Police should explain why suspect in disappearance of UPND Member was released-Kakoma

Missing UPND Member
Missing UPND Member

The opposition UPND says it is dismayed that a suspect in the case of a missing UPND member, Sikaile Sikaile has been released by police without any explanation.

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma charged that this is highly suspicious.

He said Mr Sikaile has been missing for almost two months from his home in Lusaka.

Mr Kakoma said the family and UPND have been looking for Sikaile and established that he was last seen in Chisamba in the company of someone.

“This person was traced and apprehended. He was detained at Chisamba police station and found to be in possession of Sikaile Sikaile ‘s phone. He confessed doing business with Sikaile,” Mr Kakoma said.

“We have learnt wish shock that this prime suspect has been released by the police. As UPND, we demand an explanation from the police on what is happening. Where is Sikaile Sikaile? Why have they released the suspect? How did the suspect come in possession of Sikaile Sikaile’s phone? Where did the suspect leave Sikaile Sikaile as they were doing business?”

Mr Kakoma said the UPND is demanding answers to these and many other questions.

“Sikaile Sikaile was a politically exposed person. As a UPND member, he was very active and contributed a lot of articles on social media about the politics in this country. He was a university student who exercised his freedom of expression,” he said.

“Has his mysterious disappearance got to do with politics. Why are police acting in a manner that suggests that they are trying to cover up the case? The nation is owed an explanation by the police top command.”


  1. Well Charles Kakoma, you said it yourself – he is a suspect. In a democratic state, you have to gather enough evidence in order to keep someone in jail!

  2. But Charles Kakoma is a very dull person.surely who gives a damn about that Sikaile Sikaile thing?so as upnd,you want an innocent person to be locked up in police cells minus proper reasons? Or has upnd become ZP to determine who is guilty or innocent?
    So for upnd others Zambians do not matter but only its tribal supporters?
    Who gives a damn that your tonga student was a committed upnd member?is this new that sikaile sikaile was a member of upnd?almost all Zambians know the fact that 99% bantustans belong to upnd!!!
    why should anyone decides to kill such a political amature WHO MAKES NOISE ON FACEBOOK ABOUT KAINDE?this is pure madness bo Kakoma!!

    • Your tribal hatred if not put in check will result into you having a heart attack, nensoni tawakwata lyonse ni tribal talk, fuseki iwe mwana noko.

      Let me watch Barcelona vs Valencia, by way am Madrid won and am all smiles, don’t spoil my weekend koswe iwe.

    • Your comment sounds more stupid than you ought to be. A person is found in possession of a missing person’s phone and you want to trvialise the matter. Come on who ever

    • Your over use of the tribal card is your major weakness. You use it in logical arguments way too much. It is almost a punctuation mark now for Tonga people.
      Get over yourselves!
      Black Americans use their blackness as a crutch for everything too. Look at where it has gotten them. No place at all.
      Be like the Jewish people and start to act for your good. Stop moaning like a hoe on a big d1ck. Do something, get better, rise above your circumstances. Not waaa waaa waaa, because I’m Tonga this and that.

  3. @Njimbu, you will feel how that is when you own family or friend disappeared in the way that young man did. For your information , you must first demophile before anything else – you must love people first before politics. How do you utter such words as if you are heartless?

  4. @David & Rule; only losers like you in upnd resort to insults once told the truth!!
    Take Fred M’membe to court who called upnd a “tribal or bantustan ” party in daily basis before your shameless Kainde went to beg him in 2016!!READ ANY ” THE POST NEWSPAPER WRITTEN BEFORE 2015″.you will find Fred M’membe calling upnd as a bantustan party.if this is too much for you,then on tuesday go to parliament and check from where all upnd MPs come from (3.5 provinces)!!again if this is too tough for you,tomorrow go to ECZ and confirm the provinces who gave HH majority votes in 2006,2008,2011,2015 and 2016 (it will be 3.5 provinces)!!!THESE ARE FACTS WHICH CONFIRM THAT INDEED UPND IS A REGIONAL PARTY!!!no need for insults as these are facts which even yourself (davide & rule) know very…

  5. Continue….
    no need for insults as these are facts which even yourself (divide & rule) know very well.
    Plus am also watching Barcelona losing to Valencia 1 nil and its 72 minutes gone.
    My EPL team “Arsenal FC” won today 1 nil so am very happy!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  6. @Mundia and Njimbu junior; please note that most of my best friends are from the South.so i love them all and they love me too.we just dont agree on one thing (making HH as a god).that i hate because HH is just like any other politician fighting to enrich himself if elected into office.
    If anything HH & GBM could be worse because if they steal,they would be lying that we came into office rich and by nature businessmen love money too much.SO AM VERY MUCH CONVINCED THAT HH CANNOT MAKE A GOOD PRESIDENT!!!moreover,his way of doing politics is evil too.EVEN TRIBALISM IS AT ITS PEAK IN OUR POLITICS BECAUSE HH HAS PROMOTED IT SINCE 2006!!lMr Mazoka was my man,but sorry I can never vote for your HH in my life and you must respect my decision because i also respect yours of not voting for PF.that…

  7. The most useress party in Zambia whose leaders behave like children. Instead of fighting on issues it presents its ugly head in form of tribal politics. What a shame!

    • Dude, your English needs help. Stop typing phonetically. Do not write words the way you speak them. “Useress” is not a known word.
      Don’t throw stones, dude. You start your sentence by stating that others are “behaving like children” and then move on to rant about tribal politics. You’re the one out of order here. Here are facts
      1. A man is missing
      2. A known person was found in possession of the missing man’s phone
      3. The person was taken for questioning and was released.
      4. It is illegal to hold a person for more than 48 hours without charge.
      5. The police are not judges, nor a competent body to jail a person.
      6. Circumstantial evidence is not sufficient to cause a guilty verdict. If I am found with messages on my phone from your wife, does that mean you are not the father…

  8. If a person is found in possession of your wife’s knickers does it mean that your first three children are not yours. The man was found with a missing persons phone. The phone has not been reported stolen. You cannot lock up a person for that reason alone. The police have to establish a prima face case against someone or release them within 48 hours. This is not north Korea

  9. Ba Observer, Mr Kakoma is just politicking. If he was serious he could have gone to the police station that released him. I am sure they could have told him why. I fully agree with those that have called him dull.

  10. KAKOMA, you would have done better to go and see banene banene bakapokola and get the true picture privately for the sake of both the investigators and the boy’s family rather than just talk to be seen to be concerned when not. I am also concerned over the unexplained disappearance for such a long time. Hopefully all is well withe young man where ever he is.

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