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Mutembo Nchito takes his expulsion case to the Constitutional Court

Headlines Mutembo Nchito takes his expulsion case to the Constitutional Court

Dismissed Director of Public Prosecutions-DPP Mutembo Nchito has challenged his expulsion from his job in the constitutional court alleging that there had never been an investigation against him before the Judicial Complaints Commission pursuant to Article 144 of the Constitution.

In his petition, Mr Nchito accused former Chief Justices Matthew Ngulube and Ernest Sakala of having embarrassing conflicts of interest and biases in the matter before them which they had not declared to the parties but chose to continue.

Mr Nchito summoned the Annel Silungwe-led tribunal to testify before the Constitutional Court in the matter in which he is challenging his expulsion.

Mr Nchito Subpoenaed the retired Chief Justice who has been the Chairperson, retired Chief Justice Mathew Ngulube as the Secretary and retired Chief Justice Charles Zulu who was the Vice-secretary of the Mutembo Nchito tribunal.

But Solicitor General Abram Mwansa has told a full bench of the Constitutional Court presided by Judge Mungeni Mulenga that he would formally file documents to set aside the subpoenas.

Mr Nchito was relieved of his duties by President Edgar Lungu following a tribunal recommendation that he vacates office for professional misconduct.


    • I find this man to be arrogant and full of himself. Him, his brother and Fred actually started to believe that they could shape the political destiny of this country. This is more like an ego trip! The bounty paid in legal fees to their team as the task force is obnoxious to say the least!

  1. Hey so this guy can still argue and thinks people have forgotten when he was a hecthman for Mmembe. Trying to get some luck and reap where he did not sow. What happened to the that infamous Mmembe/ Nchito crookery clique. Its clear that he has run out of stolen cash and wants to get kasomething out of nothing. He has already corrupted his way to “success” conclusion.

  2. When a man loses power, it is like a death sentence. They hounded and dehumanised FTJ and sent him a broken man to the grave, feeling the same Mutembo??? It’s not surprising that this coincides with M’membe’s attempt to hoodwink the JCC into firing Judge Nkonde. With the DBZ matter in the pipeline (a case that will have significant economic impact) the Mutembo, Nchima Fred and the cartel are trying to clutch to straws to save their fall. This will not work, you are paying for your sins, Chiluba’s spirit haunts you and Fred, Mutembo. Are you going to fight ECL until 2026????

    • I hope you will have enough evidence to prove that. Otherwise it will be task force part 2: 10 years, $100m and no conviction….

    • What spirit haunts him naimwe? FTJ coming was the worst thing to happen in Zambia, especially his second term of office. The man was a crook and its no secret

    • Mutembo and his hyenas spearheaded the corruption accusations against FTJ. After almost 10 years of persecution, the matter didn’t yield a conviction-HISTORY WILL REMEMBER THAT CHILUBA WAS ACQUITTED, NOT SO??? If he was a crook or thief, why wasn’t he arrested and convicted despite all that time and resources available??? Mutembo, M’membe and the rest of the ruthless and greedy hyenas accused and persecuted a man all the way to his grave and his spirit cries to them for the wrong they did. Look at what has happened to M’membe, after building an empire since 1991, it all came to dust; Mutembo was a respected legal man who is now trying to save his career. Aben Chipata batila: “CHOIPA CHISATA MWINE!!!”

    • He is not quiet. As a matter of fact he responded to the JCC that he cannot take any action because Judge Nkonde obtained a stay which was subsequently served to the president. What is surprising about Fred M’membe’s accusations of misconduct is that he presented the same evidence as that of the case Judge Nkonde is presiding over in he High Court. It is wrong for a Judge to answer matters that are ongoing in his court to another forum, the best route for Fred is to appeal to a higher court if not satisfied with the judgement ie Supreme Court; Not cite the Judge for misconduct. The JCC is not a court that presides over cases!! Just like the leaked document where the JCC challenged the Constitutional Court interpretation of the petition’s 14 days-it’s not in order, the JCC is not a…

    • …court but a disciplinary committee for Judges. Secondly, the composition of the JCC has come into the spotlight. They have lawyers on the JCC which is being questioned. Some senior lawyers have instead proposed the JCC to be composed of retired Judges. Makes sense as experienced Judges CAN discipline sitting Judges as opposed to lawyer who can easily be influenced from outside as the M’membe case seems to showing!!

  3. Nchito MUST go to bed WITH holy Bible, HE made the late President Chiluba,Richard SAKALA,etc to appear as though were foreigners just to IMPRESS Mr Levy Mwanawasa the ALL time -Enemy-to Fredrick Chiluba. Nchito go for prayers GOD want all of US to be SAVED . Mind you life is like that , WHAT YOU SOW is WHAT YOU REAP. Adding, you were one of the BAD eggs in Judiciary , expulsion from Judicial influence was good for our country although YOU have tried to fight GRZ using LINDA KASONDE but in vain.

  4. Ah the infamous ‘Cartel’ member that grabbed Mwanawasa and Sata by the ‘balls’. Fun how life is a b!tch, karma is indeed a biaachie as Snoop would say. I thought this dude went into exile or something.

    However, what we have now is worse than what we had under the cartel. St least back then, politicians and govt ministers had restraint and boundaries in their stealing. They stole with fear, trembling that Fred Mmembe may find out and expose them in his scandalous tabloid newspaper. Now Lungu and his minions are stealing with impunity, with no media masquerading as independent to keep them in check.

    I would rather Mmembe and Nchito calling the shots than this gang of Lungu, Kaiser Zulu and Saturday Chanda! That’s just me.

  5. Mr P – Chiluba and Sakala were thieves. Sakala was convicted and appealed even under the nose of his relative as President (ECL) he still lost the appeal. So who made them foreigners? They made themselves foreigners because they are thieves.

    • You must find out what and who lead to the arrest of Sakala. There’s a real struggle for recognition at State House and tables turned against Sakala when Mwanawasa became president. Mmembe and Mutembo held sway the powers of should get what, be imprisoned and which company they could take over. My friend it’s not that simple. Just ask some former directors of Zambian Airways and you’ll understand how powerful these people had become. They also took over Satas brain.

    • So in Zambia, I just wake up, I don’t like you, I call you a thief and YOU ARE A THIEF??? Sakala was arrested for being in possession of a car that belonged to GRZ or so. He served his time and was released about 2010 or so, not by ECL. He started his newspaper in 2012 but the guy is too wealthy to steal a car!! Chiluba was called a thief by those who hated him, he went through court and was acquitted-is he still a thief??? This prejudice and hate is what has divided this nation-how can a select group be the only one ebntitled to call everyone else corrupt and thieves as if they are gods??? M’membe, Nchitos and those hyenas got what they deserved!!!!


  7. Breaking news President Mnangagwa has given three months amnesty to people who have hidden money outside Zimbabwe. Mmm mmm let soul searching begin.

  8. Ba Zambian citizen, do you actually know what you are talking about? Or is this you, displaying your highly unusual talent of talking through your arse.
    Now listen, you cretin. Chiluba set up the PHI, Presidential Housing Initiative, for the purpose of raising money to build medium cost houses to off set the housing deficit in the country as well as afford people an opportunity to slowly pay for housing units which they could not previously afford.
    Sakala was made chairman of this initiative. The problem is that PHI had no legal foundation. It was not set up by any parliamentary or government body. It was illegal. Yet,it was involved in expending government funds with absolutely no budget line. As chairman, sakala was warned by not only the opposition but a number of permanent…

  9. Spare Mr Mwanawasa and King Cobra. They served diligently. They deserve utmost respect in their death. Lungu went to bed with Banda. They are birds of a furthear. Rbs presidency was marked with corruption and plunder (reversing everything that Mwanawasa had worked and died for). Lunga equally ( while fanning humility), in a Dununa reverse fashion, had slowly been destroying what Sata fashioned. His strategy was get rid of all members of Sata’s PF, bring in the expert looters of Rb’s MMD. Then steal with impunity.

    UPND, HH please get ready. State house is yours come 2021. The writing on the wall is slowly getting clear.

    • The issue is about Mutembo and not about 2021 election and Upnd. No wonder you are lost of campaign strategy. Everything is Upnds winning 2021. ..give us a break.

  10. KKK the Fatdesk lawyer crawls out of the stone he was hiding under. Well my bro how has it been?. On record you are the first pvt lawyer to hound out a sitting DPP and then become investigator and prosecutor, investigator with no training driven only for greed of money. We understand growing up in Libala with only a grocery to show for was harsh. So once you had a little cash you moved to plush areas and then found its expensive to sustain. Enter dbz, deals, national milling, airline…Task Force…then Dpp…first class flights official car, guards, enter nolle for yourself then the fall…You are NOT a fit and proper person to hold office of Dpp…goodbye!

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