Government inaugurates new National Housing Authority Board

Mr Chitotela inspecting Kafulafula toll plaza
Mr Chitotela inspecting Kafulafula toll plaza
Mr Chitotela inspecting Kafulafula toll plaza
Mr Chitotela inspecting Kafulafula toll plaza

Government has today inaugurated the new National Housing Authority ( NHA ) board with a call to address the prevailing housing deficit the country is faced with.

Infrastructure and Housing minister Ronald Chitotela says the new board should consider partnerships with various stakeholders to address the housing deficit in the country.

Speaking during the inauguration of the new Board, in Lusaka, today, Mr. Chitotela said the new board embarks on the journey to serve the Zambian people through the NHA Board, their performance will largely be judged on the contributions they will make to address the housing deficit.

Speaking later , the new NHA Board Chairman Justine Chinyanta said his board will carry the vision of building infrastructure in the country.

Mr. Chinyanta assured the Minister that his board will deliver to the expectations of government and the general public by ensuring that decent accommodation is provided across the country.

Other board members are Bornwell Lwanga, Kitwe City Council, Numeral Banda, Ministry of Local Government, Nkumbu Siame Ministry of Local Government and Mpanji Namumba Local government Association of Zambia.

Others include Bwalya Katati National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research, Joseph Chikolwa Zambia National Buildings Society, Allan Mbewe Independent and Michael Katemwa Kawambwa District Council.


  1. Ati Alan Mbewe Independent! How can you expect results from a board that is full of people from local authorities? Imagine the man from Kawambwa travelling for board meetings and assignments all the way to Lusaka, or will the others be travelling to Kawambwa? And at what cost to NHA? Maybe they will chose some “central” for their board meetings! God help us.

    • surely olo ni representation from your village,he just had to make sure there is a kawambwa villager on that board.

  2. The board full of civil servants with shallow career path profiles and failures who are on government monthly support. Bring game changers with business acumen. Bwana Minister Don’t miss a point, the board is expected to increase the funds to NHA by forging working partnership with profit making stakeholders from both local and international.

  3. Build some houses in Mansa you beautify that future city. Tu upstairs flats can do. Not one family below another on top no. One family occupying first and second floor, then next door another family. Even in Kawambwa, build…. Elyo when you start, put nice roads and plant trees. So you are starting next year Ka? I Mansa, at Mantumbusa, Luka Kapasha, Chabala Muwe and Million village, Kampalala… In Kawambwa at Airstrip/Lusambo, Misakalala, Old Kawambwa near new district hospital. You are starting next year Ka? Good. Thank you.

  4. This board composition is a total sham; unbalanced and lacking in terms of skills and objectivity. As Kopulanda noted recently, this country could have been better off today if the powers that be recognized and utilized the various skills which many Zambians have. Government should take stock of many of these ‘silent’ but capable Zambians. Political patronage of appointing carders , friends and relatives is injurious to our prospects of developing this country.

  5. Lamonedi, your thoughts are mine. Zambia is bigger that what we make it to be. The caliber of Zambians currently sidelined for political reasons is deeper than projected. All newly appointed boards are slanted towards patronage and tribalism. Some people do not have shame! They make decisions as though they are the only ones who exist and are the masters of knowledge. How do we have 90 percent individuals appointed to boards recently coming from selected regions? Shame to Zambia. We can do better friends.

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