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Zambia’s youngest female pilot Besa Mumba has clocked 1,000 hours of flying time

Headlines Zambia’s youngest female pilot Besa Mumba has clocked 1,000 hours of flying...


Proflight Zambia pilot Besa Mumba: clocking 1,000 hours

The career of Proflight Zambia’s youngest female pilot Besa Mumba has taken off after clocking up 1,000 hours of flying time.
For the 20-year-old high-flyer, the sky is not the limit, following her recent achievement of becoming Zambia’s youngest commercial pilot with this latest milestone.
After landing a job with the country’s favourite airline, Besa reached the 1,000-hour landmark recently while flying her Cessna Caravan aircraft on the Lusaka-Kasama route.
The talented young aviator can now look forward to propelling her career by progressing and becoming a captain or taking the controls on bigger aircraft.
Besa, who joined Proflight Zambia in mid-2016, said of her achievement: “I am excited to be at this point. I was looking forward to clocking 1,000 hours and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”
“Obviously, I really enjoy it and like to fly, just like every pilot. I just try to do the best I can on every flight schedule I am assigned on.”
“I really enjoy my work and love to fly. I just try to do the best I can do on every flight schedule I am assigned on. It’s been quite a journey to 1,000 hours and I am happy to have achieved this before the end of 2017 in the space of one to two years of flying commercially with Proflight Zambia.”
Besa notes that any journey worth being on has its own challenges and the same can be said for flying, hence it is important to remain driven.
“Being a pilot requires a lot of focus, paying attention to details; hence you need to have your full attention on your work.
“I am happy I have come this far, it really motivates me to push to even more greater heights.
“Today I am who I am because of my family and friends as they have always been there to support and motivate me in my dreams.
“There is no shortcut to success. The only way to make your dreams a reality is to stay focused on the goals you have set. Always keep them as a priority and always believe in yourself no matter what people have to say. You are the only one who defines your limitations.”
A grounded Besa also paid tribute to the company for helping her progress: “I am very thankful to Proflight and the entire team for the support they have given to me since the time I joined the company. I have really gained a lot of experience flying for them and so far it has been great being a part of the airline.”
Besa hopes she can inspire more females in Zambia think of becoming a commercial pilot in a career where men outnumber women by around 16 to one on the flight deck.
Besa added: “The experience as a pilot has just been spectacular. I love my work, it’s taken me far and exposed me to many places around Zambia.
“I have been flying as first officer pilot to lower Zambezi, Kasama, Livingstone, Mfuwe and Ndola, most of my frequent flights being along the Lusaka to Lower Zambezi route.
“I am glad I can help and motivate many others to achieve their dreams.”
“To everyone out there, a dream is achievable. Anyone can become what they dream to become.
“With a little hard work and discipline, you can go far places you have never imagined.”


  1. so many young pilots at Proflight risking people’s lives. scary. At 20, someone doesnt have enough experience or emotional maturity to handle tricky situations airbone

  2. Congratulations my dear! I am very proud of your achievements. The sky is the limit and you have a bright future ahead of you. Continue being focused and desist from negative sentiments.

  3. So 1000/24 is like 42 days of flying and one makes news. I have over 10 yrs of work experience working between 8 and 12 hours a day for an average of 6 days per week. For simplicity’s sake, lets say 10 hours a day by 6 days that is 60 hours per week * 52 weeks in a year we have 3,120 hours. multiply by 10 years we have 32,120. I have clocked over 32,000 hours of work. why the hell on earth is she making headlines with only 1,000?

  4. I just wonder how zambians choose not to appreciate each other all you hear is say negatives about those who succeed, this is a terrible disease possessing our people , what is wrong with you poor zambians, you mean your own people can not do anything good!
    All you want is a foreigner to come and fly your planes that is rubbish too jealousy , this cancer is eating up most of zambians even in diaspora stop it it is stinking.

  5. People blaming or despizing the achievement can’t even fly the cockroach in their pantd .
    Bravo for the achievement my sister

  6. Well done Besa ! Keep on going as this Route to the Lower Zambezi- will continue to expand and should be well served knowing the natural beauty of the region. Instead of some of the derogatory -follow the story where Zambia is losing out by
    not offering the Kaza visas, cross
    border co-operation is vital as most of the customs offices are still in the Dark Ages. President please consider updating.

  7. Great achievement young lady at your age. Zambia is proud of you. Do not relent from jealousy or ignorant people. Keep on focusing to achieve greater things in your career.

  8. Mu Zambia useless!! You work hard studying hard not sleeping your black ass tired all the time, so that you can become someone better one day, there’s that foolish uneducated person to throw a comment to bring you down to your knees. 20yrs flying!! woo the best thing to say, is keep it up girl well done. Than busy with your foolish corrupted immature unappreciative comments (nasty creatures). In other countries you would find someone at age 20-22 or 24 boy,girl physically fit or disabled direct from college working in big banks or other business officers,handling sensitive information without any problem. But mu Zambia we want someone to do a pilot job at age 55 work in a bank at age 35. Get life my brother /sister don’t blame people for doing good in life just because you are depressed…

  9. Typical responses of the average Zambian in this comment section. It’s poison. Champion young people achieving their dreams; especially those from your homeland. And to those wondering “why this is making news” – because at age 20, it is relevant to any young kid in Zambia who has a dream – whatever it may be.

    Your envy of other Zambians doing well puts you deeper into your darkened abyss of suffering. Let those with focus and a dream shine. What have YOU done today?

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