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CiSCA concerned with the resurfacing of threats of treason charges

Columns CiSCA concerned with the resurfacing of threats of treason charges

Bishop Mambo speaking at the launch
Bishop Mambo speaking at the launch
The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) is concerned by the continued, careless and sometimes seemingly premeditated, utterances from some sections of society which could undermine the ongoing dialogue process which was initiated by the Commonwealth under the leadership of Patricia Scotland to reconcile and heal the nation. For instance, not long ago, the police command issued a warning to people not to use the dialogue process to commit crimes as the law would follow them.

CiSCA believes that there is no connection between criminal acts and the ongoing dialogue. The law must follow any law breaker with or without dialogue. In our view, this was not only shocking and misplaced, but also worrying because there is no connection between the ongoing dialogue aimed at bringing healing to a divided nation and the propensity to commit crimes.

We have also heard accusations and counter accusations about the lack of commitment, conditions and preconditions to the dialogue among political players. We wish to restate our position that the only condition necessary for this dialogue to take place is the wellbeing of the nation and the fact that any substitute to dialogue has dire repercussions on the nation.

We are concerned that threats of treason have resurfaced again even before the commencement of the dialogue. The nation may recall that similar treason threats and other events that followed later were issued long before the arrest of the six treason suspects who were released on nolle Prosequi. It is sad that these utterances are being made even before the parties to the dialogue process agree on the substantive framework.

The importance of the ongoing political dialogue in fostering national unity and political harmony in our country cannot be overemphasized. CiSCA believes that the pillars that underpin this dialogue process, which include among others; electoral and constitutional reforms would result into a meaningful political reconciliation if well managed. We believe so because weak electoral laws, non-adherence to the electoral code of conduct by political players and constitutional ambiguities were at the heart of the political tension before, during and after the 2016 general elections.

It is important, therefore, that people, regardless of position, desist from issuing statements that would put the dialogue process into jeopardy and thereby endanger the peace of the nation and its well-being.

As a people, we must never cheat ourselves that the nation has completely healed from the scars of the 2016 general elections. Only the dialogue can bring real healing and reconciliation. In this regard, we urge all Zambians and other interested parties to give the proposed dialogue a chance. Failure to manage this dialogue well may deepen the scars and entrench divisions in our nation.

CiSCA calls upon all stakeholders including the media and politicians to support this process as any substitute to dialogue would be too catastrophic and costly to contemplate.

Issued by:

John H. Mambo
Chairperson – #CivilSocietyConstitutionAgenda #CiSCA

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    • John Mambo
      HH lost period
      HH failed to raise evidence of righing by PF in 14
      No appeal was to stand against the provisions of current constitution
      Time to eat by mere talk and condemn those who trully feel you have no relevance to the current political dispensation obtaining in the country.
      Duping is over bwana

  1. By directly or indirectly encouraging the security wings to emulate their colleagues in Zimbabwe is high treason, period.

    • If English is your problem then go back to school than misleading the nation!!!! PF and ECL are sponsoring people like Tayali to lodge an attack on HH where ever he goes,whatever he does to resurface trick against the man and avoid dialogue because they know dialogue will expose them shame on you

  2. I seriously hope bishop Mambo can approach hh and give him counsel before he issues these press statements.

    • @3 I doubt if fat Mambo can do that. He expected a post in HH’s government so here’s still sore. ..very sore.

    • I hope you directly advise ECL to address real issues of corruption,stealing,poor governance,poverty etc instead of concentrating on rubbish talk.

    • First remove the spark in ECL s very bad govt then remove s perks in HH failure to which PF remains the worst govt Zambia has ever had

  3. Politicians really have no interest in the general public but their own, we the observers do not see any thing worth calling the army to do what happened in our neighbourhood .
    Politicians are crooks of the worst type who bring confusion where there is peace they want confusion all for the benefit of their ego.
    Politicians should leave us alone so we we can go on with our lives , they need to give us a break.

  4. If you think PF Government is interested in dialogue you are wasting your time. All they talk about is beating this person or beating that person. Never heard any of them talk peace. It’s always violence. They beat each other even at Parliament.

  5. There is nothing to talk about that is of substance. People should just work hard. Opposition parties should just campaign for 2021 peacefully by convincing us what they are planning for our country. The current government should also deliver on their promises or else we shall vote them out. Dialogue is a waste of time because the people concerned have different ideologies and have no agenda so far.

  6. Useless and baseless article from Bishop. Have you seen the behaviour of your people you are supporting? ? Again you are ordering and that’s your opinion. Us Zambians are able to see and who are you representing? ? You are creating an environment where you want to create two kinds of laws. One for the rich and one for the poor.

  7. Yes we need to state clearly what is the agenda . than siding in the name of dialogue yet bring un eccessary confusion in the country for selfish gain

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