian Police is a form of social, economic and political CANCER which must be vigorously obliterated in this country. When Dr. Malama was Inspector General of Police, he directed the clearing of all road blocks country-wide. Why should the current Inspector General of Police sit back, fold his arms to allow his Officers promote corruption on our roads? Kanganja must rise to his professional call to stop corruption committed by his Police Officers. Recently, Zimbabwean breathed a sigh of relief when the Military cleared the Police from the roads. Let us hope Kanganja is Not a benefiriary of this rot.

    • Sure Ba minister ,how can we have speed traps even on ascending and descending points on our slope roads ,this for same officers is an ATM and a reception for corruption 53km .Ndola Kitwe its too much.
      At times they just exhibit ubukopo or colonial mentality of only seeing people by the road side while we move alone in our vehicles only carrying a dog.
      In same policemen corruption is so much rooted such that Saturdays and Sundays mostly is for their pockets.
      With fake bookings .by nature Zambians don’t like being inconvenienced you try to negotiate k100. Try minister one day ,you will prove my points. Its sad .GMC cars only for chasing cars and money making venture. Bushe tabafola.next time ,I will give the names of cars and officers who are so much into such .
      Napwisha.Kitwe Kitwe…

  11. The problem of traffic cops involved in corruption is the way the fine s have be set at higher level. It’s absurd to think that all motorists have money. How about taxi drivers making not more than K200 a day. To penalize him K450 for just parking on the pavement! That’s total madness. The guy will negotiate his way out by giving the cop K150. Now think of it. Who is the big loser? Obviously it’s the government. The problem we have here in Zambia is that most people in leadership are detached from the reality on the ground. These leaders don’t drive sunka mulamu hence they are immuned from these fines.

  12. They do not deserve to be called TRAFFIC POLICE OFFICERS. They are HIGHWAY ROBBERS. Enriching themselves with absolute knowledge of the authority.
    A cancer all over the country.

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