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I have been vindicated over night travel ban-Kambwili

Headlines I have been vindicated over night travel ban-Kambwili

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Outspoken Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says he feels vindicated over the decision by government to reverse the ban on night travel for trucks.

And Mr Kambwili says he is enjoying speaking for the poor because “wherever I cough the government takes action.”

Mr Kambwili said he is happy that his voice has been heard after months of putting pressure on government over the issue.

“I woke up with a smile on my face this morning despite having a bereavement in the family. I am extremely happy that the SI76 has been revised after months of putting the minister and the government under serious pressure, I have been singing about this statutory instrument ever since it was invoked and finally my voice has been heard,” Mr Kambwili wrote on his Facebook page.

“All you have to do is listen to my grilling debates in parliament over this issue. From the onset I have been very much against this irrelevant law that has hindered our economic growth, the law was ill intended and made no sense whatsoever.”

He said, “I must say I am enjoying speaking for the poor Zambians, the marginalised and even the business owners because recently whenever I cough the government takes action.”

Mr Kambwili said the minister must not end here but also revoke the passenger bus ban because accidents happen anytime.

“If anything most accidents happen during the day, may the minister also consider Bana Chalwe who has to travel 2 or 3 days when getting her goods from Nakonde to come and sell in Chililabombwe, this law has failed to correct its intended purpose and must therefore be revoked so that people can have freedom of movement and continue to conduct their businesses without unnecessary inconveniences.”

“Don’t wait for Chishimba Kambwili to tell you right from wrong, do the best for the poor because the patriotic front was founded as a pro poor party. There is a trend with this government that wherever I put pressure they are taking action, feel free to share your problems with me and all I have to do is speak about it and rest assured your problem is solved. I visited kapalala market some weeks back and as you can see Bowman was forced to give the traders mealie meal, I went there again and Chanda Kabwe followed a few days after to give marketeers K250 each. ”

“I would like to thank the minister for doing what I tell him to do because I am an advocate for the poor, my ears are glued to the ground and I understand how difficult life has become for the less fortunate in Zambia.”


  1. You are only cheating yourself Iwe bamudala, the statement you released earlier this year was to do with public service transportation with buses and not trucks. You Mr Kambwili seriously speaking want buses to put to risk the lifes of passengers at night just so you can gain cheap political mileage??? Have some self respect mudala and don’t sink so low! When is the by election in Roan and Mpatamatu please so we know who is who!

    • CK, your tu ma politics are retarded mwe. I never thought I’d ever say this, but the current leading politician with potential is Tayali. CK is far behind.

      BB 2018

    • @TLC, (Tayali) I am the best BB of times. Now you all start praising yourselves, copying from me.
      – Edgar, with ka stolen K1billion to UNZA
      – HH on IMF vidict
      – Kambwili nao on night travel
      Mu Zambia no kulibwenesha basaa.

    • They always want to be vindicated. Isn’t this the guy who waited to be shown the door to start talking. This guy is as useless as the party that expelled him. Only listen to him at your own peril

    • People don’t like CK because he is Bemba it’s as simple as that ladies and gentlemen.

      As a tribe we are dislike because of our natural success instilled in our genes.

      Yet again he is right here and on the money.

      Bringing HH in statehouse would be an abomination of the highest kind and trust me in that.
      By the way I like HH as a man.

      But I stick to my point here.

      Ignore at your peril.

      Scandalous to ban night buses – absolutely ridiculous and backwards.



    • Mushota, you are right, The success gene is in the Bembas. This explains why Zambia is very poor and third hungriest in the world.

    • Leaving the tribal assertion on the side. Kambwili’s politics are very healthy for Zambia. Not the use boot licking trends that Zambians has been enduring in the past. How can anyone for heaven’s sake even boot lick Jonathan? People like Lusambo no longer belong to the current Zambian Political dispensation. They need to get back to Katondo Street if Zambia is to develop. Well done Kambwili for all your failures in the past. You will now develop into a Political force that will not be stopped by anyone, driven by principle, not Lungu Jonathan’s temporal control or grip on the government machinery.

  2. So Mr. Kambwili, in your retarded mind, its you and only who has made the govt rescind its decision on trucks moving at night….this is so cheap indeed, there are so many truck companies local and international that have implored on the govt to help them with moving goods faster… not your ranting….you will remain a cheap copy cat of Mr. Sata……and thats all you will achieve but on becoming president…..awe sure…..iyo yebve mulabeko fye….

  3. I also support the lifting of the ban on trucks in the night but for buses let the ban remain in force. We should never ever play around with human lives, they are sacred. Business people should also appreciate the fact that government is concerned about their safety as well as the safety of their goods

  4. people that got vindicated.

    TB JOSHUA over mugabe

    HH over IMF

    CK over night travel ban

    lets clap for them .

    • yes yess true. and vindicated that u5 is behind fires that gutted city market and others. now he is burning he own chiefs for work with govt.

  5. How can you be vindicated when clearly after the ban there has been an improvement on serious traffic accidents involving trucks and public transport? This is a rant of a very selfish person who is only in politics to make laws that benefit himself and his thieving friends. No remorse on victims of these horrific accidents we’ve seen in the past.

  6. Zambians have been vindicated for dancing in reverse to dununa song,now the entire economy is in reverse gear baba.

  7. It is not being backwards to ban night travel especially for passenger buses. I’ve also been to Europe where the road infrastructure cannot be compared to ours. We need to expand our lanes so that there is more room to maneuver. The decision was made after analysing the situation.

  8. Bwana Kambwili you have no point on this one. It is very clear here that most if not all bus accidents in the recent past have occurred after day light. Our roads are narrow and the drivers are tired at night and so easily lose concentration. Please
    limit your contribution to exposing Edgar’s corruption and we shall hear you.

  9. Since its the rich who care more about money than lives, raise the minimum fine for every human life lost to ZMW 5 Million. They will park their Busses voluntarily. Another fine for every broken bone.

  10. At night Vision is highly Compromised. I saw something on Internet about night Vision glasses which improve vision. I think truck drivers from RSA use them. Its also very easy to fall asleep on the steering wheel at night. Innocent people should not perish because 1 person wants to Rush. Insurance companies should carefully scrutinise accidents which could have been a avoided.

  11. Govnt did not reverse the night travel ban for trucks because of pressure from Kambwili.this is a blue lie.this is how low politicians like CK&HH sink-very childish indeed!!
    Govnt experts looked at this matter seriously and noticed that indeed our econony is being affected by this ban,hence reversing it.Govnt policies are made and changed when the need be.so nobody in opposition can celebrate over this issue.

    • Ba Kambwili, your strategic programs of destabilizing pf structures in Luapula is going very smoothly. continue with good work of widening the fissure in pf and the way I see it’s beyond repair.

  12. It should be Mandatory to install Speed Limiters on all Busses like Zhong Tong, Yutong, Volvo, etc. There should be no impunity for those who dont care about Human Lives. Fine them heavily. Operators who can afford GPS can imobilise by Remote Control, then phone the Driver to behave.

  13. I’ve driven long distance at night and saw how some truck drivers deliberately came into the middle of the road. You have to be a highly alert Defensive Driver to Survive. My advice Bane, is that, let’s leave the Roads at night for the truckers to compete alone. Advice is free. You take it or leave it.

    • But the gorilla won’t see your logic because to him it’s about politics. He can even campaign in a mortuary to the bodies in the fridge.

  14. Mr Kambwili every development you see in world was achieved via experiments or trial and error. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you don’t try you’ll never know if it works.

  15. IT not right for this Kambwili to say the ministers are following what he says. In problem solving we start by taking first aid to stop the situation from becoming worse. Secondly we analyse/ plan. then we apply the plan/ do. We then do not leave it at that but continue checking if our plan is working for us and re-Act to the plan as many times to reach an acceptable level and Standardize. You Kambwili are making noise. Have you been trained in problem solving?

  16. CK might know what he is talking about because, in the last year alone he has had three accidents two in which he was the driver. However what is certain is that having part financed MCS and his cohorts CK felt he needed to be rewarded. As Minister he said a lot of strange things at times leaving one wondering whether he lived on the same planet as all of us. When he was fired he felt belittled he suddenly realized it was back to the hustle and bustle of everyday. Contracts, jobs no longer flowed one had to chase, no plush office or people queuing to ‘see’ the neck less one.Today he sings a different tune but he is not pro-poor he is more a rent seeker but keep talking its the job of one who is divorced to speak ill of his partner….

    • So he should come out quickly and take people to court before he kicks the bucket, if he is standing on firm ground that is.

  17. Can you also start pushing on the Land Policy. It has taken too long and Zambians are being displaced. Zambians should have title while foreigners have lease hold.No titles for foreigners please.

  18. Abena Ng’umbo-Luapula boy You are the most useless Luapula boy i have never ever, i repeat useless Kaponya on this forum

  19. Before your were fired, you were busy enriching your self in government. I agree with chilufya tayali when he said that you are not a principled man.
    You claim to be speaking for the poor when in the actual facts you are speaking for yourself.

  20. Before your were fired, you were busy enriching your self in government. I agree with chilufya tayali when he said that you are not a principled man.
    You claim to be speaking for the poor when in the actual facts you are speaking for yourself.

  21. This is the Changa changa who after being pruned bought mobile phones for some mine police boys and started stealing from the mine, Open pit,Tailings Leach plant tankhouses etc. Sold off Ndola – Luanshya rail sleepers the list is endless. Which poor is he speaking for. But Zambians, is this the man we want to go to plot 1?

  22. Vindicated this vindicated that what a mess of an id,ot. After stealing too much from the poor and today claims to speak for the poor. Jean should baptise this guy again he ndoes not repent his sins.

  23. Muli bapuba imwe ba Kambwili kumena mangala when you only listen to music from farting, ni kuputuka muchwe. You have no brains. Ask Kangwa Nsuluka or Alexander Kamalondo iwe kalaliki.

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